When The Lights Go Out

A/N: What it doooo?! It's been too long my friends. And no, this is not a Dasey fanfic, but this is something better.
This is a Channy fanfic that I'm writing with my good friend, Ari!
We've been sending this story back and forth and writing our own parts, so I hope you guys like how it's coming together!
Everything Sonny with a Chance related is our obsession right now and I freaking love it.

Bonus points to any of the Mack Falls fans that can catch the references in each chapter title ;)

Note from Ari: Mackon lovers unite! (LMAO)

Chapter 1: This Cellphone is MINE!

"Would you look at Chad? Even his walk is as arrogant as he is." Sonny ranted, glaring at Chad Dylan Cooper as he strutted through the cafeteria like the rooster of the chicken coop. "And just look at the way all these people eat up the garbage he feeds them! Can't they tell how fake he is? I mean-"

"Sonny! Are you coming or are you just gonna sit there and whine about your inability to be cool all day?" Tawni Hart was standing at the exit to the cafeteria, impatiently tapping her foot. Sonny was so annoyed, she hadn't even realized her lunch companion was up and leaving. She forced her gaze away, stood up, marched past Chad without a second glance, and followed Tawni back to the prop room.

"...Not to mention, his need to be right all the time. He doesn't even know what right is! Like the other day, we were arguing about..." Sonny couldn't help herself from fuming about Chad the whole walk through the studio. When they finally reached the prop room, Tawni couldn't take anymore.

"Sonny," Tawni began, stopping short and whipping around to face Sonny, who almost walked right into her, "I'm sure what you're saying has a deep and meaningful point to you, but all I'm hearing is Chad blah blah blahhh..." She then smiled and turned to walk over towards the table where she had left her mirror and her cocoa moco cocoa lipstick.

Sonny rolled her eyes and started to pace back and forth, still full of annoyance. "Oh look at me, I'm Chad Dylan Cooper, big CDC man on campus! I like to walk around like I own everyone and everything here!" She began to heavily exaggerate her movement into something resembling Chad's and continued pacing. "I'm the greatest actor of our generation even though I don't know what emotions are! I'm just so cool!" Sonny was really getting into it now, laughing at her dead-on impersonation until she turned around to find someone blocking her path.

"You know, if you're going to portray me, you should at least make it believable." Chad informed Sonny, seemingly coming from out of nowhere. "I lead with my left foot, not my right." He added helpfully.

Sonny crossed her arms and fearlessly glared into that smirking face of his. "What do you want, Chad?" she asked, putting a particular hint of disgust into the stress of his name.

"Just wanted to stop by and see my favorite ladies of So Random!" Chad grinned, wrapping an arm around Sonny. Tawni just looked over and grimaced. "Oh and I left my comb in here somewhere." Chad dropped his arm and began searching the room for the object.

"Well could you just grab it and leave? You can't keep barging onto the set of So Random like you own the studios, Chad! Go boss around your own precious set of Mackenzie Falls." Sonny scolded Chad, walking behind him in his pointless search.

"You know I would love to be anywhere but this junk infested dump, but someone's constant chatter makes it a little distracting to find what I came here for." Chad turned to Sonny to explain slowly.

"So if I find your stupid comb, you'll get out? Fine." Sonny began searching, making her way toward the stairs. "It's not like you don't own 300 different combs. You just love an excuse to come over here and tick us off."

"Ha. This is true. But that comb has sentimental value, ok? It was in my back pocket when I won my first Tween Choice Award. You know, the award that your show will never win?" Chad raised an eyebrow at Tawni.

Tawni smiled back sarcastically and replied, "We're waiting to win for our show based on talent, not on cheap, brassy highlights."

Chad glowered and touched his hair self-consciously. He was about to fire back a scathing retort when a dinging sound went off to his left. Looking over, he saw Sonny's phone lying on the back of the couch. Curious, he walked over to pick it up, and after taking a quick look around to see he wouldn't be caught, he pocketed the phone and went back to where he was casually standing.

"Here!" Sonny yelled from the top floor, throwing the comb at Chad. He ducked from the flying object, and then stomped off to pick it up off the ground. Sonny ran back down the stairs to answer the text message she had heard go off.

"You know, my face is very lucky that you're such a terrible pitcher, Sonny." Chad warned before adding, "Well, I'm a man of my word. See you ladies later." Chad turned swiftly and headed for the door.

"Where's my phone?" Sonny looked puzzled as she began to turn over the couch cushions in search of it. "...Chad?" she called after him warningly and he stopped in his tracks. Taking a breath, he turned around with that same smug look on his face.

"Sonny, Sonny, Sonny... Do you really think I would take your phone? I already have two. And they have real people in their contacts list." He chuckled at her and walked out the door, not daring to look back.

"Yeah, real people as in the cast of MacKenzie Falls! I have friends numbers listed in my phone!" she called after him. Turning to Tawni, she muttered, "Phone, phone. Where is my phone?"

"Chad has it," Tawni said nonchalantly, proceeding with primping in front of the mirror. Gliding a hand through her hair, she smiled in satisfaction.

Sonny whirled around and looked at her horrified. "What? Why didn't you stop him!?"

Tawni swiveled around to face Sonny. "Because I wanted to see your face when you were all like, 'What!?'" she mocked Sonny, then giggled. Her laughter faded when she saw Sonny's annoyed expression. "Oh come on, we work in a comedy show. It's funny!"

"You don't understand, Tawni. There is personal, important stuff on my phone. Chad could make me look bad in front of the media!"

Her blonde cast mate blinked, uncaring.

"He can make everyone on So Random look bad in front of the media!" Sonny said impatiently.

Tawni's eyes widened as she thought of her fame and fortune destroyed because of one word from Chad Dylan Cooper to the paparazzi. "Go after him!"

Sonny kicked off with her feet, almost tripping on a prop, continuing her search of Chad throughout the studio. She walked onto the set of Mackenzie Falls, ignoring the stares of the other cast mates and journeyed through a corridor that led to a door. Looking up, she read Chad's full name on the door and knew she was on uncharted territory.

Bursting through, she shielded her eyes from anything indecent. It was his dressing room. Then she felt a hand on her arm and she jumped. Opening her eyes, she looked at an amused Chad.

"Sonny," he laughed then froze. "Wait, what are you doing here?"

"What do you think I'm doing here," she said, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes. "I'm here to get my phone back."

"Why, Sonny, I have no clue what you're talking about," he said innocently, but humor gleamed in his eyes.

"Oh really, Chad, really?" she mocked him. "Because I have a witness." He cocked a brow at her quizzically. "Yeah, that's right, Tawni! She told me she saw you take my phone. Now where is it?" she said, a wild look in her eye, going all around his room, looking through his things.

"Hey don't touch that," he said touchily, when her finger landed on an extra suit of his lying across a couch.

"I'm gonna get the whole So Random cast to TP this room with me if you don't give me my phone!" she told him.

He sighed, exasperated. "I don't have your phone. Now leave before I call security on you," he said, cockiness lacing through his tone.

But what he didn't expect next was Sonny pouncing on him. He let out a girly squeal. "Give me my phone," she growled out, feeling around his pants.

A blush crept up his neck as she stuck her hand down the front of his pocket. "This is highly inappropriate!" he said, smacking her hands away from his clothes.

Fed up, she backed away. "You're such a jerk, Chad. I know you, you're probably gonna post embarrassing pictures of me all over the internet and get your laugh. Ha ha," she said sarcastically. "Then the next moment I pack all my belongings and move back to the butt of Wisconsin!"

A flicker of concern flew through his eyes then he said, "You know what, that's not a bad idea."

She looked at him, disgusted and his lips curled up. "Come on, you really think I would do that, I mean, really, Monroe, really, after all we've been through?" He put his hand to his heart. "What a blow, I didn't know you thought of me so lowly."

Sonny saw through his disguise. "Nice try," she said, unimpressed. "You're acting. Now tell me this, best actor of our generation," she spat out, but he continued to look proud as if it was a compliment, anyway. "Why do you want my phone, anyway?"

He shrugged. "I don't." Smirking, he opened a drawer and grabbed the phone. And just like that, in one single moment, he placed it in her hand. Sonny narrowed her eyes. It seemed all too easy.

"Don't trust me?" he said, in a husky undertone and Sonny fought a shudder and not the unpleasant kind.

"You're up to something," she said, pocketing her phone.

"Am I Sonny, am I really? Or am I just the king of wit and charm?" Her eyes widened at the familiarity of her words and he caught the blush on her face before the lights suddenly flickered out.

A scream echoed through the room and before Sonny could gather her bearings, the lights flickered back on. Everything seemed the same, except for Chad who had sunken down to a crouching position and was huddled against the wall. It was all Sonny could do not to burst out laughing.

"You want a teddy bear to squeeze while you're down there, Mr. Cooper?" Sonny managed, stifling the eruption of giggles.

"Hey! I lost a contact, it's imperative I find it before the lights go out for good. Chad Dylan Cooper needs perfect vision at all times!" Chad lamely defended himself, pretending to search the floor for the lost contact.

"Right, because if the lights go out, you're going to need to be able to see in pitch black darkness." Sonny scoffed and rolled her eyes at his terrible excuse. Chad glared at her as he stood up, about to unleash a chain of insults, but Sonny didn't have time for this.

She still remembered what happened before the lights went out. Chad had just quoted a very private text straight from her own phone! The amount of ammunition he had on her now was endless, and she wasn't going to stick around to hear about it! Sonny span around and began walking swiftly back to the comfort of the prop room.

"Where do you think you're going?" Chad yelled out after her before deciding to just follow suit.

"Go away, Chad." Sonny snarled at him, keeping her eyes ahead as she walked.

"Well, someone's a little grumpy today." Chad teased, easily keeping pace with her.

"It was private. You had no right." Sonny muttered under her breath.

"I'm sorry, what?" Chad asked, leaning in as if straining to hear.

"I said, you had no right!" Sonny yelled abruptly, stopping just outside the prop room.

If either of them were paying attention to anyone but each other, they would've noticed that a rather large group of people were at the end of the hallway and now walking into the main studio room. There was a pretty big storm brewing outside, and Marshall decided to gather all the casts and crew into one room in case the power went off again.

"I had no right? I had no right? What about you, talking about me behind my back to people I don't even know. You don't see me texting all over the place about how cute I think you look all the time!" Chad had raised his voice to make it sound like he had a point, but he certainly didn't mean for that last part to slip out.

"Well... good!" Sonny yelled, not sure of how else to respond to that.




Sonny stormed into the prop room and threw herself on the couch. She picked up the nearest magazine she could find and began aimlessly flipping through it. Chad was hot on her heels.

"I'm sorry, but if you think you're getting the last word here, you're sadly mistaken." Chad pointed accusingly as he hovered over her.

Sonny stood up again, took a step forward, and looked him straight in the eye. "What is wrong with you? You just invaded my personal life and you think you have the right to blame me for being angry? Did you even stop thinking of yourself for two seconds to consider how this would make me feel?!" Sonny trailed off, temper flaring, thinking of all the embarrassing things he must have seen. She could feel her cheeks start to burn, so she immediately turned her back to Chad.

"Ok, whoa there. As if I would've thought you had anything of interest on your phone. Not my fault you don't put your juicy thoughts under password protection! The way you just leave your phone lying around, I'm surprised I was the first to pick it up!" Chad was still shouting right back at her, but he smirked as her back was turned to him. He really hadn't planned on finding anything he had seen in her phone. But he didn't mind it at all.

"Well, gee, maybe because most people are decent human beings, Chad!" Sonny was facing him again, her fearlessness returning.

"Wow, does that sort of naive thinking come packaged with the cheese you buy in Wisconsin?" Chad mocked.

"No, but at least we don't buy the over-proccessed "Hollywood" food you consume, which apparently drains your brain of any thought at all." Sonny dished right back, a smile hinting at her lips.

"That's funny. You know you didn't seem to be laughing a minute ago when you realized I have enough information to blackmail you for the rest of your life." Chad frowned at her.

"And you didn't seem to be laughing while you were crying on the floor like a baby when the lights went out for less than a second." Sonny retorted. She refused to let this get to her. She didn't even know for sure how much Chad had seen. This wouldn't be the first time he was bluffing.

"Hey, I already told you-" Chad began.

"Oh, come on. The "contact lense" excuse? I would think the lead actor of Mackenzie Falls could come up with something more riveting than that. Then again, all you know how to do is read from a script while the cameras are rolling." Sonny didn't even bother to hide a satisfactory smile on her face anymore.

They were so close to each other at this point, Sonny could practically smell the Bananas Foster he had on his breath from lunch. She frowned, remembering what was supposed to resemble bread pudding, floating around on her plate. Glancing down for a brief moment, she took note of how cute it was that he always balled up his fist when arguing with her. She also noticed how unsteady his breathing was... or no, wait. That was her breathing.

"Uh, Sonny?" Chad cleared his throat awkwardly and tilted his head to meet her gaze. "You could at least pretend you're still in this conversation with me, I feel like I'm yelling at the wall."

"Huh?" Sonny felt like her head was spinning under some cosmic weight. Once her eyes met his again, she was a goner. She felt an involuntary gravitational pull toward his body. His eyes were almost hypnotic as he looked back at her, confused as all hell. Just one little slip and she'd be right where she wanted to be...

And that's when the electricity went dead, and the door slammed shut.