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The ones left behind

He doesn't go to funerals.

No, he didn't go to funerals. That resolution was in the past. Back in the days of abusing fathers, sick mothers and cold sons.

He would have had enough occasions to go. A dead best friend would be reason enough for everybody to break their rule of not attending funerals. For him it was a reason to hold on to it. Because he didn't do good-byes and he definitely didn't do final good-byes.

But now in the days of curing wives and her best friend dying, he cannot be as selfish again.

So he plays strong, takes his wife's arm and supports her during the priest's speech. In the back of his head he remembers her telling him that she laughs at funerals. Did her resolution stay back in the days of trailer parks too?

Meredith stands on his others side, her weight supported by Derek. She's had her faire share of near-death-experiences and dead mothers and one might think she's got used to this but her frail figure, that seems too heavy for her legs, her tear-drenched face and shaking body prove otherwise.

And even Christina, cold, insensitive Christina is crying behind her large sun-glasses. But her posture is strong and proud, proud of Bambi who sacrificed his life to save a stranger's. Her army-doc is standing behind her in his uniform, showing a tribute of his own to the soldier that never got to be one.

The priest closes the bible in his hand and his voice doesn't drown the many sobs anymore. This is the moment he realises how many people there are. Former schoolmates, colleagues and friends have come to say their final good-byes to George O'Malley.

When Mrs. O'Malley speaks up and talks about chickenpox and driving lessons he tries to imagine George as a little kid scratching the blisters when his mother is not looking. And as a teenager with skin problems, who desperately tries to get his mother's car into the parking space.

And oddly enough he doesn't have a hard time doing so. George O'Malley and always stayed a kid at heart. He'd accomplished to keep his innocent and idealistic character traits.

The speech sends another round of hysteria through the O'Malley family members and the priest helps Mrs. O'Malley back into the arms of a friend.

He knows that it's Izzie's turn now. She'd insisted on saying a few words about her best friend although she barely has the strength to stand on her feet let alone to talk.

But she does anyway. She talks about movie nights, hot dog-eating contests and heart surgeries in elevators, about shared beds and broken hearts.

And as she continues, Alex realises that he man he'd hated, admired and feared was never going to save his ass again, was never going to step up for his friends again and was never going to share his concerns about Izzie with him.

Yes, Alex Karev is right to be here. He is here because he owes George O'Malley as much.

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