Chapter VII – The Reunion

The reunion:

Harry stepped into the Great Hall on the 30th of July with Ginny on his arm. He taught here on a regular basis so the hall didn't look any different to him since he saw it every day. But knowing that he was here for a reunion with his classmates seemed crazy all the same.

It had been twenty-five years since he had last stepped foot in this school as a student.

Ginny's hand found his and he smiled down at her. "It's just unbelievable."

"That's exactly what I said the moment I got the invite!" Dean exclaimed from behind them.

Harry grinned and grabbed Dean's hand. "Mate, you look the same."

Dean laughed at that. "I don't know if I look the same … but I can't believe how much has changed. It's weird to be back here, don't you think?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, it does."

Dean grinned. "Don't you teach Transfiguration?"

Harry laughed at that. "Yes, I do, but it's still weird to be here as a student again, right?"

Dean nodded at that. "Tell me about it. I guess you know my kids then … it still shocks me to think that I have kids, Roxie and Kareem."

Harry nodded. "Yes, I do. Roxie's a great student and really skilled at Transfiguration actually."

Dean grinned at that. "And we both know that Kareem's not."

Harry laughed. "He's fourteen … why would he be interested in school?"

"True, very true." He grinned as he looked around the room. "You know, Harry, it still surprises me to know that I married Parvati."

Harry grinned. "Doesn't surprise me. You two always did have a strange relationship but it's nice to see you together now."

"Yeah and we're actually happy, which is even more shocking!"

"That's because after the war, the divorce and separation rates dropped thirty-five percent." Hermione replied from behind them. "So it's only natural that most of us are still happy."

Dean chuckled. "And I see you haven't changed much, still a bit of a know-it-all."

Parvati's arms encircled Dean's from behind as she winked at Ron who was standing next to his wife. "Yeah, she is, but she's Weasley's know-it-all."

Ron tugged his wife close and nodded. "Damn right she is."

Ginny smiled at them. She had been quiet since Dean had appeared next to them. "I know I graduated with you guys, but it kind of feels only like twenty-four years for me."

Dean laughed. "Well, you can make an appearance next year too and get it out of your system."

She smiled. "I suppose I can."

Parvati grinned at them. "So, I heard that you two were made grandparents?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, we were. Hell, it makes me feel old, especially with Lore still being eight at home."

Dean shrugged. "That's what you get when you have enough kids for entire Quidditch team with reserve players."

Ginny chuckled. "We couldn't be happier. Michael and Adrianna are so precious though. Their beautiful and I can't believe their seven months old already! Time is just flying by."

"Not to mention their last name is Malfoy … that still surprises me and Draco and I have been friends for years." Harry replied.

A hand fell on Harry's shoulder and Draco grinned at them. "Well, my son married a Potter so all is fair, Potter."

Delilah stood next to him and smiled. "Besides, being grandparents is fun."

Ginny laughed at that. "I agree, even if being a grandmother at 41 is a little young."

Harry shrugged. "Yeah, but we had kids young too."

Ron nodded as he looked around the hall. "We all had kids young; we all married young. The war pushed us all together."

Neville and Luna stepped up next to Ron. "Doesn't mean we all had to stay together. How's life, guys?"

Harry grinned. "It's going great, Nev. How's life for you?"

Luna stood on her toes and gave Neville a passionate kiss so that everyone started hooting and hollering. When she pulled away she grinned at every one. "I think life for Neville is just peachy."

Everyone laughed as Seamus and Lavender made their way towards them.

Lavender smiled. "So we're all still congregating in our little groups … don't you think that since it's a reunion, we should spread out and speak to some of the other houses?"

Harry, Ron, Neville, Dean, Seamus, and Draco all looked each other and grinned. "Nah."

McGonagall stood up at the front and turned everyone's attention towards her. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to thank you for all coming out here tonight. It's nice to see all of you again. I hope that you will spend the evening, mingling and getting to know old classmates. Finnegan, I can see you making those faces at me and don't think I can't still give you detention!"

Seamus blushed and cupped his hands around his mouth. "You rock, McGonagall!"

McGonagall rolled her eyes. "As I was saying, this is a chance for all of us to re-visit our pasts and to see just where our future might take us. Congratulations Class of '98, give yourselves a pat on the back. It's been twenty-five years, congratulations! You made it!"

Everyone cheered and started moving around. Plates of food were held in people's hands as they wandered around and spoke to different people. Harry was surprised to finally meet Padma and her husband Rajan. Her boys were great kids and it was nice to see her happily married. Rajan was five years older than her but she seemed to be quite in love.

"So how did you two meet?" Harry asked as he took a sip of his pumpkin juice.

Padma smiled up at her husband. "Actually, my father arranged the marriage. Vat had an arranged marriage too, you know, but she's been in love with Dean since she was fourteen. Raj and I … we just hit it off right away … we knew it was perfect."

Rajan nodded. "Yes. I've never been so happy as I have been with Padma. I only wish I had come to Hogwarts, it seems like a great school and I'm sad to learn that I went to Trunkston in India."

"Is that a good school?" Harry asked.

Rajan smiled. "Yes, it is, but Hogwarts is one of the best, is it not?"

Harry grinned. "Yes, it is. You're boys are happy here as well, or were as only one is left now."

Padma smiled. "I remember what a great teacher you were, Harry, I think you chose the perfect career."

He grinned. "Thanks."

Harry wandered around some more and found his wife talking to Blaise Zabini. He and Blaise had tried to stay fairly close, especially since Harry was godfather to his twenty-five-year-old-son Joseph. But sadly, it had been a few years since he had really seen him.

"Blaise, how's it going?"

Blaise smiled at Harry. "It's going pretty good. I … I … actually, I'm a grandpa now."

Harry's eyes widened. "No? She's pregnant?"

Blaise nodded. "Yeah, Joe and Annie just told me this morning. Can you imagine?"

"Congratulations, mate!"

Blaise grinned. "Thanks."

It made Harry smile to see how well Blaise got along with his son and his wife Annie. He had never gotten over Daphne and there had been women over the years but nothing had stuck. Having a new baby was just what he needed.

Dana Anderson had been another surprise. Harry hadn't seen her since school had ended and he almost didn't even recognize her. She had technically graduated with them because of her pregnancy but it surprised him more to see who she was walking with. He recognized the bloke as being a year older than him but he couldn't ever remember meeting him. He held out his hand when they approached.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter."

The man smiled. "Robert Johnston, I was two years ahead of you in school."

Dana smiled. "It's nice to see you again, Harry. I heard you and Ginny are still happily married with a whole lot of kids."

Harry chuckled at that. "You could definitely say that. We have twelve children and two grandchildren."


Harry grinned. "So, how long have you two been together?"

Dana smiled up at her husband. "We've been married for fifteen years. Bob adopted David and Drusilla like they were his own. They love him and call him dad."

Harry smiled, remembering how hard it had been for Dana to find out she was pregnant with twins only the day after her fiancé Theodore Nott had been killed. "I'm happy for you then. How old are Dave and Dru now?"

Dana smiled. "Twenty-five … born the year we graduated."

Harry grinned. "I remember, I don't know why it didn't click. Well, congratulations again."

"Thank you."

The evening was a nice one. Harry was pleased to see that so many of his classmates had found happiness after the war; that so many old flames had stayed together; and that he had learned one thing … his friends were still his friends.

"Harry?" Ginny asked.


"I think we should have a barbeque and have Dean, Vat, Seamus, Lavender, Neville, Luna, Draco, Delilah, Ron, Hermione, and all of the kids over, what do you think?" She asked.

He smiled down at her. Even after twenty-five years of marriage he was still desperately in love with her. "I think it sounds perfect."

He touched his lips to hers and all was right again in the world.


Here is a list of the kids I mentioned in the story for each couple.

The Thomas':

Roxanna Padma Thomas, 17

Kareem Darius Thomas, 14

The Vassanjis:

Amar Darius Vassanji, 21

Chand Xerxes Vassanji, 20

Rajan Ali Vassanji, 17

The Finnegans:

Carrick Patrick Finnegan, 21

Sean Murray Finnegan, 19

Deidre Margaret-Mary Finnegan, 17

Cordelia Parvati Finnegan [Cordie], 13

The Longbottoms:

Zachary Frank Longbottom, 21

Ava Alice Longbottom, 18

The Malfoys:

Samuel James Malfoy, 22 m. Aubrey Potter, 22

- Twins: Michael James Malfoy and Adrianna Delilah Malfoy, 7 months

Dillon Jonathon Malfoy, 20

Devin Draco Malfoy, 18

Foxworth Albus Malfoy, 16

Miriam Lily Malfoy, 13

The Hawthornes:

Isabella Lyra Hawthorne, 8

Samantha Lily Hawthorne, 6

Kyna Molly Hawthorne, 4

Laine Andromeda Hawthorne, 2

The O' Ryans:

Finn Riley O' Ryan, 5

Donavon James O' Ryan, 5

Sebastian Draco O' Ryan, 3

Nash Harry O' Ryan, 1

The Weasleys:

Granger Ronald Weasley, 23

Patrick William Weasley, 22

Harper Jonathon Weasley, 19

Toby Charles Weasley, 16

Connor Arthur Weasley, 13

Rose Serena Weasley, 12

The Potters:

James Remus Potter [Jay], 22 eng. Jordan Fanshaw

Aubrey Lily-Rose Potter Malfoy, 22 m. Sam Malfoy

Sirius Brigham Potter [Brig], 22 eng. Aurora Nataleigh Black, 22

Keegan Arthur Potter, 20

Cierán William Potter, 19

Gwendolynn Molly Potter [Gwen], 16

Rhiannon Nymphadora Potter [Rhi], 16

Rory Andrew Potter, 14

Flynn Ronald Potter, 12

Aidan Charles Potter, 11

Alexander Evan Potter, 10

Lorelai Hermione Potter, 8

Thanks for reading guys – it was just a fun story I thought about writing to get a glimpse of some of the couples in the future.

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