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Episodica Bleach
~ Give Me Your Power ~

Give me your strength, for
Why must the young die
So very early in life
When youth today
Have no respect for those
Who have passed away
Lend me your power

Give me your strength, for
Keeping the unkown away
What others can not see
They need not know the truth
As they would not believe
That monsters lurk here
Give me your power

Give me your strength, for
Protecting those loved dear
Both friends and family alike
Cracking the monsters mask
Keeping all those safe
Give me your power
For now is the hour

Author's note – This one shot collection of poetry I am not going to put as complete like I normally do. The goal is to write one piece of poetry for each episode, plus some extra from the Manga, maybe the movies as I go along. Possibly it will be broken up into sets of a hundred too.