Title: Harry Snape And The Chamber Of Secrets


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Chapter 18: Going Home

The exam results came in and Harry was once again surprised at how well he had done. Hermione was below him, something that she didn't like, but Harry calmed her down telling her that next year she would have another shot. Vincent Crabbe didn't do well and that meant that Pansy lost one of her cronies.

"I'm glad that he's gone," Ron said. "Good riddance."

Soon their things were packed up and they took the carriages back to the train that would take them home. In their compartment the Hufflepuff Captain told Harry that they needed a new Seeker and that Harry, since he was a reserve, would be next.

"Thanks," Harry said. "What about Hermione?"

"She'll be a reserve still," he said and then left them alone.

On the train back home Hermione told Harry that she was going to France with her parents and maybe explore more of her Ravenclaw heritage.

"I really want to know more," Hermione said.

"So I'll be seeing you in a few months."

"Of course," Hermione said, smiling at him.

When the train came to a stop everyone got off and Harry took his pets and trunk and followed Hermione and Ron through the barrier and back onto the actual platform. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were waiting on him, along with Dudley. They all looked scared of Harry and Harry couldn't blame them.

"I'll see you later, Harry," Hermione said and kissed him on the cheek.

Harry went beet red and Hermione laughing, left to join her parents.

"Come along, boy," Vernon hissed and Harry followed them, hoping for a much better summer then the last.

Though Harry doubted that would ever happen.


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