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Chapter 10

Mine... She is mine, MY girl...

After Tanya I didn't think I wanted to call a girl mine. Really, Tanya was never mine nor did I want her to be. Never did I want to lay claim like I had when I realized all Bella meant to me. She has always been mine and I hers. It just took me to fucking long to see.

Being with her, and our friends at Gino's felt right. We were complete. I never noticed how alone I felt until we were all sitting at the table eating and fucking around. This is the way it should have been years ago. As cheesy as it fucking sounds she completes me. Makes me a whole person.

When the douche James came walking over and had his eye on my Bella I wanted to beat him down and roar like a lion who's won battle until he licked his wounds and hobbled away.

" Edward man whats up!" James shouted

" Not much man, nice party"

" I know! Bring me a host gift?" He laughed looking at Bella

" No fucker" I gritted out

" Easy easy... We know she's wound tight. Playing the best friend part again I see?"

" No James, he's- he's my-" Bella stuttered

" She's my girlfriend, so watch what you say douche bag" I glanced down at Bella and gave her my smirk.

Fuck yeah, my girlfriend... I felt like a 2 year old wanting to go nah nah nah nah!

" Wow, she finally let you hit it! I'm impressed Swan! And Cullen, nice job. Beers in the fridge, keg stands out back and mixers and shit on the kitchen table." He saluted and walked toward a group of drunk girls.

" Sorry, he's a jerk" I grabbed Bella's and and squeezed

" Oh, I know..." She said and squeezed back " Lets get a beer"

" Defiantly" I smiled and draped my arm around her and made our way to the fridge. I grabbed two popped off the tops and handed one to my girl. Everyone was dancing around, having a great time. No one looked, or questioned Bella and I standing and holding hands together. It was great. Bella started laughing and I slipped my hand down her back and around her waist following her gaze.

" Bellllaaaa Bellllaaaa! Alice sang " Come dance with meeeee!" She grabbed my girls hand and handed the beer off to now free hand. Standing there with a beer in each hand I watched as Bella was being smooched between Rose and Alice.

" I love this song!" Rose yelled and started to sing

I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night
that tonight's gonna be a good night
that tonight's gonna be a good, good night

Then Bella started to sing and I found my self drinking outta both bottles watching the show.

I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night
that tonight's gonna be a good night
that tonight's gonna be a good, good night

Then Alice joined them, I couldn't help laugh and feel amazing watching MY girl and her best friends have so much fun and know I was part of the reason she was so happy in that moment.

I gotta feeling (woo-hoo)that tonight's gonna be a good night
that tonight's gonna be a good night
that tonight's gonna be a good, good night

She Looked over at me face beaming looking so fucking cute. I wanted to touch her, kiss her. It still was unbelievably unreal. I laughed when she locked eyes with me and sang. Singing to me? Such a silly beautiful girl...

Rose leaned in and said something to Bella. Making her reach over and smacker her across the butt. Damn these girls are deffinalty going to kill me. Rose popped her hip out and looked liked she wanted to be smacked again! Fuck, Bella did it she smacked Rose's ass and it was hot. I couldn't help but picture myself smacking Bella's ass. I bit my lip to hold back the embarrassing groan that was undeniably going to slip out thinking about her like that. Then the damn song changed. And I couldn't have loves 50 cent anymore in this moment! Candy shop began to play loud. The couples and girls dancing got closer and were grinding. I wanted Bella to be dancing with me so I made a bee line straight for her. Our eyes caught, I was a man on a mission. She had that plump, sweet lip between her teeth making me hard as hell. I don't think she realizes how sexy she really is. Em and Jasper took there girls and started dancing with them letting me grab Bella by the hips and flush with my body.

" Bella..." I groaned

" Yyyeah?" She stuttered looking up at me

" Your driving me crazy" I said while dancing so perfectly together. We just fit, and it felt fucking phenomenal.

Our hips followed each other, bending my knees a little I pulled her even closer. Holding her body to mine with one hand, I explored her body with the other. From cheek, to neck down to her hip. I could feel her pulse excelerate I grabber her hand and interlaced our fingers spinner her so her backside was flush with my front and laid our hands across her stomach. I moved her hair to the side and kissed her neck. Then she wiggled her little ass harder into me keeping a slow but hard pace.

I groaned unable to hold it in " I can't take much more of that Bella"

" I'm sorry, I'm not like this Edward, you know that. But I've never felt this way" she moaned as sucker her ear into mu mouth and grazed it with my teeth.

" Me either" I sighed keeping our motion, and keeping her close enjoying the way we felt together.

A few minutes later... Emmett shouted " Hey Edward! Ummm Bro, songs over" and then chuckled.

" Uh yeah" I straightened up and pulled Bella beside me. Her face was a cutest shade of pink. I raked my hand through my hair and down to mu chin thinking about how we just pretty much dry humped for who knows how long with no music! I couldn't help but smirk cause it was hot as hell.

"You need to get laid!" Emmett shouted over Green Day.

" Emmett!" Rose smacked him on the side of the head

Alice and Emmett laughed, they were sporting a pretty good buzz as well as Rose.

" So how about some air?" Alice smiled

" Yeah, sounds good" Bella agreed pulling me along with her.

" Hey, I- um, need to use the bathroom" I smiled glancing down to my obvious situation.

" Oh, OK." Bella kissed my cheek " Sorry" she whispered

" Nothing to be sorry about Beautiful I'll be right back" I winked.

I turned back and made my way to the hallway and down to the bathroom I know wouldn't be in use. I defiantly needed few minutes to collect my shit. I tapped on the door, once then twice. I cracked the door and slipped in turning on the light. Turing the water on cold I splashed my splashed my face taking a deep breath. I hunched over letting my head fall forward, palms face down on the tile counter. After a few minutes of letting little Eddie relax I took a piss and made my way back to my girl.

When I made it to the backyard Emmett and Jasper where talking to a group of guys and they called me over. We shot the shit for a few and I looked over seeing Bella, Alice and Rose sitting on a large swing bench. They laughed and smiled. I turned back to the conversation when hearing my name.

" Fucking Ed here got a hot piece of ass! Thought there were going to bone right there in the living room man!" Em belched

" Hey hey hey, Edward might have but B has much more class Em" Jasper laughed

" Seriously guys, your talking about us?" I shook my head and smiled

" Well it is a small town son!" Jasper tipped his imaginary hat

" Naw, its just about time you two clean so pipe and spare the rest of the goo goo eyes and dry humping! Bone Bone Bone" Emmett chanted

" Wow, dude seriously? She isn't just a lay guys... shes, shes-" I couldn't finish

" You love her, always have I'm sure. Your just a stupid fucker" Em said matter- of – factually.

" Yeah I do" I smiled then smacked Em upside the head

" Owww what the fuck was that for!" he barked

" For pretending to just be a stupid jock, theirs actually a heart in there." I laughed

" Indeed there is, indeed" he smiled a cheeky grin and grabbed his crotch.

I shook my head and looked back at our girls.

Alice had passed out and Rose and Bell were laughing about something.

" Jasper!" Rose yelled at us.

" Well boys, looks like we are being beckoned" He smiled and we all started to make our way across the yard.

" Alice passed out" Bella giggled pointing over to her with her thumb.

" She always does" Jasper smiled picking her up bridal style " Looks like we arnt party hopping tonight"

" Well lets go back to our place, sleep over?" Em suggested grabbing Rose and throwing her over his shoulder.

" Um-mph, your such an beast!" She smacked his back

" Twice in one night" he laughed " You love me, and my animal ways" he wiggled his eyebrows

Rose smiled, and rolled her eyes.

"Well, shall we?" I asked Bella

" Yup, we shall" She smiled at me

" Jump on and hold tight" I leaned down gesturing to my back

" I can walk Edward, I'm fine"

" Humor me silly girl"

" Alright" She giggled jumping on.

I walked us to the living room, waving and saying our good byes. I still was crazy to me how no one was surprised by us being together. When we reached the jeep I set her down and helped her in.

" So you, um sleeping over?" I asked

"Yeah? Is that okay?" she looked down at me while sliding across the seat.

"Of course" I smirked

" I don't have anything to sleep in though"

"No worries, I'll give you a shirt or something" I rubbed the back of my neck trying not to think of her in just one of my shirts.

" Oh okay, I'll just call my dad when we get to your house then" She laced her fingers with mine.

" Is he going to be cool with it? I questioned.

" Yeah" she shrugged

" Cool" I leaned over and kissed her pulling her into me.

The drive home was quiet. Alice had passed out in the front with Jasper. He was driving being the one who drank the lest. Rose and Emmett were in the back with is smooched together. I think all of us just wanted to get home and be with our girls. Jasper turned into the drive, the head light flashing across the house and I took a deep breath. I wanted Bella to stay the night but I don't want her to think its for sexual reasons. I just want to be with her. Letting go of my nerves I glanced sideways and saw her fidgeting next to me. I hopped out and helped her out. Pulling her behind me we opened the front door.

" So you guys wanna watch a movie or just hit the sack?" Em asked flipping on the lights

" Hmm I kinda want a snack" Bella said

"My kinda girl" Emmett smiled walking into the kitchen

" I'm going to bed" Rose rolled her eyes walking up the stairs.

" Yeah me too, Need to get her in bed, she's done" Jasper laughed carrying Alice. " Spare room cool?"

" Yeah dude, no prob, see ya in the morning!" Emmett called back as he walked to the kitchen

" Whatcha hungry for?" I asked Bella wrapping my arms around her waist.

Ice cream?" she said opening the freezer door.

" I thought that was my favorite" I mumbled into her neck, not being able to resist the opportunity to kiss it.

" Yeah, but it sounds good." she shrugged

" Okay there's a few flavors in there grab what one you want and I'll get spoons" I said letting go and waling to the silverware drawer. I turned back towards Bella and she was bent over looking at the cartons of Ice cream. Her ass, fuck her ass. I started thinking about her grinding me and leaning into me with her head tilted back giving me access to her neck and a fucking awesome view of her breasts. I looked down and then back up at her and decided I should prolly go upstairs and calm the fuck down before she sees my raging hard on. Before I left the kitchen I went into the pantry and grabbed a bunch of Bella's favorite things. Smiling to myself I hurried up the stairs to lay out the spread to surprise her and keep my mind off her damn body.

I placed the tray on the bed and laid out the stuff needed for smores. Yeah yeah I have no fire but its the thought that counts right? I questioned myself. I walked over to my dresser and grabbed some PJ pants and quickly changed placing the dirty clothes in the basket. Taking a deep breath and puffing out my cheeks I walked back tot he bed. I plopped down on the other side of being careful not to knock over the tray. I heard small foot steps and looked at the door. The handle turned and Bella slipped in.

" Hi" she looked up through her lashes smiling


Bella eyes the bed and looked up at me with questioning eyes

" I know we didn't have smore flavored ice cream so I grabbed stuff to make em'. But we can't melt the chocolate..." I rubbed the back of my neck looking at her " we can go down stairs and get real marshmallows and do it on the stove like we used to if you want" I paused

" No, this is good. Thanks"She crawled up on to the bed placing the now soft ice cream on the tray. Popped the top off and took a big bite. " Mmmm its really good, wanna bite?"She held the spoon out to me.

" Sure" I locked eyes with her and took the spoon in my mouth. She licked her own lips and did that thing where she bit her lip ever so slightly making me want to grab it with my teeth and lick it, suck it and just kiss the shit out of her.

" It is good" I smirked

She moved the spoon and placed it on the try grabbing the jar of Marshmallow Cream and dipped her finger in. Oh god she really is trying to kill me... She brought her finger to her mouth sucking it in and closing her eyes. I couldn't help but stare at her. My "problem" was back with full force. How this woman was able to make me hard with in sec amazed me. All it took was one look and I was done for. I clinched my jaw and looked back down at her hand going towards the jar again. This time she coated her finger and brought it to my mouth.

" This is really good too" she whispered placing her finger in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked the sweet cream off of her finger.

I opened myy eyes and looked at her " mmmhmmmm" I dipped my finger " I bet it tastes even better here" Taking my finger andsmearing aa little across her lips I watched as her tongue came out to lap it. I leaned forward and captured her lips with mine. Sucking her lip into my mouth I groaned, I moved to my knees and let go of her lip. Still having some on my finger I rubbed it across her collar bone and tilted her head back " And here" I said lowing her to the bed licking and sucking up and down her neck.

" Edward" She moaned

I pulled back, not sure where she wanted this to go, not wanting her to think I just wanted to get in her pants... I ran my hand in my hair and the other sat on my leg still sticky with the cream. " I'm sorry- I didn't mean to push anything. I just don't know what to do" I rubbed my clean hand across my face. Breathing I looked at her, " I don't want you to think this is all I want. Cause' I don't want this, don't get me wrong. But I want more. I mean we just got together and-"

She slowly sat up kneeling in front of me. We were now face to face. And I didn't feel the pressure the anxiety that I had a few minutes before. It was just us. Edward and Bella. I was stupidly over thinking shit, whats new! I almost laughed out loud. She then pulled my finger into her mouth, cleaning off the remaining marshmallow. My heart started to race, the way she was looking at me its like she knew exactly what I was thinking and going over in my head and she was going to make it all right.

" I feel it too" she said placing my hand across her heart. " I want you too, I want to feel you. Its like I can't get close enough." she moved the tray and was pressed against me. " I'm not ready to have sex. This is all so new. I just want to feel you, is that OK? She asked running her hands up and down my chest.

I swallowed hard " Yes, you tell me whats OK, I just want to feel you too" I whispered and captured her lips with mine.


She let her hands roam my chest, back and shoulders. I was doing the same to her. I let my hands glide around her breasts not moving closer until she made the next move. She broke our kiss and pulled back slightly. Crossing her hands across her stomach, looking in my eyes she ever so freaking slowly pulled her shirt off and let it fall to the floor.

Letting my eyes wonder, I looked back up and her " Your so beautiful"

She grabbed my hands and put them to her chest. I took it as the go a head and began to move closer and caress her breasts. Her nipples were hardening so I moved my hands toward the clasp of her bra. I wanted to see them, taste them. I looked up at her as my hands where ready to unhook it. She nodded and I gulped. Her shoulders moved letting the straps fall to her elbows. I moved my hands back around and took one breath in each hand. So perfect. Fucking perfect. So soft and warm, I let my thumbs graze her nipples and I looked at her.

" Edward, oh mmmmm" she hummed

This was amazing. I cant say it enough, but fucking perfect. Its like she was made for me. I could feel that she fit just right and all I was touching was her boobs! My pants were at full mast and I wanted to give myself some pressure, just a little squeeze but I couldn't leave her body. Like Id blink and Id be dreaming. I moved my head slowly so she knew what I was doing. I was about to take her nipple in my mouth and I looked up and placed sloppy kisses along the tops and sides instead. I could feel her heart pound each time I got close to her hard nipples. " Please" she whimpered. I rubbed my nose across her nipple making her moan. Circled it with my tongue and then sucked it into my mouth. It was so fucking delicious. So soft and perfect. I could die a happy man.

" Oh god... Edward" she mewed and grabbed my hair. Fuck that was even hotter. Having her hold me there was making me loose my shit. She moved her self so she was leaning down, almost laying flat on the mattress. I followed never breaking my sucks and licks. When she was on the mattress my body followed covering hers. I let go of her nipple and ran my hands across her legs and spread them apart. I scooted between them and kissed my way back up to her lips. We both moaned as we were pushed together. Finally getting the friction we both needed.

" Bella you feel so good. I groaned holding her breast and weaving my hand in her hair. I needed to feel every inch of her skin. I made my way down from her hair to her stomach and stopped at the top of her pants. " Let me touch you please" I pleaded looking up. Hoping that she would say yes.

"Yes" she breathed

I kept my eyes on her and moved my hand down and slid in into her pants on top of her panties. Fuck it was so warm and wet and I almost just blew my load. I wanted to smell her, taste her. But at the same time this was perfect and enough. I ran my fingers along her wet opening " Fuck, go your so wet" I said still looking at her. My strokes increasing in pressure with each pass. I wanted to give her more. Watcher her face as I made her cum. She was getting wetting and I groaned at the dampness.

" Edward, Take of my pants please" She moaned

I stopped and sat up a little bit " Are you sure?"

Please be sure, please be sure...

"Mmmhmmm" She smiled with the most beautiful flush to her face and chest.

Sitting up on my knees, I unbuttoned her jeans. Eased them down her curvy hips and down her legs. I sat at her feet looking up at her and her body. She laid there in just her panties. I cant believe everything I'd missed in the past. Her long wav y hair sprawled out around her face. Amazing chocolate eyes staring at me and the most fucking cute heart shaped mouth, full lips, pink and perfect. Round supple breasts that called to me. Curvy hips, thick thighs... Then she giggled, and I smiled at her and lifted one foot up to my mouth and kissed up her thigh stopping right next to her pussy. I gave her my smirk and kissed the top of her panties. " Oh shit" she grunted, rubbing her legs together. I chuckled " what?" I said looking up. She was biting he lip again causing me to loose control.

" Nothing" she muttered and I shook my head kissed her thigh again, licking where her panties met her thigh. I rubbed my fingers over and over on her wet spot.

" Unnnnnnggggg" She tossed her head back and closed her eyes.

I moved up her body and placed my mouth next to her ear " Bella, I'm going into your panties baby, I need to feel." She shook her head yes and I did a mental fist pump. My hand were starting to get shaky from anticipation. As each of my fingers slide under the elastic my heart beat fast. I reached her warm slick clit and slowly circled it with two fingers

" Oh god!" she screamed

" Shhhhh baby, You feel so good, I've wanted to see, you like this for so long. God your so beautiful, I want you to cum, I want to see your face" I said kissing her lips

" Please, more Please" I cried against my mouth. We weren't kissing but just together. Mouths open, sharing air, this experience. It was glorious. If I never had been with other girls I would have never believed this to be so different. But it was.

I moved my hand lower, letting one finger slide between her folds.

" Oh fuck" She moaned grabbing my forearm.

" Do you want more?" I asked while pressing myself into her leg.


I added another finger slower then the first but then started to speed my thrusts. When I got a good rhythm she was rocking into me, god its so hot... she isn't just laying there she was rolling her hips with my motions and then she rubbed my dick through my pants. My motions slowed slightly giving in to the feeling of her hand on me. Oh god, It felt so good. With each pass she made I began to go faster. Working my fingers in and out. My dick started to pulsate.

" Oh fuck Bella" I grunted our strokes matching now, I knew I wouldn't last long.

" Cum for me baby. On my fingers, I want to feel you" I moaned trying to get her to cum before I blew my load in my pants. I added another finger and her body arched up. " Oh god Edwardddd" she screamed. She had a firm grip on my dick, and then she started to clench down on my fingers.

"Ohhh shit, so tight, so warm, fuckkkk" I gritted out while I twitched and came along with her. That was so amazing... Best on top of the clothes hand job EVER.

I was still bent over her slightly, both of us coming down from the orgasm high and she giggled. I smiled and looked at her.

"Wow" she whispered then she looked down seeing her hand was still on my crotch " Sorry" she giggled again moving her hand.

"Mmmm nothing to be sorry about" I said as I took my fingers out of her and her panties and out of instinct put them in my mouth. Holy fucking shit it was the best tasting shit I've ever had in my mouth. I looked at her and she had he eye brows cocked in the cutest way. I shrugged " You taste good"

I laid down beside her and looked into her eyes " Are you OK? I had to make sure she didn't regret this, us, everything. There was no going back for me. She was it. I just know...

"Yeah of course, Why wouldn't I be?" she questioned

" Donno, just checking" I said sighing

" I love you" she whispered cuddling into me.

"I love you to" I leaned over and kissed her and tucked her hair around her ear." I ahh need to use the bathroom and change my pants" I chucked

" O, mkkay" She muttered as she snuggled down into the covers.

"I'll be right back, top drawer are boxers and t-shirts if you want them"

I cleaned myself up quickly, washed my face and hands. Trying to hurry back to Bella and the bed. After putting my clothes in the hamper I walked out and saw her passed out curled up in my bed. I got this warm satisfying feeling washing over me. She meant to be there and no one else. And I cant lie seeing her in my bed and bare shoulders, god I wanted to touch her her, kiss her, I wanted to do it all over again. Pushing thoughts out of my mind I made my way to the bed. When I settled in next to her she wrapped her body against mine. I whispered " I love you" and let sleep take me knowing this was going to be the best nights sleep of my life.


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