Hello everyone I now have a brand new story. I don't usually post in either of these categories but I'm willing to get out of my comfort zone just this once. I figured since the Jimmy/Timmy power hour worked out for Nickelodeon, Maybe I'll try another crossover with the fairly oddparents.

I don't own the Fairly Oddparents or Danny Phantom.

Very Important: I fast forwarded the ages of the characters. Timmy is thirteen and Danny is seventeen. Also in terms of pairings: Timmy is dating Tootie, Danny is with Sam and tucker is with Valerie. Danny and Timmy are distant cousins in this fic.

Timmy Phantom

Chapter 1


Timmy Turner and his parents were driving to Amity Park for their first family reunion in thirteen years. They were going to meet their distant cousins the Fentons. The last family reunion they had, timmy's parent's were celebrating his birth while Danny and Jazz were starting Preschool and Kindergarden. Of course that was a long time ago and since then, Timmy always hated going to family reunions. The whole way there he complained to his parents about it.

"Aww man, why do we have to go to Amity Park for this stupid family reunion? I wanted to go to Adrenaland with Tootie but Nooooooo we have to go to stupid amity park for a stupid family reunion."

Then timmy's mom told him the reason that they're going back to Amity park after thirteen years. "I didn't want to go back either sweetie but your father insisted that we try to patch things up with the fenton's."

Then the teenager got a bit confused. "Who are the fentons?" he asked. He then saw his mother's eyes lower. She didn't respond to his question after remembering the last family reunion that they went to.

Flashback-thirteen years ago

"Hey Cousin Jack!" Dad called. He was walking with mom who had baby Timmy on her arm. Jack and Maddie Fenton were sitting at a picnic table with four year old Danny and Six year old Jazz. Danny was playing with Sam and tucker when they saw the turner's arrive with the new baby. Before that they were playing a game known as "Ghost hunter." Tucker and Sam were running from Danny and if he caught one of them, they became the hunter and the other two would be the ghosts.

"Hey, there cousin!" Jack called back. "You're just in time to see my latest invention, the Fenton ghost net!" the ghost hunter then pulled out a high tech net with metal surrounding it and a hatch that opened and shut. He then began to show the turner's how the invention worked.

"All you do is hold it up to a nearby ghost and it will trap the ectoplasmic energy in this net with no way out! Kinda like a butterfly net to fairies!" he said. Then Mrs. Turner got a naïve look on her face. She was of course the smartest of the couple and did not believe that fairies or ghosts were real.

"Oh, come now, Jack." She said. "Everyone knows that there are no such things as Ghosts."

That was when Mr. Turner grabbed her unexpectingly. "That's what they want you to think honey. Ghosts are everywhere and they could try to get Timmy. Hey can I borrow that net?"

"No problem Cousin." Jack said handing Mr. Turner the net. Then he put the little baby down on the picnic blanket where Danny, Jazz, Sam and Tucker were all playing with the tiny baby.

Tucker made funny faces at the little bundle of joy while jazz pretended to be his fairy godmother. Little Timmy was giggling with happiness as his big cousin played with him. Then the most unexpected thing happened. Mr. Turner was getting carried away with the fention ghost net and accidentally trapped Little Danny in the net.

"Let me out!" he cried. "Let me out! Help me daddy!" the little boy began to start crying. This made Timmy cry too. Maddie pushed a button on the side of the net and released her son from the ghostly prison. Then she gave Jack a harsh blow to his head.

"Jack, don't ever bring that thing on another family reunion again!" she scolded. Then she turned to her husband's family. "I am so sorry about Jack; sometimes his inventions don't always work. You understand don'-t" before she could finish her sentence, it looked like jacks net trapped baby Timmy as well. They heard the baby crying and maddie once again had to release someone else from the net. Mrs. Turner had finally had it and she grabbed her husband and the baby and stormed off.

"We are never going to another one of your family reunions again!" she said. Then they got in the car and drove back to Dimmsdale.

End flashback.

"They're our distant cousins who live here, sport!" his father answered. Then he brought up the one thing that would make both Timmy and his mom want to make him turn the car around.

"They're ghost hunters!" Mrs. Turner then placed her hand on her forehead. After what happened before she wasn't sure if she wanted to go back to the fenton's again. But Mr. Turner insisted that they go to meet his cousin's again. Also he thought that maybe Timmy would want to meet Danny and jazz again.

"Come on, Dad." Timmy said. "everyone knows that ghosts aren't real."

"Oh, they're not?" Dad said sarcastically. "how do you explain the ghost zone or all of those weird things happening back at dimsdale or amity park or Danny Phantom?"

The boy with the pink hat rolled his eyes. He already knew where this was going.

"Dad, there's no such things as ghosts, that Danny phantom thing is just a myth." He said.

Then he made an offer that his father would have to be a nitwit to refuse. He pulled out some money and put it on the car seat. Then he placed his bet.

"Tell you what dad, if you can catch a real ghost before we go back to dimsdale, I'll give you my whole allowance." He declared. "But if I'm right and ghosts don't exist, you have to double my allowance."

"You're on, short stuff!" dad agreed. Then the boys shook on the bet and starting now, dad had to catch a real ghost and prove that ghosts do exist.


Danny fenton was once again trying to catch the box ghost. This time he was using the gifts that his father had for the family reunion to fulfill his plan of taking over the world with boxes.

"I am the box ghost." He said. "And you cannot penetrate my shield of colorfully wrapped rectangular goodness."

The half ghost as usual gave the box ghost what for. He shot ecto lasers at him and gave him a few punches then like the other three years he had been doing this, he opened the fenton thermos and the other ghost got sucked right back into the ghost zone. Beat from the entire ghost hunting he did today, the teen finally changed back into a boy and sat on the stoop of his house.

"I swear, that guy is getting on my last nerve." He ranted. "Three years of doing this and he still hasn't given up. You'd think that maybe he would give on taking over the world like Ember."

"You know that only ember and plasmius have given up." Tucker said. "All the other ghosts like skulker technus and desire and all those other ones will never let up on you."

Then Danny brought what was really heating him. He may have been a kid at the time, but remembered what he really hated about this day.

"Today's the day of that stupid family reunion." He said. Then his expression went from annoyed to angry.

"After what happened with that ghost catching net, I'm worried that the turners are gonna tear me molecule by molecule."

"I thought that was your parent's who the ghost hunters were." Valerie said. Then danny brought up a very traumatizing moment with when his little cousin was at the reunion.

Tucker, Sam, you remember what happened to baby Timmy right? His mom was so mad that she never came back to Amity Park again." Danny explained.

Sam, tuck, and Valerie all gathered around their exasperated friend. Sam and tucker remembered when timmy's dad and his dad caught him and timmy in the net. But now danny had ghost powers and he knew that Mr. turner believed in ghosts.

"What if he brings that net again and I get caught in it again?" he asked worried. They'll know that I'm a ghost and try to get rid of me."

Valerie being a ghost hunter knew how he felt. She remembered how she wanted to hunt danny down before finding out that he was danny phantom. Now they were on the same side fighting the evil ghosts. But all the same she understood where the half ghost was coming from.

"I'm sure things will work out this time." She said trying to cheer him up. "I mean, how bad can your dad screw this reunion up?"

"You have no Idea." Danny said simply.


"Timmy, I don't think that you should have made that bet with your dad." Wanda said. She wasn't a fan of gambling and when she heard Timmy make that bet with his father she knew that it was going to end badly.

"Don't worry about it Wanda." Timmy said being naïve as usual. "Everyone knows that ghosts aren't real. Fairies, definitely but not ghosts."

Then things got awkward when Cosmo and Wanda were silent the whole time they were walking to his Cousin Danny's house. He began to wonder if maybe they were hiding something. But before he could grill then, his parent's rang the doorbell.

In the house Jazz was watching TV whenshe heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll get it!" Jazz shouted. She walked to the door and saw that it was the turners.

"Aunti, Uncle!" she shouted. Then she ran and hugged them. Then she turned her attention to Timmy.

"Timmy!" she shouted and then hugged him. He wasn't sure what was going on but he went along with it.

"Nice to see you, too. You're Jazz right?" he said. He heard a lot about the fenton's from his father. He didn't see them personally in a while but from what his dad told him he could guess who everyone was.

"Come on in!" she said. Then Jazz led them out into the backyard where the rest of the family was along with Sam, Tucker and Valerie.

"Hey, Jack, Maddie!" Mr. Turner shouted. Then Jack and Maddie rose to see that it was their distant family members. They all went and hugged each other. Timmy went over to Danny and they started talking. It looked like things would be going smoothly for this family reunion.

And that was chapter 1. tell me what you guys thought. Was it good? Bad? Any thing I could add or take out? This is my first time writing in either category so try to be nice but be honest. All reviews are welcome, even flames. Well, chapter 2 should be up Saturday. See ya.