Life Stream Adventure [ part 2 ]

"Mmm, so good.."

I knew I would regret this sooner or later, but I dared myself to look over at Rikku, who was in her own "corner" of the life stream. She had her back towards me, nothing but long blond hair and .. Well that was it sadly.

"I-I wonder how long it will take for me to get to the creamy center.."

I blinked and felt discussed, I saw no man in front of her, so what the hell was she doing?!


The scared blond fell forward, and there was a small crack, then a loud scream, followed by a small sigh.


I rolled my eyes, she was right, she did tell me not to talk to her, over a stupid fight (Who Tifa loved more, I won of course, which made Rikku awfully made) "WHAT IN BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING?!"

Rikku turned around, holding up a broken, rainbow, lollypop. I stared at it and smiled a little.

"so.. that's what you were doing..?"

She rolled her eyes at me and nodded. "its that new kind, that has that juice center? You know?.." then I saw it, that devilish smile, only Rikku could make, it sent shivers and a chilling breeze up my spine…

"W-what?" I whispered, just loud enough for Rikku to hear me, this was the life stream after all, anyone could be just walking around, wouldn't want either of our parents coming along and thinking something.. Uh.. Perverted..

"I wonder how long it would take.. For me to suck this big lollypop till I get to the.. Nice creamy center.. Want to take a guess GenGen?" Rikku smiled evilly, crawling ever so slowly towards me.

"Um n-n-no I'm fine!" I crawled back as fast as I could, but my hand must have slipped cause I was flat on my back, trying to get up, just staring at Rikku who was getting even closer! Licking and sucking that rainbow, big, and lucky, lollypop.

There was a giggle, and there she was, sat at my feet, sitting on her knees, legs just barely open enough that I could see her bikini bottom, which, didn't really help this situation at all! She took the lollypop out of her mouth and smiled. I could see the faint teeth marks in the rainbow coating. She smirked.

"We're friends right GenGen?" she whispered, leaning ever so closer.I nodded slowly, confused and worried about how this would end up. "uh.. Best friends, and that's how it should sta- we agreed that the bathroom was the last time remember?!"

"I'm offended I would never do such a thing GenGen!, I just think friends, or in our case, best friends, should be able to share our.. Candy.. And sweets together.. don't you think?" a broken, and sad look struck Rikku's pale face, she lost her Al Bhed tan, which scared me even more

"um.. Your right I'm sorry I jumped to a conclusion Rikku.. Um.. Can I have.. Some of your candy?"

Some how while I was talking, Rikku leaned and inched her way through the obstacles of my arms and legs, and my awkward position, she was right on top of me, lollypop in mouth, noses to noses. I laid there, starring into those large, emerald green swirls, Al Bhed's called eyes.

"C-can I have some R-rikku?"

There was a long pause and then-