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Never Been Kissed: A Different Perspective

She could easily spot the man from a distance. He appeared to be the only one dressed in all black, and, if that weren't enough, the lack of people in his immediate vicinity was apparent. Even in the Muggle world, the man was one who could intimidate and scare with just a stare.

And why wasn't she intimidated? Hermione grinned to herself as she continued on without hesitation towards her destination. Gryffindor, indeed. Or a masochist, some would say.

Hermione Granger liked to think that she could see better than most the man behind the glare. Of course, all the time she had spent with him in the last several years, whether as a student or an accomplice had helped in that respect. What she had found behind that elaborate fa├žade was a man, one who had endured hardship in life. One who was too long familiar with adversity that he just rode with it. His disposition was crabby, yes, even after you knew him well, but, in Hermione's opinion, it gave him character that many sadly lacked in all their kindness. No, she would never get bored with this one.

She noticed that he was looking at his watch, most likely trying to find any excuse to use as leverage to leave this place. The Muggles around them weren't helping. They were giving her subtle, and even not so subtle, signs that she should pick a different table. Signs she ignored, of course. Hermione stopped in front of him, waiting for him to notice she was there, and on time. He did, and she could only tell from a minute shifting of his eyes that he was startled.

Smiling to break up any tension, she said, teasingly, "Not in a good mood today, Severus?" She noted the slight downturn of his lips on his otherwise placid face, and her smile threatened to turn into a smirk. As she sat, he gestured for a nearby waiter. The teenager seemed torn between approaching and running away, but chose the former, teapot shaking in his hand. He poured Severus' drink meticulously; no doubt afraid of what the man would do if even a spot of it hit the table. Hermione tried to reassure him with a smile, but it obviously hadn't worked, as he scuttled away.

Severus, it seemed, was finally composed enough to answer her silly question, "If I had any idea of where we would be going when you asked me, Hermione, we would not be here. Or, you'd be here by yourself."

Hermione tried to keep her thoughts about that in control, but was unable to hold in the snort that startled him from his inspection of the tea. He always did it, checking for poisons. To a man who had flirted too many times with death in his life, no action was being too cautious in his opinion. The look of consternation on his face deserved an answer.

"That is exactly why I didn't tell you. I know this doesn't seem all that spectacular a place, but at least no one gawks at us or asks for our autograph every other minute." With a smile, she continued, "Besides, you wouldn't have let me go here all by my lonesome. It's not gentlemanly to stand a woman up, even on a third date." Hermione knew she was right, and his reluctant grumble confirmed a fact that she had believed for some time. Severus was a gentleman, if really deep down. She gave him one of those special smiles she knew he liked.

Hermione just wanted to give this man the love that had been wanting in his life, but she knew she needed to be patient. Soon enough her hopes and dreams would come to fruition. Her first step had already been accomplished, in getting Severus to go out on a date with her. Well, more like tricking him into a date with her.

The true start of this was when they worked together for the Order of the Phoenix. Tension and fighting were of course inevitable for the first few weeks, but after the damage became too great, a truce was decided upon. Said truce eased into a friendship that satisfied both, but not enough.

Hermione knew she was in trouble the day she walked in to find that Severus had taken his robes off and unbuttoned the first two buttons on his crisp white shirt. It was admittedly hot in the dungeons with four large cauldrons brewing, but still, Hermione had never seen the man so casually dressed. Just the sight of that pale neck and Adam's apple revealed made her salivate. She managed to shake herself out of it and wipe the bit of drool from the corner of her mouth before he noticed.

She couldn't help the way an accidental touch by him while passing potion ingredients sent a shock through her system, or how her inner voice made sure to comment on anything that might make her like him even more.

One day, she just couldn't take it anymore. She waited until he was at the point in making a potion where it would need most of his attention, and sprung the question on him abruptly, her words bleeding into each other. He'd said yes (more a clarification than an answer), and she took what she could get and ran. Not before hugging him, of course. He wouldn't want to think she was running away in horror.

He seemed resigned at least, when they went on their first date to Hogsmeade, and it was an awkward affair, at least until they got to the book store. That was her comfort zone, and must have been his, as she had observed his relaxed posture every few minutes of their reading together. The walk back to the twinkly castle was pleasant even while silent. To her surprise, at their parting, he had asked for another date. She had been so elated that she quite forgot to say yes, and skipped to hugging and running to her room to scream with elation into her pillow.

She made up for it in the morning, by asking what he had planned for them to do. They agreed on seeing Diagon Ally, but it didn't turn out quite like they wished, seeing as they were war heroes. Determined not to have the night be a complete failure, Hermione suggested a turn about the lake, which he agreed to. Deciding that her courage wasn't gone yet, she had slipped her hand into his, and they walked as if they had been doing such a thing for months.

Soon enough, their walk was at an end, and they found themselves at the point of separation once again. He smiled back at her, and she wondered what else he could do with those lips to make her stomach flutter so. She knew that her courage for initiating things was all run out for the night, and wished that the man would drop his role as a gentleman for a few minutes, and kiss her.

Hermione had never kissed anyone before. She had caught people in the act of it (especially Ron, the womanizer), and knew it must be quite wonderful for them to risk a teacher, or herself, the Head Girl, catching them out of curfew.

Many thought that she would've been kissed by now, having two guys as friends, and a pen pal by the name of Victor Krum. Harry and Ron were the brothers she never had, and she shared only friendship with Victor, which came about from her not worshiping the ground he walked upon in Fourth Year. The boy-man was in desperate need of a true friend at the time, one who didn't stare in awe or bask in glory around him. Things might have worked out for them, if it hadn't been for her strong aversion to Quiditch and his being severely allergic to her cat. She definitely couldn't live without her Crookshanks.

So, that brings it back to the situation that was quickly turning into stilted silence. Hermione noticed that Severus was a little preoccupied with his thoughts as well, and decided that a third date would hopefully be the charm. She gave the man a quick kiss on the cheek and went her way.

She was absolutely delighted when, the next day at breakfast (He had been going to it a lot more frequently since she had arrived according to the other professors.), He asked where they would be going on the next date. Hermione knew few other places in the magical world that would give them privacy than Hogsmeade, so she decided to surprise him with a new vista. Something muggle.

As she looked across the table at him, Hermione could tell that the man was slowly adapting to his surroundings, as his shoulders relaxed, and he stopped his periodic searches of the surrounding area. She wanted to ask if he was comfortable though, just to be sure.

"Severus, are you ok with being here? We can always go somewhere else, if you're uncomfortable." With a quirk of his lips (a Severus smile), and a shake of the head, her worries were gone, and a discussion of the benefits and disadvantages of the Muggle world versus the Wizarding world was begun.

They leisurely walked back to the castle after apparating at the gates, and Hermione knew that she wasn't the only one in a jittery mood. Hermione slipped her hand into his, reassuring him and herself that this was alright. They could have this.

Once again, they were at the point of separation, and Hermione decided that she really wanted a kiss, no matter if she had to start it or not. She saw Severus gulp, and smiled, leaning towards him. His not expecting her move, and her inexperience, lead to a collision of noses and she backed off a bit, her face enflamed and a nervous chuckle bursting from her lips.

"Sorry, I've never, er, done this before." She stuttered out, feeling lost for words (which didn't happen often!). He seemed a bit surprised.

"You have never been kissed before?" Hermione shuddered slightly at the delicious thrill she got. Severus Snape had said 'kissed.' That was just about one of the sexiest words she'd ever heard from him.

Shaking her head to get rid of the indecent thoughts sure to spring up, she said, "I-I just never had the inclination or time with anybody before."

Severus named all the men of her acquaintance, most likely incredulous, and very jealous of them, if she read his tone right. She disabused him of those notions.

He smirked. "Then you and I have equal experience in that area, for I have never kissed nor been kissed either. Now, let's see if we can get this right." Hermione blinked in surprise. This man, who was the very definition of a sensual being, had never in his life kissed?

Before she could think on it more, his wonderfully elegant hands were cupping her face, dark eyes gazing into her own. She closed her eyes, almost not believing what was to happen. She felt his lips touch hers gently, as though he would break her with more pressure, and then pull back. She was about to protest the lack of any more contact, when she felt his lips against hers once again, this time for a few seconds more. Not wanting him to go anywhere soon, Hermione experimentally shifted her lips against his, and a spark shot through her. 'Oh! How can I have gone so long without this?'

Severus shuddered against her, and she wondered that she could make him react so. Her hands itched for contact, and her body swayed in the onslaught of so many feelings. She soon found herself ensconced in his embrace, her hands moving up his chest, neck, and finally into his hair. "I've always wanted to do that," She panted absent-mindedly between the soft kisses they were sharing. He grunted in reply, and continued to bewitch her slowly with his mouth.

They eventually realized that they were in the middle of a corridor, where any of the other professors could happen upon them. Severus, ever the gentleman, escorted her back to her rooms, and left, but not before stealing another kiss. Hermione kept her smile soft, until in the safety of her room, where she fairly made the room bright with her hundred-watt smile. She bounded to her bed and proceeded to scream in girlish delight into her pillow, much to the bemusement of her cat Crookshanks.

He only had one thought to contribute (as cats can't really speak their mind).

'Humans are silly.'

The End.

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