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Main Characters: Chris Redfield, (Main man and story teller) Claire Redfield, (Chris' sister) Albert Wesker, (Chris' enemy and past friend) Steve Burnside, (Claire's Beloved) Sherry Birkin, (William Birkin's Daughter) William Birkin, (Creator of the Virus) Nemisis, (One of the main villians) Jill Valentine (Chris' beloved) Leon Kennedy, (Former Police Officer) and Ada Wong (Leon's Beloved)

Some of the characters above won't appear until chapter two, but they are still mainly part of the story.

Minor Characters: Male Zombies, Female Zombies, Licker, and the rest is a shocker...

Warnings: Mild Language, Violence, and semi-retardation.

This takes place in Raccoon City.

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A success I thought I would never accomplish laid within my sweaty palms at this very moment. The G-Virus sample. The purplish liquid swished inside of such a delicate crystal clear container as I ran for my life.

That damned bastard was after me again. I never understood why he hated me so much. I always thought that man always appreciated me. After all, we both were in S.T.A.R's...

Stopping for a couple of seconds, I took deep portions of oxygen into my nostrils and mouth. My free hand pressing against the smooth surface closest to me. Knees shaking like homemade jell-o, I thought for sure I wouldn't make it. I snapped back to positive thoughts and looked around the damp and dim area.

The location was very unwelcoming. As to say, there were zombies around about every corner I turned. Yes, Zombies infested everywhere and some other unusual and frightening creatures.

I was inside of a gigantic white building. Also known as "Raccoon City Hospital".

It seemed like any other hospital would look. With big plain white walls, marble feeling floors, boring waiting rooms, and surgery rooms. But the patient rooms were just dreadful. All the nurses and doctors that worked there were either turned into zombies theirselves or ran away, leaving the poor patient's there to suffer.

Just about every patient's room was as long and big as a closet. Reminds me more of someone living in a cardboard box. They had no television to entertain theirselves. The beds they were sleeping on had filthy and ripped sheets and pillows. Even the gowns the people wore were disgusting, as sad as looking like a prisoner being beat the crap out of him every single night.

Low and obsessive groans rang through my ears, making me jump and to continue my scavanger hunt for my sister.

That blonde haired asshole couldn't have captured her. . . Had he? He better have not touched her, or he would pay. . . And when I say pay, I mean pay . . .

It was just between me and Wesker, not her. She had nothing to do with whatever business me and my old comrade had.

I violently kicked open random doors with my stronger leg, righty. Like most people were.

A zombie was slowly limping towards my fear shooken figure as I opened one of the surgery doors. Reacting fast, I took out an old fashioned handgun that cowboys used in the ol' days. There were about six bullets left inside of the weapon.

I focused the red dot up until I reached the deformed head of said zombie creeping at me.

BAM! All it took was one bullet.

Shot the sucker right in the cranium, the upper half of his head exploded, having him fly down to the floor in a dramatic posture. Blood splashed against the walls and door place next to the already dead corpse. Blood dripped out the corners of his skin torn lips. His stitched up neck slowly undid itself, making his head detach from his bloody body automatically.

"Phew, that was a close one. . ." I mumbled to myself in my usual low and manly tone.

I continued my search for my sister afterwards.

15 minutes later....

When I opened the second-to-last door, I quietly peeped inside.

There she was on a wrecked up gurney.

She looked so different from her regular appearence. Her once chocolate brown hair was now frazzled clumps, also thrown messily over her beautiful porceline features and ocean-blue eyes that were identical to mine. Her long arms swung loosely from the bed with wheels like wet noodles. They were swinging in slow motion.

I held back my tears within my tear ducts. Walking closer to my helpless sister, I looked for signs of live. Her chest wasn't heaving up and down. I gulped and took one of her delicate thin wrists, placing my thumb upon one of those sensitive veins. I didn't know what took me so long. It just took me a while to look over her very pale form.

Was I too late? Was she... Dead?

Faint footsteps came by, but I obviously didn't notice as I silently burst out into frustrated tears.

Evil and thrilling laughter bursted into my eardrums as I felt strong hands wrap around my throat. The person's hands gripped tighter, making me gag and pulling me away from my dearest and only sibling.

"I see you found your sister, Chris," The man behind me whispered, lifting me off my feet and taking his time to make my shaking figure turn fully to him. "It's quite a shame that I already injected a sample of the T-virus into her bloodline. As well as having a few embryos planted inside of her with a help of my old good friend, William Birkin."

And with a flick of both wrists, he had me flipping all the way around the invisible air and crashed me into a wooden desk in which a doctor sat at.

Standing up and rubbing my already bruised throat, my dark blue eyes glistened in rage at the blonde haired male available to my sight.

"Wesker! Leave her alone. She has nothing to do with what you and me have against eachother!" I snapped and charged after him.

He didn't move away. Instead, he struck out his rather muscular arm out in front of his stable body. His red eyes sparkled behind his large sunglasses as he punched me in the stomach. I cowardly kneeled down before him as he flipped me over again.

"Don't worry. I'll take great care of Claire for you." Albert Wesker chuckled in his monotone voice, walking over to the either dead or sleeping body of my sister.

"No!" I coughed out blood, standing up again and running towards him.

He whipped up a quick kick at me. Shocking me out to heavens. My face felt as if it fell off of my head, feeling the heel of Wesker push against my cheekbone. I sprang to the ground helplessly, coughing once again.

Albert picked Claire up bridal style, tucking in her dirty white gown so it wouldn't go loose and trip him. Her long brownish hair fanned all around the arm that carried her upper body. Albert Wesker stared down at the innocent and unconcious face of the female Redfield as he took time walking towards the door.

"Oh, and Chris. You have five minutes to live if you plan on staying here..." And with that, he walked out carefully with Claire in his disgusting grasp.

He won, again.

I groaned in pain and defeat as I leaned over to one side and puked.

Shadows started hovering my form as I just begun to stand up and wiped my mouth from the throw up and blood.

About seven vicious looking zombies came in. I looked around. There was a wide window, but it seemed very risky.

Of course I had to do it! It was for Claire.

I quickly ran towards the window, forgetting about my combat knife and handgun. Diving through the glass without opening it propertly, millions of pieces of glass flew all around the patient's room and outside of the building. I fell about two floors, but a bunch of garbage bags broke my fall to enternal death. Then I realized I was in a garbage truck.

Sighing, I sat up. Pain striked inside of my ankle. Great. Sprained my ankle.

I heard groans and was alerted, staring around everywhere. No zombies in sight.

"Huh, that's strange." I said to myself out loud.

I stared up then, making a dumbfounded look, staring at the zombies that were previously after me. They were so stupid, they kept walking into the wall.

Shaking my head in complete annoyance of such retardation, I slipped down out of the dumpster truck and wondered where to go to find Claire.


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