Title: Harry Snape And The Chamber Of Secrets

Rating: K

Summary: This is the sequel to Harry Snape And the Sorcerer's Stone. Harry Snape starts his second year at Hogwarts and finds his home and friends in mortal danger.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters but I do like to play with them.

Chapter 1: The Worst Birthday

Not for the first time had an argument broken out over the table at number four, Privet Drive. Mr. Vernon Dursley had been woken up by a loud, hooting, sound coming from his nephew's bedroom.

"Third time this week!" roared Uncle Vernon. "If you can't control that owl, it will have to go."

Harry once again tried to explain. "She's bored!" he told him, "If I can let her out for a few hours."

"Do I look like I'm stupid," Uncle Vernon said. "I know what will happen if your allowed to let the owl out."

Harry knew exactly what Uncle Vernon was talking about. If he allowed Hedwig out then he could contact his friends and Uncle Vernon wanted Harry to have no contact with any of his friends. Harry saw Uncle Vernon exchanging looks with his wife, Petunia. Harry once again tried to explain but his words were drowned out by a loud belch coming from his aunt and uncle's massive son, Dudley.

"I want more bacon," Dudley said.

"There's more in the frying pan, sweetums," Aunt Petunia said. "We need to build you up while we have the chance. I don't like the sound of that school food."

"Nonsense, I never went hungry when I was at Smeltings. Dudley gets plenty to eat, don't you boy?"

Dudley, who was so large that his bottom dropped over the ends turned and smiled nastily at Harry.

"Pass the frying pan," he ordered.

"You forgot the magic word," Harry said, irritably.

The affect of this simple sentence on the Dursley's was incredible. Dudley fell over on the ground, which shook the whole kitchen, Aunt Petunia looked like she was going to faint, but Uncle Vernon jumped to his feet, his face beet red.

"I meant please," Harry said. "I didn't-."

"WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU," roared Uncle Vernon, spraying spit all over the table. "ABOUT SAYING THE 'M' WORD IN OUR HOUSE?"

"But I-."

"HOW DARE YOU THREATEN DUDLEY!" roared Uncle Vernon, banging the table with his fist.

"I just-."


Harry stared from his red faced uncle to his pale aunt, who was trying to heave Dudley to his feet.

"Alright, alright," Harry said and Uncle Vernon finally sat down.

Ever since Harry had returned for the summer holidays, the Dursley's had treated him like a bomb that would go off, because Harry Snape wasn't a normal boy. As a matter of fact, he was as not normal as it was possible to be. Harry Snape was a wizard-a wizard fresh from his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And if the Dursley's were unhappy to have him back for the holidays, it was nothing to how Harry felt.

Harry missed the castle so much it was like having a constant stomach ache. He missed the classes, with its ghosts, his classes (though this didn't include Professor Malfoy, the Potions Master) the mail arriving by owl, eating banquets in the Great Hall, and sleeping in his house dormitory. He also missed visiting Hagrid, near his hut on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. He also missed his friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. The Dursley didn't care anything about Harry at all and they certainly didn't care if he didn't go back to school with any of his homework done.

The Dursley's were what wizards called "muggles." Not a drop of magical blood in their veins and in the Dursley's opinion having a wizard in the family was a matter of deepest shame. Harry looked nothing like the rest of his family. Uncle Vernon was large and necklace, with an enormous mustache, Uncle Petunia was horse faced and boney, and Dudley was blonde, pink, and porky. Harry, on the other hand, was small and skinny with brilliant green eyes, short black hair, and a small roman nose. The only thing that made him different to even wizards was the scar on his forehead.

This scar made him different, even in the Wizarding world. It was the only evidence of his battle against Lord Voldemort, who tried to kill him when he was a year old. He hadn't known all this until Hogwarts had called and it all came out. Harry took his place at wizard school where he and his scar were famous. But the term was over and he was back at the Dursley's treated like something that had rolled in something smelly. The Dursley's had forgotten that today happen to be Harry's twelfth birthday, like they even cared about something like that.

Suddenly Uncle Vernon cleared his throat.

"Today is a very important day," he told the family and this raised Harry's hopes. "Today is the day that I make the most important deal of my carrier."

Harry's hopes were dashed. Uncle Vernon was talking about the stupid dinner party that he was having. He hadn't been talking of nothing else for weeks. Some rich builder and his wife were coming over for dinner and Uncle Vernon was hoping for a large order of drills (the company that he worked for, Grunnings, made drills).

"I think we should run through the schedule once more so that everyone knows what to do," Uncle Vernon told everyone. "We should all be in our position at eight o'clock. Petunia, you will be-."

"In the lounge," said Aunt Petunia promptly, "waiting to welcome them graciously to our home."

"Good, good, and Dudley?"

"I'll be waiting to open the door." Dudley put on a foul, simpering smile. "May I take your coats Mr. and Mrs. Mason?"

"They'll love him," Petunia said.

"And you," Uncle Vernon said to Harry.

"I'll be in my room, making no noise and pretending that I'm not there," Harry said tonelessly.

"Exactly," Uncle Vernon said nastily. "I will lead them into the lounge, introduce you Petunia, and pour them drinks. At eight-fifteen-."

"I'll announce dinner," said Aunt Petunia.

"And, Dudley, you'll say-."

He was just about to say what he would do when the phone rang. Uncle Vernon went to answer it and they all waited to see who had called. When Uncle Vernon returned he looked furious.

"They're not coming," Uncle Vernon told them. "Mr. Mason told me that his wife isn't feeling well."

Harry hoped that he wasn't blamed for it but Uncle Vernon didn't start on Harry, for this he was glad.

The Dursley's and Harry ate the dinner that was supposed to be for the Masons. Talk talked about other things and like before they totally ignored Harry. When dinner was over Harry cleaned up and then headed upstairs, looking wistfully at the door that had once been his bedroom. He knew he was supposed to start on his homework but he had no idea what to even do to get to his books. He then headed upstairs and when he entered he saw that someone was already there.


A/N: I decided not to include the Mason's coming over in my version. I don't think the Dursley's deserve such a nice couple to come over. Next up: Dobby's Warning.