Girl Talk

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Katie smiled as she approached her two best friends, Angelina and Alicia. Despite her troubles, she couldn't help but smile at them. She stopped in front both of them and sighed. Quidditch had just finished and Katie had agreed to meet her friends back outside. They sensed something was wrong with her.

Angelina and Alicia both looked at Katie and she gazed back.

She sighed then she walked over to the goalposts and rested her head against the middle post. They both followed her, waiting patiently for Katie to tell them what was wrong.

"It's Oliver," she said, explaining to them. Both of her friends stared fleetingly at each other then looked back at Katie. "He's' dating someone," she continued.

Angelina walked over and put her arm on Katie's shoulder in comfort.

"What did you expect?" Alicia said, suddenly breaking the silence.

Katie looked uphurt bythe words she had just said.

"He doesn't know how you feel about him, Katie," Angelina said gently.

"I know," Katie replied.

"I honestly don't know what I expected from him."

"I know I should have expected it but when he told me, it was like a thousands knives plunging into my heart," she explained. Her friends nodded understandably at her words.

"What if you told him how you felt about him? Thenyou could see how he feels about you in return," Angelina said, staring at her.

Katie turned her head and looked at her.

"I would never be able to do it," she replied miserably.

Her friends looked at each other again.

"You won't know how he feels unless you try, Katie," Alicia said. Katie nodded.

"I know," she repeated. She stepped away from the goalpost and closed the distance between her and her friends.

"I will do it," she said. A look of determination spread across her face.

"I need to see Oliver soon," she explained.

"Thanks for everything," she continued, smiling at her friends. Then she hugged both of them.

Katie headed back towards the locker room.

"Good luck," she heard her friends shout from behind her. She turned and waved goodbye to them as she came to the entrance of the locker room, her mind already set on the task ahead.

Author Note: This drabble was written for Bad Mum who requested a Katie, Angelina, and Alicia drabble on the drabble request thread on the HPFC Forum. I would like to thank Wordy (The Word Foundation) for betaing this for me. Read and review please.