Things in the real world are beginning to change and when Yamamoto hears about a ship leaving earth to explore the unknown he knows he wants a shinigami on that ship.

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There had been so much death after the winter war it had taken Soul Society decades to recover. The loss of more than one captain left them crippled almost beyond repair. Luckily the other side was in a much worse state so the remaining captains and lieutenants could concentrate on setting everyone in soul society straight before worrying about Hollows.

The loss of Kyouraku Shunsui had the most impact on the squads. Nano had taken over the responsibility of the squad admirably during the war and once it was over and after a few months of recovery work with all the squads working in co-operation no-one was surprised to hear of her promotion to captain along with Kira and Hitsagi to there respective squads. Yamamoto had announced that the decision had been made to promote them even though they had not yet achieved bankai was that there was no-one else suitable at the time to take over the responsibilities and considering two out of the three had been acting captains for awhile they could definitely handle the tasks of a captain.

New captains were also appointed to 11th, 12th and 5th. The new 11th squad captain had been Ikkaku much to the surprise of everyone else until Yamamoto had asked to see his not-so-secret bankai. Kenpatchi had not died in the winter war but he supported too many injuries's to carry out the tasks expected of him as a captain of the 11th squad. He remained however as a sort of war veteran. Ikkaku because of that reason had decided against taking the name 'Zaraki Kenpatchi' deciding instead to keep his own as he put it 'Starting a new Trend' although most people could tell he was doing it out of respect for his former captain. 12th squad had had the biggest high ranking loss out of all the squads loosing both the captain and the lieutenant in the pre war battles in Huenco Mundo. Urahara although reluctant at the time was offered the position as temporary captain. At least till soul society was functioning properly again Yamamoto had promised. However it hadn't been long before Urahara slipped back into his old role and although he wouldn't admit it he wasn't looking forward to having to go back to Urahara Shouten when he finished training up his replacement.

5th squad was a whole different matter. Yamamoto had decided to most captains approval (Byakuya's silent disapproval however) to leave the captain spot open until Ichigo Kurosaki had passed away and become a fully fledged shinigami. He had claimed since the substitute had single handily defeated the last captain to hold the title '5th Division Captain' it was only fitting that he took his place once he was ready. Hinamori who remained the division lieutenant was to keep the squad running until then. However if she ever wanted it she was free to ask other squads for help as she had now become the only division without a captain.

New lieutenants were required in nearly all squads. Mostly the third seats of the various squads were promoted aside from squad 13 and 4th. In 13th Kuchiki Rukia for outstanding achievement in the war was given the lieutenants badge, much to her surprise and shock. The third and fourth seats Sentarō and Kiyone had taken to Rukia's leadership easily and where now quite happy they didn't find as many things to argue about. In 4th squad there had been even more of a surprise when Hanataro had been given the position. There had been doubt in Yamamoto and Unohana's choice all remembering the timid 7th seat as someone not suited to the job. However a few weeks after his promotion there was not a doubt in anyone's mind. The war had given him loads more confidence and due to the amount of casualties pouring in from all sides his healing and kidou spells had improved ten fold.

However much as there was celebration about the new arrivals to the higher squad members there was much to remember about the ones who had been lost. It had been an incredibly sad time although many try and forget the sad memories and try and concentrate on how brilliant it was to have won the war and set Huenco Mundo back in development.


During the rebuilding of Soul Society and Seritai few shinigami were sent into the real world to control hollows and souls. There was still not too much urgency on the hollows so Yamamoto had let the missions there slack a little. Concentrating the squads into rebuilding and reorganising, there was still a lot of work to do even with all the squad's co-operating. When the winter war had made it to Soul Society everyone had concentrated on the enemy not the state of the buildings they were pummelling them into. So missions to the real world became a back seat priority until news had come his way from two rather shocked non ranking shinigami from 2nd squad.

Soi-fon the still remaining captain of the squad had not believed there story at first believing the men to be drunk or undergoing some sort of dare from other members. When she had checked over there story however and looked over the use of the Senkai gate she could see that the facts were straight and was forced to take them to see Yamamoto although she still had her doubts about there story she had sent them on to the head shinigami hoping that if it was a prank of some sort they would give up there story and confess to lying. She knew things had been slow in the real world but to make up a story like that was ludicrous!

The men then led in front of Yamamoto himself much to Soi-fon's surprise had recounted exactly the same story she had been told. They spoke of when they where performing Konso on some souls in the western hemisphere when they had encountered a soul like no other. According to there description it was an older looking soul wearing robes of a strange material, but that wasn't the strangest part. According to them its ears where shaped differently to that of humans pointing at the top. Here Yamamoto had pointed out that the soul might have merely had a birth defect until one of the men cut in explaining that the soul when they had attempted to perform Konso had stopped them with superhuman strength rival to that of a fully fledged shinigami and thrown them both a good distance away. They had then gone onto explain that they had gone back and attempted to reason with the soul but he had politely stated that he had no desire to enter the human afterlife and that his Katra had been successfully moved on so there was no need for him to continue on. After that he had apparently simply lent forward and pinched them both and they had fallen unconscious.

Yamamoto had been quite disturbed by the news, his lack of real world missions had meant they had lost there touch and must have missed a rather important development. The next day troops from all squads had been sent down to the real world and a captains meeting had been called for the first time since Ichigo had been given his captains cloak.

Ichigo had died rather an unfortunate death, he had after the war gone back to live with his family and started on a few college courses to figure out what to do with his life. He made it about 5 years before it seems fate and a bus caught up with him. He was happy however to find the majority of Soul Society waiting for him when he arrived after Rukia had performed Konso at his funeral. There had been a few jokes at first about Ichigo 'forgetting to look both ways' but these had stopped abruptly after Ichigo explained he had not died upon impact with the bus but in fact about half an hour later in the ambulance. It had not been a quick death and he had no desire to be continually reminded of it.

However this meeting was about nothing as joyful as finally adding the last captain to there rank. Yamamoto explained quickly about what the two shinigami had apparently seen, so far there had been no evidence to the contrary of there statement and Yamamoto hoped that the soul of the unknown person could be found and questioned. If not he had many other shinigami placed to observe the human world, Urahara had been more than happy to finally have shinigami field test his new gigai's that he had spent quite a bit of time putting together. All the captains had been as confused as to what on earth the soul could be. Ukitake had suggested that perhaps the soul had begun the hollow-fication process explaining the super human strength but as he had said it he couldn't figure out what could explain about what the soul had said about Katra's. Yamamoto had accepted all possible explanations with a nod and occasionally added some insight of his own when he realised they really not getting anywhere. Calling the meeting to a close he told each captain to let the matter slide for the meantime. Explaining that hopefully the answers they wanted would come from the shinigami in the real world.

The answers had not taken long to return. Within a few days one of the first groups sent undercover in the real world had much to report. Once all the captains had gathered they explained along with the help of photographs they had taken with a real world camera that the soul the original two shinigami had discovered was a 'Vulcan', they had landed and introduced themselves to the human race roughly a year ago. They were a technological advanced species and they had come to earth upon noticing there first warp travel test.

All of the technological talk had all the captains lost and it required another hour for the undercover shinigami to explain what they had learned. They couldn't go into much detail about how the 'warp drive' worked itself because the information was still hard to procure even for a soul but they were able to explain the basics, how matter and anti matter were merged creating a huge mass of energy that can be filtered into travelling faster than light.

When the briefing was finished every captain was speechless. They knew there were unknown things in this world but to find that there were other species from other planets baffled them all. The only captain who seemed to find it all fascinating was the youngest of them all. Kurosaki Ichigo, even when finding out that they where not alone in the universe it did not seem to shock him merely intrigue him all the more.

Following that meeting there was many others while the rest of the shinigami sent to the real world checked in, all with fascinating and interesting stories about the mysterious Vulcan's and what they where here really to do. Lieutenants had been informed about the goings on shortly after the Captains first found out and once they were told the gossip chain (still led by one Matsumoto Rangiku) had filtered the information down to the rest of the shinigami. After the development Yamamoto had decided on having a permanent team sent down to watch over the Vulcan's and to keep track of the real world progress. After a discussion with a few captains a small team had been assembled all where given gigai's and the mission guidelines to observe and not intervene.

After that there was not really any new news from the real world. The shinigami in the real world had set up a communication with soul society the same way they had during the winter war. However this time choosing a more sizable screen. Eventually however news picked up as other species started to arrive on earth the shinigami brought back news of Denobulan's, Romulan's (although they hadn't seen them in the flesh they were apparently described as being a sister species to the Vulcan's) and many other intriguing species.

Curiosity built up in Soul Society and eventually to stop the gossip chain and various higher ranking shinigami getting assaulted for information, Yamamoto entrusted Nano and Urahara to work together on creating a special part in the Great Spiritual library for shinigami and others alike to read and find out information for themselves. In that section Yamamoto decided would be information on the current development of the real world along with information on all the new aliens arriving on the planet. He asked for the two captains to work as quickly as possible. He knew Nano had extensive knowledge of the library's structure and archives and Urahara had a great deal of real world information as most of the team in the real world where from his squad they often sent him things they knew there captain (he was their captain to them not there temporary trainer) would find interesting.

Once the section in the library was set up all was mostly calm until the regular scouts sent out to control the small hollows and perform Konso across the world had unfortunate news. It seemed that Huenco Mundo was back on its feet again as an increase in Hollow activity and gateways to Huenco Mundo activity were arising a little.

Yamamoto called a captains meeting soon after the news. He knew Las Noches had been destroyed but that didn't stop the lower level hollows causing some problems. Looking around the large room as everyone assembled Yamamoto was reminded of what seemed like eons ago when Captains meetings were normally about things like this. Yamamoto looked at the faces about him and sighed, the news might be old but the faces around him showed the new.


This Prologue is meant to cover nearly 150 years in Bleach time in order for it to catch up with the Star Trek Enterprise timeline. I am going by 'First Contact' on the dates referring to the first meetings between Vulcan's and Humans. 2063 is the date they land which is 54 years after the finish of the winter war (I am assuming is 2009). Which is roughly about the time the two un-seated Shinigami encountered the Vulcan soul and the teams where dispatched from soul society to investigate.

Vulcan Beliefs- There is no mention as to what Vulcan's would think is there beliefs about life after death there is however the Katra and for some reason 'Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations' pops into my head along with the necklaces with a triangle on... which I'm sure has something to do with there religion but as to what that would be after death I'm not sure. However I winged it in the chapter and I hope it doesn't show too much.

Anyway – I hope you enjoyed :)