He Dosent See...

You Belong With Me

By Taylor Swift

You're on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset She's going off about something that you said 'Cause she doesn't get your humor like I do

I'm in the room, it's a typical Tuesday night I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like And she'll never know your story like I do

But she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts She's Cheer Captain and I'm on the bleachers Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you Been here all along, so why can't you see?
You, you belong with me, you belong with me

Walking the streets with you and your worn-out jeans I can't help thinking this is how it ought to be Laughing on a park bench, thinking to myself Hey, isn't this easy?

And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town I haven't seen it in a while since she brought you down You say you're fine, I know you better than that Hey, what ya doing with a girl like that?

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers She's Cheer Captain and I'm on the bleachers Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you Been here all along, so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by and waiting at your back door All this time how could you not know?
Baby, you belong with me, you belong with me

Oh, I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're 'bout to cry And I know your favorite songs and you tell me 'bout your dreams Think I know where you belong, think I know it's with me

Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?
Been here all along, so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by and waiting at your back door All this time, how could you not know?
Baby, you belong with me, you belong with me

You belong with me Have you ever thought just maybe You belong with me?
You belong with me


I've been lying here for 3hrs... Uggg, dreading the fact that there is a party. Im not one for fancy clothes, dressing up. But my best friend wont go unless I go. Why?? I have no clue! He has this crazy popular Barbie of a girl friend, who has to be "seen" at all the partys with him... Really stupid if you ask me everyone and their freakin' mother knows they are going out! And to top it off, shes the cheer leader while he is mister quarterback....

So here I'am trying to figure out what the hell to put for this party. I'm going to be late. As I stumble around pulling everything I own out I give up

"AHHHH I'm Calling Alice!" I shouted

Running down stairs to the kitchen, I stub my toe as usual. "shit" I muttered grabbing the phone off the hook and dialing Alice's number.

"Hello Bella!" she exclaimed

"Alice I need help getting rea-"

"YAYYYY, Ive been waiting all day for this call Bella! I knew would would need help... I just knew it, dont know how but yeah, Oh my gosh I have the perfect thing.. EEEeeeeee I cant wait, I'm going to curl your hair and do your make-up-"

"ALICE!" I hissed into the phone, I swear the girl dosent even have to breath.

"Ok Ok.... I settle on picking out the out fit and 'helping' with the make-up. Ill be there in 10 minutes" she sang

" Thanks Alice, bye!"

" Bye Bells see ya soon"

Ok so now that the outfit was taken care of I needed to shower and call Edward. I might as well just go to the party with Alice since she will already be here. Ahhh yes that would save me from riding in the car with the 'Barbie'. I decided to call Edward and then hop in the shower since I was already down stairs.... I needed to find my cell before I left also I thought to myself... I dialed Edwards number and it rang and rang-

"Hello?" the silky voice answered

"Hey there its me"

" Bellaaaaa you better not be calling to make excuses! You promised!" he whined, he knew me to well.

" Noooo Edward, Im going but I wont need a ride. Alice is coming over and we are going together"

" Oh Ok good, I guess I'll see ya there then?" he asked

" Yup see ya in a bit" and I hung up.

I rushed upstairs and jumped in the shower washing as fast as possible. I knew Alice would be here any minute. The smell of my strawberry shampoo relaxed me for a few seconds and then I remember the torture that was to come when I got out.... After rinsing and drying I wrapped the towel around my body and went to my room.

" ALICE WHAT THE HELL" I screamed. She had make-up, curling irons, clothes and shoes all layed out and was getting herself reading in my room.

" Sorry Bells you didnt answer the door... And well I coundn't wait to get started" she said, bouncying up and down on her toes.

" Whatever you just scared the crap out of me" I muttered and took my place in the chair she set up next to the desk where all the make-up and hair products where displayed.

45 minutes later I was looking 'hot' according to Alice. I on the other hand was freaking out. I have never worn anything like this before. I'm a T-shirts and skinny jeans kinda girl. Give me a pair of good ole' converse any day over those jimmy choos high heel things. There was NO WAY I was wearing this to the party....

" Alice I I I- I can't wear this, sorry...ummm can I please just get a differnt shirt??" I begged

" Bells! It looks so cute!" she exclaimed

" Let me wear one of my band shirts and converse and I'll keep the make-up and skirt on? Deal?" please please please

" Fine, whatever we are so going to be late- O well" haha she laughed " Fashionably late always works" she said doing a little ballerina twirl.

We were in the car making our way to Rosalie's house where the party's at. I was really uncomfortable. I just wanted help picking out clothes to wear from MY closet not something of Alice's. I was grateful for talking her into letting me change my shirt and wearing my cons. So as we glided onto the street laced with cars I pulled the mirrow down... My long brown hair was down resting on my shoulders in soft curls, Alice did my make-up minimal, THANK GOD and I was wearing a pleated jean shirt that was barley above the knee with my fav black cap sleeve Sublime T-shirt, oh and of course my grey converse. I flipped the visor back up, sighed to myself and made my way to the door with Alice.

People where all over the front porch with there classic red solo beer cups... uggg seriously I cant believe im at another party. The music was blaring and for once I was glad, Rose had good taste in music. We walked in the door and knew I had to find Edward so my appearance was known and I didn't want to get shit for 'not showing up'.

"Alice we need to find Edward I told him we would meet him here" I said

" Okie dokie" she bounced and grabbed my hand.

As we searched Alice's eyes held excitement.. she had the hots for Jasper he played football with Edward and started hanging out with us. I knew she was hoping he would be with Edward when we found him. The house is huge, giant even. My house could fit in the living room. We made our way into the kitchen and then to the backyard.

" Hey stranger" I screamed over the music, and Edward turned around. His copper hair a mess like always, green eyes smiling even before his lips.

" Hi Bella whats up! Geeee I thought you were playing hooky" he teased

" No I told you I would come,and I'm here ok?" I gestured to myself

" yeah yeahhh... Alice, whats going on? Jaspers here" he pointed over his shoulder and winked at Alice

" Oh Ok Thanks Edward" she blushed " wheres barbie?" she giggled

" shheesh! she has a name Alice!, Tanya went to get a drink" Edward sighed

Knowing Tanya she wouldn't drink the beer because of the freaking calories! OMG I swear I have no idea what he sees in her. Well ok I lied shes perfect, when she doesn't open her mouth that is. She has a perfect body, big boobs, strawberry blonde hair and long legs. Hence the name 'Barbie". Alice and I have dub her that one, along with many others that we don't use in front of Edward. It would hurt his feelings.

" Well I guess since I'm here I might as well join the festivities..." I said as I grabbed a red cup and walked over the the keg to fill it with beer. I'm going to need it I thought to myself....

" So Bells a skirt? Alice got to ya didnt she" he said cocking an eyebrow

" You know it" I retorted

" You look nice, glad to see she didn't try to change you to much. Don't think you would survive in heels" he chuckled

" Shut up" I said as I elbowed him and took a drink of my beer

" Owwww that hurt, your bony elbows always leave bruises Bells..." He muttered

" Ohh look Alice, Jasper's coming over here!" I smiled

" Bella OMG does my hair look ok?? Make-up??" ekkkkk she said as she pulled out her compact.

Why she always asks me if she looks good but then checks herself I'll never understand. She always looks perfect. Epitome of fashion. Her short spiky black hair always in place, pale gorgeous skin-flawless. She was so tiny she looked like a glowing little pixie.

" Yes Alice you look fine! geez, calm down. He's right behind you." I whispered

" Alice, Bella, you two lil darlin's look amazing tonight" Jasper drawled

" Thanks Jasper" I said with a smile. Alice just looked at him with goo-goo eyes and batted her eye lashes.. Oh she has it bad.

" So Jasper man, you ready for the big game next week? Coach has been working our ass hard." Edward asked

" Yeah my legs feel like jell-o, but I am lookin' forward to kickin' some ass!" Jasper answered

" I know man we need this win, maybe he'll layoff a little during practice if bag this game." Edward raised his cup and looked hopful at Jasper and Jasper nodded.

" So Little Lady" Jasper said grabbing Alice's small hand in his." Care to Dance?" He said as he spun her around.

" Umm yeah, I thought you'd never ask" Alice replied with the biggest smile.

I am now on my own for the rest of the evening grrrreaaatttt... As Alice glided away behind Jasper, I looked over at Edward and he looked so down. As always 'Barbie' is probably the cause.

" Edward maybe you should go check on Bar- I mean Tanya, She been gone awhile... " I stated

" Yeah I guess I should, making a drink really shouldn't take that long huh?" He said as he refilled his cup with beer

" Not unless shes going to Russia for the vodka!" I teased. Edward chuckled and smiled... my favorite smile, his crooked grin that made his eyes sparkle and come alive.

" Well lets go in the house and find her, I'm not leaving you our here and I don't think Alice will be back anytime soon" He laughed as he pointed to the dance floor where Alice and Jasper were intertwined.

We Walked into the Kitchen and looked around, Mike was pouring shots on the island, Jessica was bouncing around him giggling. Angela and her boyfriend Ben were making out.... We made our way to the living room. Seriously everyone from school was here. Finally over by the bar, in the corner of the living room stood Tanya and a few of her friends. She was wearing what looked like a long pink tank top. Really people should not wear dresses that small! Her hair was up in a high pony tail and curled at the ends, her make up was dark and caked on. Why girls feel pretty that way beats me... And of course she had a pair of high heels on her feet. She really was pretty, over done but pretty. She held one of those frilly drinks in hand giggling with her girlfriends. Edward made his way over to her, I was following behind.

"Hey honey... whats taking so long?" Edward said as he came to Tayna's side

" Oh Hey Eddie... We uhh were having girl talk" she smiled up at him

" I see, find something good to drink ladies?" Edward asked

" OMG yeah Mike made these drinks they are so good! he said they were 'sex on the beach', its just like juice!" Tanya claimed wavering a bit and giggling with her friends.

" Well uhhh I guess that's good, maybe you've had enough for a while?" Edward pulled Tanya into a hug and took her cup setting it on the bar.

" Eddiiieeeee" Tanya whimpered

Edward reached out and cupped Taynas face and gave her a kiss. Im sure he was hoping to get her to stop drinking but Tanya's friend weren't going to let her get away that easy. They told her she was fine and not to let 'Eddie' stop their girl time fun... All while Edward and I stood there. I hated the way the girls acted, better then anyone else. They never really addressed me, nor I them. What do you say to a bunch of caked faced, stick figures full of hot air?? So I just smile and nod. My cup was empty and I noticed Edwards was too. I figured at lest I could get him a refill since he had to deal with a girl like that...

" Hey I was going to get another beer, you want one?" I nudged him

" Yeah Bells that would be great" he smiled

" Bella... your drinking beer? You do know it has alot of calories right?..... like you care..." Tayna snickered looking me up and down.

" Yes I'm drinking beer, and your right I don't care. Personally I like being able to eat real food and not rabbit food. And beer ... its very good, mmm especially with pizza." I said grabbing Edwards cup and walking back to keg outside.

After getting our cups filled and making my way back I noticed the 'elite' girls were dancing and Tanya and Edward were talking by the bar. She didn't look happy. Ugggg I'm sure they are arguing again. I sat Edwards beer down in front of him, He looked up and smiled a half smile and I walked away not wanting to get in the middle or whatever was going on between them. I saw Rose over by the DJ, yes she gets a DJ. Her parent's are loaded and always vacationing somewhere... Hence all the party's. As I walked up she was giving him the 3rd degree on what was to be and not to be played at the Hale house speech... poor guy.

" Hey Rose! Great party" I shouted

" Bella! Wow you came... Edward said you promised but seriously didn't think you would come!" she said as she hugged me

" Yeah I know I'm the hermit of the group... I'm just... these aren't my things ya know. I feel out of place, but I'm really glad I came." I smiled at her

" Me too.... Where Alice? Didnt she come with you? She never came to say Hi" Rose pouted

" Yeah she got asked to dance by Jasper!"

" No way! Was she freaking out or what?" she asked

" YES! it was to cute... she really likes Jasper" I said

" I know that girl she said from the moment she saw him she knew she was going to marry him... crazy crazy little pixie..." Rose snorted

" Yup.... Maybe she will get her happy ending look at them dancing" I said pointing across the room

" Awww they are cute! So if she is with Jasper, I'm with Emmet and Edwards with the Barbie... We need to get you a man girl!" she claimed smacking my shoulder lighty and smiling

" Ohh Rose... me dating? I don't think so... Plus there really isn't anyone I want to date.." I said

" Helloooo EARTH TO BELLA! Tyler would love to go on a date with you.... He stares at you all the time... So does half of the male student body! You have that Shy girl act down." She laughed

" Act? Rose you know its not an act... I'm shy, clumsy and VERY uncoordinated... Any date would probably end up with a trip to the ER and embarrassment. I think I'll pass thank you." I huffed

" Ummhummm Unless theres someone else your holding out for?"

" No I told you I don't like anyone...." I lied

" Yeahhhh ok" she said brushing it off " Lets go get Emmet and dance!" she yelled

I'm lucky she let that go so easy... normally she and Alice torment me about not daiting. She grabbed my hand and led us though the crowd finding Emmet. We all danced together. I was actually having a good time. It was getting old being the only one in our group not dating anyone but because we had all been friends for so long they didn't make me feel left out. We danced for what seemed like hours, Emmet leaving and getting us refills every so often. Jasper and Alice even came over and joined us. Now missing was Edward. I looked around the room and couldn't see him anywhere... They boys said the last time they saw him he was walking Tanya out. I figured the Barbie couldn't hold her liquor and he took her home. Everyone was making there way out and I was pretty tipsy. I decided just to stay at Roses.. well for one I came with Alice and she was glued to Jasper on the couch.... And second I was in noooo condition to drive.

" Hey Rose do you mind if I stay the night?" I asked

" No prob sweetie, the guest rooms all clean. I kept the door lock so no one could use it during the party. You know where the key is...." she said

"Thanks.... Welll guys Immm going to head to bed, hey that rhymed! ha, See ya in the morning..." I slurred

"Night Bells" they all shouted

" Glad you came!" Rose said as I was making my way up the large stair case.

Holding on the the railing and slowly making my way up I wondered if Edward got home ok... At the top of the stairs I searched my purse for my cell but had no luck. I found the guest room and walked across the hall to the bathroom, I really had to pee. After using it and washing my hands and face, I fumbled through the large vase filled with round soaps... I was searching for the key, I swore this is were she always hides it! After a few minutes I got frustrated and a little dizzy and decided just to try the door. Maybe it wasn't locked or someone from the party found the key and 'used' the room. Grosssssss, uggg but at this point I didn't care I just wanted to sleep. I weaved across the hall and turned the knob, YES it was open. Sleep at last. I sat on the bed took off my shoes, my bra and pulled my hair up and out of my face. I slid down to the ground and dumped out my purse looking once again for my cell. "shit" I muttered, I forgot to look for it earlier and Alice got there early distracting me. There was no way I was making the drunken journey back down the stair case to use the phone, so I climbed up the side of the bed pulled back the covers and got in. I was snuggling in, the only light was from the clock on the nightstand. I felt warmth... damn maybe I had more to drink then I thought rolling over. Opening my eyes I screamed....

"HOLY SHIT" The boy yelled sitting straight up, and looking over at me

"EDWARD??" I asked puzzled

" Bella??" He questioned " Fuck you scared the crap out of me!"

" What are you doing in here? I thought you left with Tanya?"

" No Tanya left without me, I didn't think I should drive so I came up here to sleep it off...."

" Oh" I said " Well I go see if I can use a different room, sorry for waking you up... and for the record, you scared the shit out of me too!" I giggled

I sat up and was attempting to get out of bed and of course my foot got stuck in the sheets and I feel on my face...

" Bella are you ok?" Edward asked as he helped me up

" Yeah I'm fine.. beer and clumsy nessessss don't mix" I smiled

" You can stay in here you know, my brothers staying the night and the other rooms are next to Roses..." He said with a disgusted look

" Oh" I said not wanting the mental pictures " Are you sure?"

" Of course "

We both got back into bed, I snuggled under the comforter and closed my eyes. Why did this feel so weird? But so right..... We have slept in the same bed before... This was different... Because I liked him.... More then just being my best friend..... And he would never know, or feel the sameway. How could he when he had the 'Barbie' on his side.... Adjusting my body closer to the edge and tucking my head slightly under the covers I sighed.

" Night Bells" Edward mumbled

" Night"