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Day 15: A ghra

Not wanting to push his luck too much Albus opted not to be waiting outside the Slytherin hallway for Scorpius the next morning. A part of him was hoping to find Scorpius waiting for him outside his, but he wasn't' really surprised when that didn't happen. He just wasn't the waiting type. Shoving his hands in his pockets Albus contented himself with leisurely strolling down towards the Great Hall, pausing only when he heard his name called.

In short order Albus found himself being smothered against Hagrid's chest while the half giant held him in a bone crushing hug, blubbering about how he should have taken better care of him. Used to his godfather's emotional outbursts Albus simply did his best to pat the man on the back, letting him get it all out of his system before he pushed with his hands against Hagrid's chest with all his might, allowing him to draw his face a half a foot away from the other man. "Don't cry, Hagrid." Albus gasped out, sucking in the fresh air gratefully. "And it was my fault for being caught in the first place."

"But you wouldna been in there if not for me." Hagrid sobbed, setting Albus down on his feet as it belated occurred to him that Albus might still be recovering.

"I'm a Potter, Hagrid. Finding trouble is what we do. Regularly. It takes more than a pissy plant to do us in." Actually, he was aware of how incredibly lucky he was to be alive but didn't want to say that to poor Hagrid. The man was feeling bad enough without having the severity of the previous situation rubbed in.

It took some time but Albus had Hagrid down to the sniffles by the time they made it to the hall. It took some nudging but he headed up to the main table, allowing Albus to take his customary seat with the rest of his family.

"What's Hagrid upset about?" Rosie asked, shooting concerned looks in Hagrid's direction.

"He's just upset about the plant thing. He's blaming himself as per usual."

That Rosie understood. When bad things happened to them when at school Hagrid always felt there should have been some way for him to prevent it. Poor man. If he only knew the trouble his beloved godchildren got into that never went discovered.

"Your boyfriend is staring at you." Fred commented under his breath, so that no one outside the family would hear. Since no one outside the family knew about the good possibility that Albus and Scorpius were gong to wind up being a couple.

Albus wasn't even sure who had spilled the beans exactly, all he knew is that's he'd left the infirmary to find all his cousins aware and eager for some details as to how they had missed the budding romance. It had been an interesting past couple of days, that was for sure. Fred was bitter now though, since he now saw that he really might have to pay Domi the twenty galleons. That bitterness was reflected in his sarcastic observation. Turning his head Albus saw that Scorpius was indeed looking in his direction, though the Slytherin looked away as soon as he realized Albus had noticed.

"How you could be interested in him is beyond me." Fred muttered, giving Albus a look that said he thought his cousin was an idiot.

"That's because you're not a girl. We can see the attraction, right, Rosie?" Winking in her cousin's direction Domi and Rosie shared a look of absolute understanding. Both had pictured Scorpius naked a time or two over the years and both had thought it was a pity the man was a Malfoy and therefore off limits. Or so they'd thought. Apparently Albus hadn't thought so.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hugo wanted to know.

"You're too young to know." Was his older sister's smirking reply.

Hugo hated to be told that, especially since his sister was only two years older. He gave Lily a questioning look, hoping for an explanation from her.

"Basically they're saying that Malfoy's smoking hot and who could blame a guy or girl for wanting a piece of that."

This sent the girls into peals of laughter while the men choked on their food.


Since he'd been getting strange looks from the Potter/Weasley clan recently Scorpius was pretty sure Albus's family knew about them. He was betting on the blonde having spilled the details, she was the type. Plus she had Veela blood, so who knew just how much she'd known to begin with. None of them had confronted him about it, and there didn't seem to be anyone outside the family that knew about it, so at least they were keeping it amongst themselves.

Once breakfast was over Scorpius took a position outside the Great Hall doors, falling into step with Albus when he came out. The rest of the Gryffindor's family melted away, confirming to him their insider knowledge. Before they would have closed in on Albus and made it clear he wasn't getting to their cousin no matter what he threatened. It was a bit discerning, to have them trust him so easily now. People were bound to notice.

"Waiting for me?" Albus asked coyly, sending Scorpius a coltish look from under his lashes as he matched his stride to Scorpius's.

"Last night should have been the last night, right?"

"Well you did promise me this evening as I recall."

Remembering that promise and just how much of his anatomy Albus had left to explore Scorpius felt himself getting more than a little hot under his collar. He hadn't realized the significance of promising Albus more time the next night until he'd woken up and remembered there probably wasn't going to be another dream, which meant reality, no dream excuse.

"You're so sure things will be the same between us tomorrow?" Scorpius asked, having spent a good deal of the morning thinking about it. "That this…thing between us won't just end like the dreams themselves."

"I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't occur to me. But I'm a man who trusts my gut, and my gut says I'm going to want to jump you even more in the years to come."

A hint of a smile crossing his face Scorpius had to admit that the man had a way with words. "Well in case the bitch was lying to your mother I think we need to have a contingency plan. I figure we can use the Room of Requirement."

Albus could think of several uses they could have for the Room of Requirement, especially given the fact that their dreams weren't going to be providing them with comfortable and private places to get naked anymore. Other than the Room, the only other place he could think of was the Prefect's Bathroom. That was a must, Albus thought with a grin, especially after that second dream. That definitely bore repeating. Often.

"So what's your plan?" Albus asked, a sexy gleam in his green eyes.

Reading that look easily enough Scorpius did his best to ignore it. "I figured that I'd go in there and catch some sleep. You come in shortly after midnight if the dreams don't continue on. Then we'll go from there after you wake me up."

So in other words he got to come in and play Prince Charming to Scorpius's Sleeping Beauty. Now that definitely had some possibilities. Doing his best to school his face into a serious one Al nodded soberly. "Sounds like a good plan to me." Especially the part involving Scorpius, a bed, and more than an hour to screw the guy's brains out. Oh the possibilities just kept on coming.

Maybe getting Albus to wake him up hadn't been one of his best ideas, Scorpius considered as they approached their first class together. But around his wrist the dream bracelet remained, and in his heart he had a feeling that that wasn't the only thing that was going to carry on from the dreams. And if they really were going to be a couple…well then they might as well confirm that the mind blowing sex wasn't a dream either, he thought with a grin.


At ten minutes to midnight Albus let himself into the Room of Requirement. The doors vanished behind him and Albus assumed correctly that Scorpius had arranged it so that only they two could get into the magical room. The room was going very minimalistic that evening, with only the single four poster bed in the center of the room and a nightstand. Apparently Scorpius had figured that was all they needed, Albus thought as he made a beeline for the bed. Coming up to stand alongside it Albus saw that Scorpius had chosen to sleep on top of the covers, his arms crossed in front of him and his breathing deep and even. Scorpius still wore some of his school uniform, having likely come here straight after dinner so as not to have to sneak past his roommate later. Scorpius was wearing his school shirt and trousers, the rest of his clothes neatly piled at the end of the bed.

The light from the candelabra on the nightstand gave off just enough light that Albus could read his pocket watch, checking the time before shoving it back into his trouser pocket. Removing his shoes and socks Albus crawled into the bed from the other side, contently laying on his stomach as he studied Scorpius's profile, his arms crossed under his head.

It was a couple minutes till the big question was answered, Albus thought, idly studying the way the faint glow from the candles illuminated Scorpius's pale face. He was sort of nervous, though not about his own feelings. What worried him was the possibility that without the dreams the fragile hold he had over Scorpius's heart would break. He believed that Scorpius had come to care about him, but the Slytherin had certainly not confirmed it in concrete words. And there was a great deal of distance between caring about someone and loving them. There was even the question of whether or not Malfoys knew how to truly love someone other than themselves. That of course might just be his Malfoy bias showing though. And if it was the case he would simply have to teach Scorpius how to do it. He was a very loveable person, everyone said so. And maybe it would take a while, but he was a patient person.

Or at least he used to be, Albus thought ruefully, reaching out a hand to tuck a few stray strands of hair behind Scorpius's ear. Truth be told Albus had a sneaky suspicion that Scorpius had managed to wear out all of his patience earlier, when they'd had that fight before he'd been hurt.

Continuing to watch Scorpius sleep while he thought about that, Albus felt an unexpected shiver trail down his spine, a hint of magic in the air so to speak. It must be midnight, Albus thought, pulling out his watch to confirm it. And his eyes stayed on the two handles until it was officially one minute past midnight.

Their time together in dream world was up.

Taking a few calming breaths, and quickly crossing his fingers for luck, Albus returned the watch again to his pocket and then pushed himself up into a kneeling position. Turning his body to face Scorpius once more Albus braced his hands on either side of the Slytherin's head as he leaned in to kiss his love awake.


Unlike Albus Scorpius was a light sleeper by nature. His body threw off sleep quickly, sensing that there was something far more pleasurable than sleep awaiting him if he opened his eyes. He recognized the feel and taste of Albus's lips before his eyelashes drifted up so that his grey met Albus's green. This was no dream, Scorpius thought as he remained passive under Albus's soft kisses, absorbing the warm heat and honeyed taste. His eyes remained locked on Albus's, reading the love and desire there as clearly as if the words had been written on the Gryffindor's face. That had not changed. Would never change according to Albus.

And that was exactly how he wanted it to be.

Reaching up Scorpius slid his hands into Albus's hair, fisting there as he returned the kiss, no longer passive as his mouth slanted over his lover's. Long, slow, lingering kisses that warmed rather than overheated. They had all the time in the world after all.

Drawing back Albus grinned down at Scorpius, his eyes alight with happiness and love. "So does this mean you've resigned yourself to being mine, A ghra?"

Giving Albus his best martyred look Scorpius lazily trailed his fingers through Albus's hair, finger combing the stubborn strands. "I guess I'm stuck with you." He agreed as he slowly licked the taste of his lover from his lips, savoring the taste and the way Albus's heated gaze followed the action.

"Well I'll try to make it up to you." Lowering his head once more Albus turned his attention to nibbling his way along Scorpius's jaw and down his neck, Scorpius helping by undoing the buttons of his own shirt, spreading apart the material so that his shirt collar wouldn't get in Albus's way. Making a murmured sound of thanks Albus continued down the pale skin, knowing this body as well as his own, and yet discovering it all again for the first time. The dreams paled in reality, the sensations and feelings they generated in the other sharper and more deeply felt as they reaffirmed what they already knew.

That this was so right.

While Albus's tongue teased and laved over one of his aching nipples Scorpius quickly dispensed with the buttons of his lover's shirt, tugging it off Albus's shoulders impatiently as his hands sought Albus's bare skin.

Chuckling Albus helped Scorpius remove the shirt, returning his lips to Scorpius's while the other man's hands latched onto his now exposed back, fingers sliding down the back already coated with a thin film of sweat.

Pulling Albus's down on top of him, chest to chest, Scorpius hungrily devoured Albus's lips now, rolling them over so that he was on top. Tongues tangling they swallowed each other's groans and sighs, rubbing their bodies against the other's as they teased each other that way as well.

Of course that soon became too much, the desperation to remove all barriers eating away at their self controls. Reluctantly they parted, panting hard as they both frantically did away with the last articles of clothing that kept their bodies remotely separate from the other's. Then they were in each other's arms again, rolling around on the bed as their hands streaked over heated flesh, making nerve endings come alive and muscles quiver in delight.

"You promised me I could finish tonight." Albus reminded Scorpius huskily as he found himself on his back again, pinned in place by Scorpius's hands and the other man's mouth on his sensitive neck.

"Later." Was the Slytherin's harsh reply as he nipped Albus's neck, marking his ownership as he had countless times before. But this time there was no question that he meant it. The body under his, the heart that thundered in time with his own, every breath shuddering from Albus's lips was his. Would stay his, he darkly vowed as he laved his tongue over the golden skin.

"I'll hold you to that." Well aware of what Scorpius was doing Albus grinned as he lifted his hands to Scorpius's back, slowly dragging his fingers down it, digging his nails in to leave lasting marks of ownership as well. Just like their other first night together, Albus thought as he grinned over the feel of Scorpius's muscles flexing and reacting to the pain/pleasure.

Arching into Albus's fingers Scorpius gloried in the bite of the other man's nails, the show of the Gryffindor's passionate desire for him. "Someone's acting like his house mascot." Scorpius purred out, thinking Albus was the one acting like the cat tonight.

"Well in that case, I should be seeing some more tongue action, Slytherin." Albus resorted as wiggled his tongue in Scorpius's direction in an imitation of a snake.

Chuckling Scorpius obliged, using his tongue to tease and taunt Albus's mouth and throat until the Gryffindor was begging him for more. "And just what do you want?" Scorpius asked, drawing his head up so that he could look into Albus's eyes.

"All of you. Inside of me. Now."

"As you wish." Shifting their bodies into position Scorpius stared into Albus's eyes as his hands gripped Albus's thighs, and never taking his eyes of Albus for a minute Scorpius did exactly as Albus asked, giving his man all he had to give and taking all Albus had to give in return.

Together they moved in unison, no hurry, no hesitation as their eyes loved each other while their bodies did the same. Clutching each other as they came they held on to the person who mattered most, riding out their climaxes safely in each other's arms.

Later, when Albus had breath back in his lungs, he lifted a hand to stroke down Scorpius's back as his lips brushed against the Slytherin's blonde head. "I love you, A ghra."

"A little redundant, isn't that, A ghra?" Scorpius responded, content to lie where he was while Albus's hand moved soothingly along his back. He could definitely get used to this.

Opening his mouth to point out that it wouldn't kill the Slyrtherin to say something affectionate to him the words died in Albus's throat as he realized what Scorpius had called him. Had Scorpius done it on purpose, or had it simply been a slip of the tongue? And did it really matter? It had been said, Albus thought to himself, and that was good enough for him.

"Cat got your tongue?" Scorpius inquired dryly, amusement present in his voice.

"Well if you want my tongue, Kitty, you had only to ask." Albus replied, rolling them over so that he was on top.


Laughing at the outraged look on Scorpius's face Albus leaned in and gave Scorpius something else to think about. Like the fact that they had seven hours until they had to leave.

And he still had plans for every minute of them.

The End….Until the Sequel lol