Dharma High

Oh no, not another Losties in high school fic. And this one is a submit your own OC story, too. Oh dear me. What has the world come to?

Okay, people. While I have NOT abandoned my OC fic There's No Place Like Home, I am feeling the need to get something to refresh my creative spring, so to speak. And so I will join the considerable line of Losties in High Scool (plus OCs!) stories.

Suck-ups. Play boys. Jealous boyfriends and girlfriends. Sluts. Populars. Nerds. Artsy kids... It takes all types to spin the student body of Dharma High, Sydney. Everyone plays a role, whether bad or good or even both. The new year has kicked off to a thrilling start- there are tests to pass and hearts to win, games that need playing and secrets to be unraveled. All is presided over by Mr. Jacobs, the mysterious headmaster, and staff.

And so, my dear readers, your form awaits. But wait- one more thing. Well, maybe two. Firstly, no characters from my TNPLH story. Secondly, be very detailed and creative please. It's GOOD if your character isn't perfect- make them mean, bitchy, possessive, painfully shy, whatever. It rounds them out and makes them real. Now go for it!

Your Form

Student Name:

Common nicknames:





Clique, if any:


Personality (include good and bad points!):

Best and worst classes:

Clubs or groups:

Love interest:

Any canon-character relations I should be aware of:


Their attitude towards school:

Their attitude towards romance and relationships:

Do you mind if I give them a pre-established relationship OR ex? (This will just be generally more fun):



A song to describe them or their life:

Anything else worth mentioning:

Okay, get creative! Go crazy! I can't wait to get a-rollin' with this story, I've already got plot-lines formulating in my wild little brain. XD