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Warning: Mild Language, mild violence.


(Goes to play Resident Evil Code Veronica X)


"What the HELL happened here!?" Albert shouted out in frustration when he walked into his now ruined laboratory.

Everything in said lab had desks, torment instruments, chairs, and other different things tipped over. Paperwork flew all across the room, making a massive mess on such a nice clear marble floor. Tubes, which used to have failed experiments swimming around in, had broken glass hanging out in the center. Someone broke it and created cracks and holes. Unhealthy-looking greenish liquid steeped out of the cracks.

"Dammit, that was a fucking cage for my baby albinoids and bandersnatches!" Wesker couldn't take it anymore, smashing his gloved and clenched fist into another one of the big broken tubes. Disgusting colored substance puddled all over the ground.

Albert Wesker stepped on glass. Munching noises echoeing in said laboratory.

He calmed down a bit better after he bashed his unwounded fist into his creative tubes. But when the blonde haired male spun around, he noticed something even worse.

". . . And Claire is missing too." Albert Wesker sighed deeply, about to lose it once again at any moment. "I'd better search for Claire before her precious brother finds her first..."

He stared at the place on where he securely strapped her. The silver chains were ripped and dangling from where it connected to it's supporter. Long and dented scratches were decorated on the wall and board that helped Claire stand up.

Where could she have gone?

All that matters is that I have the G-Virus in my grasp once again, Wesker thought to himself, nodding in approval.

Something on one of the computer monitor screens kept flickering on and off, which caught Wesker's attention and reeling him into the source. Two video cameras remained unharmed from whatever caused damage to the other cameras. A large shadow stomped around, chasing a certain chocolate brown haired male. Obvious.

"Christopher..." Wesker mumbled underneath his breath. His lips were still stinging with disgust from the kissing scene he made with his own former S.T.A.R's worker, in order to easily take the G-Virus sample.

Wesker's crimson scarlet eyes bounced from left to right, watching me panick and raising my pistol to the monster that was after me. The larger creature slapped the gun right out of my grasp, causing me to cowardly press myself against the wall, taking out my combat knife that I tried to use upon the undefeatable blonde haired male.

A rock was thrown to the head of the larger man in front of me.

"Leave him alone, you big dummy!" A young girl's voice shouted out.

It couldn't be... It was.


She was standing behind him and backed away. Her legs were wiggling and her lower lip quivered in a way that made her seem more afraid and less confident.

The created bashed both of it's strong fists into the ground, only a couple of inches away from where Sherry stood.

"Ahh!" She cried out, but managed to run around the scary appearing man and jumped into my arms.

Before we both knew it, we fell off an edge from the stair case that I didn't even notice. I thought it was a wall because of it's thick structure. Dammit, had to think again!

We both fell farther down, awaiting our sudden death. Me and Sherry closed our eyes tightly. Sherry clung to my waist wheather tightly, but I didn't seem to care as I rolled my eyes in my skull. Feeling the breeze pressure through the skin that was bare on me.

Claire... Wherever you are... Just tell me you're safe.

I waited and waited...

Nothing happened...

Me and Sherry opened up our eyes.

"D-Daddy!?" Sherry exclaimed and stared up.

"Huh...?" I blinked a few times before wanting to believe it.

A gigantic man with a ripped and bloody dress coat stood above us after he dropped it to the ground. This guy was our savior. Blood trinkled down the sides of his high cheekbones. The top part of his left eyelid was missing. His gums and teeth were visible, his lips were pulled back in a nasty form. His left arm was more bulky than the other, veins visible and terribly popping out. An eye opened at his elbow regions... It stared at us with a bloodshot eyeball expression that said "I will kill you..."

I gulped.


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