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Day One: Hell

Rubbing the spot where he'd been touched moments before Albus Potter's nervous eyes moved over to meet the equally confused eyes of Scorpius Malfoy. "Did you…feel anything just now?" There was a crowd around them, and Albus didn't quite know how to react with them all watching them, especially since picking a fight with Malfoy wasn't an option until they'd discussed their current potential problem.

Since they might just have been cursed, Scorpius thought it wise to not react as he normally would to Albus talking to him. Unfortunately, they might actually need to hold an honest conversation for the first time in their seven years of knowing each other. "I felt a strange warmth where her finger touched my forehead. You?"

"Same." Rubbing the spot in question Albus didn't know what to think. It wasn't like either of them had done anything to deserve to be seriously cursed in the first place. Okay so maybe he had bumped into her, making her spill her drink on her dress, but he wouldn't have done that if Scorpius's stupid friend hadn't pushed him in the first place. It wasn't even really Scorpius's fault either, though he'd laughed over the whole thing. Actually, it was really unfair that the stupid Slytherin Goyle hadn't ended up cursed instead of them.

"That was a Veela, wasn't it?" Forcing himself not to rub his own spot, since that was what Potter was doing, Scorpius stuck his hands into his pockets. "You have an aunt who's one right?"

"Her grandmother was one. She's only partly one." Albus corrected as he forced himself to copy Scorpius and leave his forehead alone. He just had a really, really bad feeling about all this. The look on the woman's face before she'd left had said it all as far as he was concerned. He had a mother, grandmother, sister, aunts and countless female cousins who had all taught him to fear the wrath that was woman. And beautiful women were at their most evil when it came to revenging themselves over clothes and/or men.

"She said something about us being born enemies, and that it was time to make love, not war. What do you suppose she meant by that?" Albus asked no one in particular.

"Well you were born enemies so to speak." Rose pointed out nervously from her cousin's side. She was definitely sharing Albus's bad feeling about all this. "Maybe the curse prevents you from cursing each other?" That would actually be a good thing, which was why it was probably too good to hope for.

"No, she wants them to suffer." Was Lily's opinion from her brother's other side, always the realist. "And that parting remark about pleasant dreams seemed important to me. Maybe you're both going to have terrible nightmares for a week. She did say a week to think their behaviour over seemed good to her."

That made Albus feel a little better. "So whatever she's done only lasts a week, that's something at least, right?"

"Sorry, mate." Goyle began to say, only to be cut off as Scorpius's fist smashed into the man's face, knocking him out with one solid punch. Malfoy wasn't big on the whole concept of forgiveness.

Glaring in the fallen man direction Malfoy contained his urge to kick the moron while he was down. Turning his fierce gaze in Albus's direction Scorpius's grey eyes foretold dark times if whatever happened in any way negatively affected his life. "I'll see you tomorrow, Potter. Outside the Great Hall before breakfast, understand? If whatever she did affects our dreams, we'll need to compare notes to figure out what to do about it." His eyes glancing over to Rosie he lifted a hand to point threateningly in her direction. "And you start researching just what sort of spells a Veela can cast, Weasley."

Having said all he meant to say Malfoy spun on his heels and marched out of the Three Broomsticks with his usual posse, minus Goyle, running after him like the lap dogs they were.

"I'll go straight to the library and start researching right now." Rosie informed Albus, squeezing his hand reassuringly. "I'm not first in our year for no reason. There's nothing I can't find out when I set my mind to it."

"And I'll help her." Lily added, proving her love for her brother since she'd rather be jinxed than go willingly to the library with Rosie.

Smiling his thanks at both of them Albus joined them in retrieving their jackets before heading out the pub and up the path leading back to Hogwarts. Looking up at the stormy sky that hinted at an approaching storm Albus really wished he could shake the feeling that this was the start of something very, very bad.


"Nervous, Al?" Christopher Wood asked from his bed, which was closest to Albus's that night. Propped up on an elbow Christopher wiggled his eyebrows mischievously. "Want I should transfigure you a teddy bear, in case you have nightmares?"

"Sod off." Was Albus's bad tempered response, as he punched his pillow harder than was strictly necessary before settling back on it.

"So that's what's going to happen then? You're just going to have nightmares?" Frank Longbottom asked his friend, clearly concerned. "Is that what Rosie found out, Al?"

Since Frankie was really worried Albus held his temper in check. All day, since they'd gotten back from Hogsmeade, people had been coming up with him to ask about the curse some Veela had put on him and Malfoy. The most popular theory was that they were going to dream about killing each other every night until they got sick of it. Albus could only hope that was it.

"Rosie couldn't find out much of anything, apparently people have a lot of problems studying Veela magic. She's going to keep trying though." Albus shrugged, doing his best not to look worried. Wizards were never really able to interview Veelas without losing their heads, and women didn't like them because of how much the men did. Veelas were portrayed as vindictive, vain and dangerous by witches, and surreal, mystical goddesses by wizards.

"Anyway, if you lot don't mind, I'm going to go to sleep and get this over with."

Good nights spoken on all sides the four boys settled into sleep, Albus the first to pass out.


"Maybe you should just stay up all night, Scorpius." Emmaline Platter suggested seductively, trailing a finger down her boyfriend's chest. They were lounging in their common room and it was nearly eleven. A pretty enough girl with brown hair and lavender eyes she knew how to get man to stand up and take notice with her body, which was lusciously curved and usually readily available to whatever guy she was seeing at the time. "I could help you with that."

Looking down at her without even really paying attention, Scorpius was not amused. "Just go to bed why don't you?" He'd had people annoying him all day and now having to deal with her pathetic seduction techniques were just icing on one disgusting cake.

Pouting, it was obvious she didn't like that idea in the least. Since brains or even common sense weren't her strong points, her sex appeal was her main selling point. That she really wanted to land Malfoy and through him his family fortune also played a part in having her try again rather than give up as most sensible people would.

"There's no need to be mean. I'm just trying to help you, you know. You should be mad at Preppy Potter, or at the very least planning how to pay him and that vicious harpy back for all this."

Giving her a 'how stupid are you' look Scorpius wondered not for the first time why he bothered to keep her around. Sure she was decent in bed, but outside it she was about as bright as a Niffler. He was also well aware that a lot of his attraction to her was his money, but if she thought she stood a chance there she was even dumber than a Niffler. "She was a Veela, not a harpy. Big difference."

Glaring at him Emmaline got to her feet, hands going to her hips as she looked down at him, still lounging on the couch like he didn't have a care in the world, which just pissed her off more. "Well, if this is the way you're going to be I hope you wind up screaming in the night like a little girl. Good night, assehole."

Turning on her heels the Slytherin girl flounced out of the room with all the drama of a true diva.

Not really sad to see her go, and knowing how easy she was to talk into bed if he wanted to, Scorpius saw no reason to respond to or care about her leaving. Though she did have a point about it being night, it was getting close to eleven thirty after all and he had morning classes to worry about. NEWT classes were not for the weak of mind or heart.

Hopping up off the couch Scorpius strolled out of the dimly lit common room and up to his own without a care in the world. He wasn't worried, he could handle whatever that Veela thought she could throw at him. Nightmares? Please, he was a Slytherin for Merlin's sake. He caused nightmares, he didn't get them.

Not saying a word to his only roommate, since there were few Slytherins that chose to go all the way to their final year, Scorpius ignored his already snoring roommie and getting changed was in bed and asleep before the clock in their room struck twelve.

It was at twelve o'clock precisely that the Veela's spell came into affect and the dreams of Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy merged, became one, and took a turn that neither could have anticipated.

If they had both would have employed the Killing Curse…on themselves.


The room was nice and spacious, a teenage boy's bedroom obviously, though there was no real light in the room to give more than shadowy impressions. The bed was a large, king sized four poster bed, which was covered in a green and gold checkered quilt, the pillows and sheets echoing the color scheme.

Laying on that bed, dressed only in black boxers, was Albus Potter, settled on top of the covers with a snitch in hand, playing with it by releasing it then snatching it out of the air again before it could get out of his arm's reach. The light from the window played over a golden body tanned from hours spent outdoors practicing Quidditch without a shirt on with his cousins and siblings, plus helping his godfather Hagrid with his game keeping chores when at school. His raven back hair was a little shaggy and to his chin, his hair framing his brilliant green eyes and a finely boned face. He was considered very handsome with his clothes on, edging towards gorgeous with them off. On his right shoulder was his tattoo of the crest of Gryffindor, a present to himself on his seventeenth birthday.

When the door opened and someone slipped in, a small, knowing smile crossed Albus's face as he let the snitch go and made no effort to retrieve it as it took off in search of a place to hide.

The man who closed the door softly behind him was tall, a little taller than Albus and slighter in comparison to Albus's more muscular build. The new arrival was also paler in body and in features, his skin showing no hint of a tan and his hair such a light blond that it looked white in summer. His eyes were a foggy grey, darkening now as he took in the form lounging so casually on the bed before him, just waiting for him.

Scorpius Malfoy moved towards the bed with a feline grace, seeming to stalk towards Albus like a cat approaching its unknowing prey.

But this prey was perfectly aware of his hunter's presence and settled quite comfortably against his headboard as he folded his arms in front of him. "Took you long enough to get here." Albus informed him in a low voice, the hint of a smile still on his lips.

"Sneaking into the house of the head of the Aurors wasn't easy. Your father put some very interesting wards around this place." Scorpius informed the Gryffindor dryly as he took off his shirt and casually threw it on the floor as he set one knee down on the bed, crawling on his hands and knees up Albus's body until his body completely covered the Gryffindor's. Balanced on his hands Scorpius leaned forward to nip the lush bottom lip just begging for attention. "Just see how you fare against our family manor's security before you complain."

"And will you lock me up in your dungeon if I take too long?" Albus wanted to know as he slid his hands down Scorpius's back, his hands disappearing under the fabric of Scorpius's trousers so that he could slide him hands over Scorpius's ass before raking his nails back up them, grinning rather wickedly as the muscles under his nails tightened and flexed.

"Damn right I will." Scorpius informed him huskily as rubbed his hips against Albus's, making it clear how aroused and ready he already was. "And keep you at my mercy until you die from the pleasure."

"Sounds good to me." Capturing the lips over his Albus proceeded to kiss the hell out of him, grounding his own hips against Scorpius's to make his desire and urgent intentions clear.

Understanding Scorpius ravished Albus's lips right back while he reached down to deal with Albus's boxers, sliding them down off the man's hips before getting to working dealing with his own until they were both naked with nothing but heat and sweat between them. Just the way they liked it.


Mouths making a sexy pop when Scorpius finally relinquished his hold over Albus's now thoroughly bruised lips, Scorpius quickly moved on to nibble his way down his lover are quivering body. Albus's neck, chest, were licked, sucked on and bitten before the Slytherin turned his attention further south, closing his teeth around an already hard nipple, sucking hard on it as he held it captive while Albus groaned his approval.

While Scorpius's mouth played with his nipples Albus was far from being passive. Sliding a hand down the Slytherin's toned chest Albus's reach wasn't quite able to reach his goal between Scorpius's legs given the height difference between them, but he could massage the toned six pack just above it, making it clear that Scorpius could have his hands on him if he was willing to move up just a little.

Which he was. As soon as Scorpius moved back up to recapture Albus's lips Albus's hand traveled down to take him in his calloused hand, working him over hard and rough since that was always Scorpius's preference, especially when it had been so long since they'd been together. Tongues duelling each other Scorpius eagerly thrusted into Albus's hand, pulling away only to request more pressure before going back to his feasting, calling a halt only when he'd reached his limit. He was coming inside his lover, not his hand.

Spreading Albus's legs so that he was between them Scorpius stared into his lover's face, taking dark satisfaction from the other man's dilated eyes, flushed skin and heaving chest. Licking his lips Scorpius leaned over to lap up a bead of sweat trailing down Albus's chest.

"Scorpius." Albus groaned, his voice husky and demanding as he grabbed onto Scorpius's shoulders. "Now, dammit. Don't make me wait."

Rather than answering with words Scorpius lifted one of Albus's legs up and then moved in to drive himself into his lover in one hard, fast thrust, going all the way to the hilt as their bodies slammed together.

"That what you want, Al?" Scorpius purred, drawing out a little before thrusting back slowly inside his lover, his hands spreading Albus's legs for even deeper penetration.

Arching into the thrusts Albus's eyes were at half mast as he bit down hard on his lower lip. "Merlin, yes."

The two groaning in unison, Albus's fingers dug into Scorpius's straining shoulders hard enough to draw blood as the blond kept up the fierce pace without mercy, working himself deeper yet so that they were both mindless to anything but each other and the climax they were chasing each other towards at break neck speed.

They came together in mind blowing pleasure, hanging on tightly as wave after wave of their orgasms took them over and left them spent and panting in each others arms. Exactly where they wanted to be.