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The dawn overcame the night in the fire country and the first sun rays broke through the cloudbank illuminating the whole country. The birds began to chirp in the forest signalizing the beginning of a new day. A calm and warm breeze went through the forest moving leafs and the small branches creating a peaceful sound in harmony with the chirping.

A little sparrow flew through the forest landing softly on the shoulder of a person who was leaning against a tree. The tiny bird moved near to the neck of the sleeping giant looking curios at the pink hair blowing in the calm wind. The giant head turned slowly without making the small creature afraid and two big eyes opened. These emerald eyes looked down at the tiny bird with a smiling expression.

"You don't know where he's either, huh?" the pinkette asked with a cute female voice even if she knew she wouldn't get an answer from the bird. The tiny creature chirped before spread his wings and flew away. "Hmm … Guess not."

She stretched her back and felt a slight pain from her unusual sleeping position. It had been already four days since she slept in a soft bed. Since she left her village she only slept for a few hours on or under a tree.

The woman looked up to the sky and whispered with a sad voice "Where are you?"

***Flashback start:

**Konoha five day's earlier**

Five years had past since Naruto went with Jiraiya on his training mission. She never thought he would be away for such a long time and she missed him. Since the day Sasuke left the village Naruto's goal was to bring him back to her and he promised it to her.

After he left she thought every day how he was doing and when he will come back. She was very sad that her two teammates where not around her anymore and remembered the time they spend together when they where on missions or in the village. And every time she ended up thinking about Naruto and began to smile or sometimes laugh about the fun they had together.

But then on one day the whole village was in unrest as suddenly a long awaited person came through the gates of Konoha.

Sakura was walking to the Hokage tower to receive her next announcement as she saw a large crowd crossing her way also heading for the Hokage tower. There war also many ANBU who guarded a Shinobi in the center of the crowd. He was carrying a big sack on his shoulder and in his hand he held a huge sword which was covered with bandages. It was obviously too huge and heavy to carry it normal so he was drawing it after him plowing a furrow in the dust.

The pinkette was stunned as she recognized the Shinobi with the spiky black hair and the unemotional expression. It was the person she was waiting for so long. It was Sasuke.

She began to run towards him but before she reached him she was held back by an ANBU member who told her to stay out of the way. The raven haired young man looked at her for an instant before he continued his walk towards the Hokage tower.

Sakura froze as she saw the cold eyes of her love and stand still where she was stopped by the ANBU glaring at her former teammate. She asked herself what happened and why he looked so cold and felt sad and helpless. The pinkette watched him entering the Hokage tower followed by the ANBU.

After a few moments she recognized many council members assembling and also entering the Hokage tower and she wasn't sure what this was all about. As her brain began to work she thought about Sasuke and what he was carrying and remembered the sack which was big enough to carry a person. And then she suddenly feared the worst. "Naruto!" she screamed and quickly entered the Hokage tower without caring if she was allowed to be there or not.

As she arrived right before Tsunade's office she saw Shizune walking away from the door.

"Shizune-sama. Where is Hokage-sama?" Sakura asked concerned

"Sakura? Tsunade-sama is in the great hall assembling the council." The dark dressed woman answered and Sakura suddenly ran past her towards the hall.

"Sakura, you aren't allowed to …" Shizune screamed after her but was cut off by the pinkette.

"I don't care." She said and continued to run.

She arrived before the entrance just before someone was about to close the door and she stepped right into the door. "Tsunade-sama!" she said getting all the eyes of the present council members and elders.

The fifth looked at her with a serious face for a second before she nodded the ANBU who was guarding the door to let the pink haired Kunoichi pass. Sakura entered the room and moved along the wall until she found a place where she had a good overview of the scene. She looked around and spotted Sasuke right in the center of the room still carrying the sack and the sword.

"Well the. Since the council assembled I commence with today's special occasion. The return of the Konoha missing-nin Uchiha Sasuke." The Hokage said looking at the young man with a serious look like she wanted to create a hole in his body.

The raven haired Shinobi looked still with no expression at her and waited for the Hokage to give the word to him.

"Uchiha Sasuke. You are accused for the betrayal of Konoha and attacking one of your former teammates. You have brought disgrace to your name, your clan and the whole village of Konoha as you joined Orochimaru who also betrayed Konoha. How will you explain yourself?"

The raven haired boy moved one step closer to the Hokage and threw the sack which he was still carrying right in front of him.

Sakura winced as the heavy sack collided with the ground let a shiver run down her spine. She was still scared about that sack and feared the worst. She feared that in this sack was …

"I am well aware that my actions in the past could be called betrayal but I had my reasons. Since the day my whole clan was slaughtered by my brother I wanted revenge. I trained to get more power but I realized that the walls of Konoha restricted my goal. The only thing to achieve my goal was joining Orochimaru, a traitor of Konoha who could give me the necessary power. And also as a missing-nin I wasn't restricted in my actions to achieve my goal. As a Shinobi of Konoha the necessary actions could instigate a war and that would not only make it more difficult to get my revenge but also would make my home village to suffer."

All present were stunned by his speech and watched the Uchiha with as he continued.

"But I also was aware that as a missing-nin I also had to face Shinobi from my home village which also tried to interfere with my goal. Like a person who was on my former team."

Sakura's heart stopped for a moment as she heard those words and her eyes began to tremble as she thought about the worst case.

"I had to face many Shinobi I knew and some of them were very close to me. And many of them died." Sasuke said and bowed down to the sack in front of him. All present stopped breathing and Sakura's heart stopped for a moment.

The Uchiha pulled a kunai out of his pocket and rapidly sliced the sack open before he put the kunai back in his pocket. In no time he pulled the sack away revealing what was inside.

Sakura instantly buried her face into her hands because she doesn't want to see it. After a few seconds of silence she slowly raised her head and saw all present gape in astonishment as they saw what was lying right before Sasuke's feet. The pinkette's look wandered down to the uncovered object. It was a corps, the corps of Uchiha Itachi.

The extremely relieved Sakura sighed with joy and a tear ran down her cheek because she was glad that it wasn't Naruto.

"I bring you the corps of the traitor Uchiha Itachi." Sasuke said and the whole council gapes in astonishment. After all this years of trying to kill one of the greatest traitors in Konoha's history he was killed by his own brother's hands.

"Alright you killed Itachi. But do you think that's enough to excuse your betrayal of Konoha?" Tsunade asked him angry.

The raven haired young man glared at her and he created a little smile before he answered.

"Of course not. But this is not the only thing I did." He said and opened his robe and exposed his upper body making Sakura and Tsunade blush slightly. He turned around and pointed on a spot on his left shoulder blade. "This was the spot where Orochimaru placed his cursed seal on me. But now it's gone and I'm sure you can imagine why?"

The room was filled with questioning faces and just a handful people realized what he was talking about. Tsunade was the first who was able to speak and jumped up from her seat and supported her body with her arms on the table.

"You mean Orochimaru is dead?" Tsunade asked surprised

"Yes." He simply answered as he turned around facing her again.

"Impossible!" a few present shouted out and nearly all began to speak in a mess. After a few moments Tsunade yelled at them to be silent.

"Can you prove this?" Danzou asked with a calm voice

"The only prove of his dead I have is the vanished seal. I hoped I could bring you his dead body but as he died his body melted and nothing was left of him." Sasuke answered

Sakura glared at him with amazement and was relieved about the fact that Orochimaru was no longer a threat. But she also felt strange about Sasuke. His cold and apathetic behavior scared her a little.

"Two missing Konoha-nin were killed by another missing-nin. This is really a surprise." Danzou said getting the attention of all present.

"Yes. But the fact that he betrayed Konoha is still the topic. Even if his motives were quite honorable like he described them the fact that he acted without permission and turning his back at Konoha is still a crime." Tsunade said receiving a look from Danzou.

"I take full responsibility for my actions, Hokage-sama." Sasuke said getting the attention of all present back. "I know that my actions were selfish and even the fact that the result were in Konoha's interest they don't balance them. As I said I take the responsibility but I hope for a merciful judgment. I also brought a gift for the council from my fight against my brother."

Sasuke lifted the heavy sword up and carried it with both hands to Tsunade. He put it down on the table and continued to speak as he looked at the fifth.

"This is the Blade from the missing-nin Kisame Hoshigaki one of the seven swordsmen from the mist. It is the blade called Samehada."

Silence filled the room as all present looked stunned at the legendary sword. They needed nearly a minute to recover before Danzou stood up and began to speak and got the attention of all present.

"Well Sasuke Uchiha. You managed to surprise us in more than one way. The fact that you managed to kill 3 missing-nin is quite impressive. But there is still the fact of your betrayal. The council will have to discuss this matter before we will judge you." Danzou looked around at his council members and continued. "I propose that for now you are allowed to walk into the village under close guard from the ANBU until we summon you back here. Any objections?" he said looking at his council members but no one disagreed. "Well then. You are dismissed."

After that five ANBU appeared next to Sasuke. He looked at all of them before he moved towards the door. He exited the room and after Sakura got a nod from Tsunade she followed him.

On the corridor she called his name as she ran towards him. He turned around and she fell on his chest and hugged him. "Sasuke-kun. I'm so happy that you are finally back." She cried out with tears. The raven haired boy looked down at the slightly smaller Kunoichi without any reaction.

After a few moments she realized that he didn't hugged her back and looked at him surprised. The Kunoichi looked into his dark eyes and was a little worried about him and especially how he feels.

Then suddenly he created a smirk and said "At least one person is glad that I am back." And after that he lowered his head heading right for Sakura's lips. She froze as she saw what he was about to do and her eyes widened.

Their lips made contact and his tongue touched her lips begging for entrance. She let his tongue enter and began to kiss him back. As their tongues began to collide she closed her eyes and gave herself to him. Their tongues began to wrestle and she enjoyed for what she was waiting so long.

But it was strange. She missed the sudden feeling that she hoped she would feel when she finally kissed her long time love but nothing happened.

After that the two enjoyed dinner together and she began to ask him what he did in the last five years. He told her a few things but she listened absent to what he was talking. She still felt strange from the kiss before. She didn't know why but she felt that it was wrong kissing him.

The whole time she thought about what happened to Naruto but she didn't want to ruin the mood so she didn't ask Sasuke if he knew what happened to him. She tried to enjoy the dinner but she felt very uncomfortable. Even though the dinner wasn't a date she was hoping that at least it felt like one. But she still felt strange and because he didn't show any emotions and talked like a teacher as he told her about the past five years.

He also didn't go into details and sounded a little annoyed because of telling her his story. She was not quite sure if he enjoyed her company either.

After they finished dinner one of the ANBU appeared next to them and told Sasuke that he have to show up in the Hokage tower. He nodded and walked right to his destination. Sakura accompanied him and was still thinking about Naruto. She was worried if something happened to him. After a few minutes of walking she finally decided to ask him.

"Sasuke. Do you know where Naruto is?"

The Uchiha looked at her with a little surprised expression even if his face didn't changed very much.

"I don't know where the dobe is." He answered cold. "The last time I saw him he was half dead after he tried to stop me."

Sakura was shocked and her eyes widened to their maximum. She couldn't believe what he just said.

"The moron tried to stop me four times but never beat me. I guess he gave up already or died."

"WHAT?" she yelled desperate and stopped moving as she looked shocked at the raven haired boy.

He also stopped and turned around to her with a little surprise ness in his eyes.

"Are you all right?" he asked

She began to tremble slightly as she imaged that Naruto was dead while she was still staring at the Uchiha. He looked at her and recognized that he had just frightened her.

"But don't worry. The Toad-sage is with him so I'm sure he's all right. He was in a worse condition before so I'm sure he's fine."

Those words had only a slight effect but enough to make her able to speak again.

"B … but what if he …" she stuttered.

"He is a born survivor. He will be fine." He answered while he turned around and walked further.

The pinkette stood still frozen at her place glaring at the Uchiha until he entered the Hokage tower. She stood there for few minutes before she turned around and walked home.

As she entered her room she closed the door slowly with her head lowered to the ground. She stared at the floor for a minute before she moved a few steps towards her bed and let herself fall into it face first. She turned her head sideward and tears came out of her eyes while she mumbled silently. "Naruto … where are you …"

She cried a few minutes before she fell asleep dreaming the past as she was together with Naruto. The time they spend together with team seven and without.

After a few hours she woke up and sat up in her bed looking out of the window. It was already night and the stars where shining bright. She glared into the stars and an image of a smiling Naruto appeared in the sky and she began to smile. She felt happy and also a warm pleasant feeling in her heart at that moment.

But some noises pulled her back into reality. It came from downstairs and she recognized her parents talking with somebody and after a few moments she also recognized the third voice. It was Sasuke. What does Sasuke do into her parent's house?

She quickly exited her room and moved down stairs seeing Sasuke sitting of a sofa opposite of her parents. They were talking and suddenly her mother recognized her and waved her down to them.

"Hey hon. Come to us. We're talking about you." Ms Haruno said.

Sasuke and her father also looked at her and she noticed her father had a big grin on his face.

"What's up? What are you doing here Sasuke?" she asked him but her father answered.

"We were talking about your marriage." Mr Haruno answered still with a grin

"WHAT?" Sakura yelled and froze in an instant.

"Why didn't you tell us about this handsome gentleman, honey? Are you afraid that we would have rejected him?" Ms Haruno asked her daughter curious

"What are you all talking about? I don't get married." Sakura said angry. "What did you tell them Sasuke? Is this a joke?"

"It's not a joke. I just requested you parents for their agreement to our marriage." The raven haired boy answered.

"WHAT?" she yelled again.

"Don't be afraid, honey. We are glad to accept your marriage with a noble house." Ms Haruno said smiling.

"Don't I have to say something in that matter? It's me you're talking about." Sakura replied angry.

"But I thought you already talked about it." Mr Haruno said and looked puzzled at the Uchiha

"Well actually I wanted your permission first before I ask your daughter, Mr Haruno." Sasuke answered.

"You should have asked me before you ask my parents." Sakura yelled at the Uchiha

"Don't be upset my dear. It's not so bad asking for permission first and we're happy to give the permission." Ms Haruno said.

"MOM!" Sakura yelled.

"Alright then. Sakura, do you want to be my wife?" Sasuke asked calmly.

"NO!" she yelled again at him.

"But why honey? What's the problem?" Ms Haruno asked disappointed.

Sakura closed her eyes in anger and clenched her fists. She took a few deep breaths to calmed down a little. She was very upset about this but didn't know exactly why she was so extremely angry. Was it the fact that he didn't asked her before? Or was it because it was too soon to talk about that? Anyway she calmed down and looked at Sasuke again and asked him calm.

"Sasuke. Why do you want to marry me?"

"The council allowed me to rebuild my clan. Since I can't do that alone and you already said you love me I thought it will be the logical choice to ask you to be my first wife." Sasuke explained.

"YOUR FIRST? What's that suppose to mean?" Sakura yelled at him again and the Haruno's looked also stunned at the Uchiha.

"Since it would need many generations before my clan is big enough again I am allowed to have more then one wife to produce children."

"More … than one … wife?" Sakura stumbled shocked with widened eyes. She couldn't believe what she just heard. Not only that he wanted her just to produce children he also wanted her to share him with others.

"You can't be serious?" she asked shocked.

"I am. And so is the council. They said it's my duty to revive the Uchiha clan to its old power." The raven haired young man explained.

"So this is just a mission for you?" Sakura asked with both surprise ness and anger.

"It sounds a little odd but you can call it that." He answered.

Sakura was paralyzed from what she just heard. Five long years she waited for her love to return and now he wants her to marry him and share him with other women and create a baby fabric to revive his clan. She never felt so abused and just like a tool for someone. She began to cry and ran upstairs back into her room.

She jumped into her bed and began to cry into her pillow. "How could he? How dare he? What is he possibly thinking? Am I nothing except a breeding machine?" she thought and cried even more.

She didn't noticed her mother entering her room until she sat down on her bed right next to her and began to caress her back.

"Don't cry darling. You're just a little upset that's all." Ms Haruno said to calm her daughter down.

With no success because Sakura jumped up and yelled at her. "What do you mean a little upset? I am angry. I am so angry about him. How can he possibly believe I want to marry him just to produce children for him, huh?"

"Don't be so uptight honey. Sure it's not the romantic reason but just imagine how lucky you are being the first wife of the leader of the Uchiha clan." Ms Haruno said.

"What's wrong with you mom? I don't want to be the FIRST WIFE but the ONLY wife of a man. I give no shit about the clan." Sakura said angry at her mother and jumped out of the bed and stood with the back to her mom.

"But honey. You should be glad that he is an honorable man and not a scum like the Uzumaki brat." Ms Haruno said and just pushed Sakura's button.

She suddenly jumped around with an angry red face and yelled at her. "DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT NARUTO LIKE THAT."

"DON'T YELL AT ME GIRL. I knew your father should have done something about it as you got stick with this demon in the same team together." Ms Haruno said angry.

"Well, I'm glad that I ended up with him in a team. He is kind and honest and he would never demand me to share him with another woman." She said and turned around again still angry at her mother.

Ms Haruno was surprised about her daughter's words. "Honey? Don't tell me that you're in love with this Uzumaki."

Sakura froze for a moment and her eyes widened. She never thought about it but as her mother said those words she suddenly realized something.

All this time she had spent with Naruto she could remember that she was always happy to see him. He was always there for her when she needs him. Every time she was lonely or upset he was the one who cared about her and always made her smile.

"Please tell me that you're not. You hear me?" Ms Haruno asked concerned.

Sakura began to blush as she thought about Naruto like she never did and she felt a warm nice feeling in her heart. "Can it be? Is it possible that I … I love him?" she thought and the last part hit her like a truck. All the memories she shared with Naruto appeared before her inner eye. And she realized how she felt when he was around. He made her smile, he made her laugh, he spent her consolation. It all made sense now.

"SAKURA are you listening?"

"Yes mother." Sakura answered calm with a smile.

"So please tell me you don't love this brat."

"I can't."

"What? But why?" Ms Haruno asked in shock.

"Because I do love him." The pinkette answered.

"Honey I assure you, you're just confused. That's the puberty that playing with your feelings." Ms Haruno tried to convince her daughter with no success.

"Don't say that. It's not true."

"Hmpf … Didn't I told you enough how you have to deal with someone like him?" Ms Haruno asked.

Her feelings changed instantly after those words as she remembered what she did to him all the years. She punched him and insulted him and never showed him that she likes him but he always came back to her and didn't mention it. She felt so guilty and bad making her cry.

"I told you a thousand times that …" Ms Haruno tried to say but was cut by her daughter.

"Stop it mom." She cried. "It's your fault."

"My fault?" Ms Haruno asked surprised.

"Yes your fault." Sakura cried and turned around facing her mother with tears in her eyes. "If it wasn't for you I would have treaded him how he deserved it."

"What do you mean? He deserves hate and not love. He is a demon honey did you forget?" Ms Haruno said.

"He's NOT a demon. He is the kindest person I ever met. And if it weren't for you I could have shown him and treaded him better. You were the one who told me I should stay away from him. You're the one who told me his secret and you are also the one who drum it into me that he would just hurt me. But he never did. Because of you I was the one who hurt him instead." Sakura cried at her mother and Ms Haruno was speechless for a moment.

"You were not there as the Kyuubi attacked the village and killed many of our friends. The Kyuubi is in him. He's the Kyuubi." Ms Haruno said

"NO HE'S NOT. He is Naruto Uzumaki, one of the greatest people in Konoha and the future Hokage and I … I … love him." Sakura whispered the last words and suddenly felt this warm feeling in her heart again causing her to smile.

"Ahhh for kami's sake he isn't here anymore." Ms Haruno said a little relieved but with an angry voice.

"But he will return. And then I will marry him." Sakura replied but realized only a few moments later what she just said causing her whole face to turned crimson, but not for long.

"I will not allow you to marry this demon. Beforehand I will force you to marry Uchiha Sasuke." Ms Haruno.

"You can't do that." She yelled scared.

"Oh sure I can. As long as you're not 18 your father and I are able to choose your husband. We just have to go to the Hokage or the council and when they accept it then you have to merry him." Ms Haruno said determined

Sakura's head lowered and tears flow down her cheeks like a waterfall. She never felt so sad and powerless like at this moment. She realized her true love, realized that she treated him wrong all those years and now her mother decided her marriage with Sasuke without her permission making her unable to say anything.

"Believe me honey. It's the best for you to forget about him and marry Sasuke. You'll see how happy you will be once you realized that." Ms Haruno said and exited the room.

Just as the door shut Sakura broke down on the floor crying. She didn't know what to do and realized how helpless she was right now. Her heart hurts as she thought about Naruto and her marriage with Sasuke. The whole world broke down right upon her and she couldn't do anything about it. "If only Naruto would be here. He would know what to do." she thought and looked out of the window. Again an image of Naruto appeared in the sky but this time she couldn't smile. She cried even more and the image vanished again.

A few minutes past and the Haruno's were again talking with Sasuke as Sakura just came down the stairs. She looked sad and her head was lowered and she still had a slightly red face from all the crying but her tears had vanished. Her parents looked at her and Ms Haruno smile.

"So honey. Have you decided?"

Sakura raised her head and glared at her mother for a few seconds before she looked at the other present.

"Yes I have made a decision." She said with a calm and sad voice.

"That's good honey. I know you won't regret it." Ms Haruno said and bowed forward to the table and took her cup of tea.

"I know won't regret it." She said and looked over to Sasuke. "Sasuke, I will NOT merry you."

Right after she said those words all present froze and Ms Haruno let her cup fall down to the ground and it shattered into pieces.

"WHAT?" she screamed surprised and looked at her daughter.

"And why do you refuse?" Sasuke asked her calmly.

"Because I don't love you. I know I told you that I love you five years ago but my feelings have changed. Or better said I realized just now that it wasn't love. It was just a crush and nothing more." She answered determent.

"Well that's too bad." He said and stood up.

"Please wait Mr Uchiha. This is all just a misunderstanding." Ms Haruno said.

"No, this is not a misunderstanding. I've made myself clear. I don't love you Sasuke and even if I did I will not be only one of your many wives. Not even the first. I am a human being and I deserve the full love of someone and not just the shared love if it even exists in your heart. I will not merry you." Sakura said and went to the door.

As she reached the doorknob her mother asked her very upset "Where are you going?"

"Where my feelings guide me." she answered and exited the house.

Her mother jumped up and ran to the door and fling the door open but her daughter was gone.

**A few moments later in the Hokage office**

Tsunade already finished her paperwork for today and was about to stand up from her chair as suddenly Sakura shunshined in her office.

"Sakura? Since when are we shunshining in the Hokage office?" she asked her apprentice with an angry voice.

"I'm sorry Tsunade-sama but it's urgent. I have a favor to ask." Sakura said determined.

Tsunade sighted and pulled out a bottle of sake and a little dish and filled it up.

"And what will that be?" Tsunade said and nipped from her sake.

"I want to search for Naruto and bring him back home." The pinkette answered causing Tsunade to cough.

After a few seconds and coughs the old lady recovered and asked "What did you say?"

"I want your permission to search for Naruto and bring him back home."


"And why?" Sakura asked with a disappointed voice.

"First of all we don't know where he and Jiraiya are and Second because we don't have enough Shinobi here to create a team." Tsunade explained and filled her dish again.

"I don't need a team. I will go alone." The pinkette said and looked determent at her master.

"What are you thinking? This would be a classified S-rank mission because Naruto is the target of Akatsuki. I won't let an inexperienced Shinobi get on such a mission even if he's as skilled as you are." She answered and Sakura's head lowered in sadness.

"And why are you suddenly so determent to search for Naruto? Is something wrong?" Tsunade asked again.

"It's because … I miss him …" Sakura stuttered earning a bad look from Tsunade.

"I miss him too but that's no convincing reason for me to send you for him." The old lady answered angry.

"I … I … Love him." Sakura stuttered and her head lowered even more.

These words made the Hokage freeze with wide eyes for a few seconds because this wasn't the answer she expected.

"I know this is very sudden but I realized it just now. And I want …" Sakura stopped for a moment before she raised her head again and said determined "no I have to find and tell him."

"This is good to know Sakura but I can't send you to search for him. Even I have no clue where I should search for them." Tsunade tried to convince Sakura.

"I will find him. My heart will tell me where he is."

"Nonsense. It will take you weeks maybe months before you even find a sign from them." Tsunade said still trying to convince her apprentice but without any success."

"So you won't give me permission?"


"Then I have to apologize." Sakura said and raised her hands and crossed them before her chest.

"Apologize for what?" Tsunade asked but it was too late.

Sakura shunshined away and Tsunade jumped up from her seat just to be forced right back into it. "What's wrong?" she asked herself as she suddenly saw cherry blossoms falling down from out of nowhere. She realized that it was a Gen-jutsu and dispelled it.

As the Gen-jutsu disappeared she suddenly recognized 4 persons in the office. It was Shizune, Sasuke and Sakura's parents.

"What the hell?" Tsunade asked as she realized what just happened.

"Grrr ... this little … Shizune! Call out for the ANBU. Sakura is about to leave the village."

"How do you know?" Shizune asked.

"She told me." the Hokage said and jumped out of the window.

Tsunade jumped from roof to roof heading for the gate followed closely by Sasuke.

"Why didn't you stop her Hokage-sama?" he asked.

"Hmpf … because I taught her a little too well." She answered angry and Sasuke looked at her puzzled.

"She trapped me in a Gen-jutsu which slowed down the time. Until I could react it was already too late. Perhaps she already left the village." She explained.

A few moments later Tsunade and Sasuke landed right before the front gate looking at the two unconscious Chuunin who obviously tried to stop Sakura. As she looked out of the village she just saw the silhouette of Sakura disappearing in the dark.

Sasuke also noticed her and was about to follow but Tsunade held him back. He looked at her and was trying to ask her why but she gave him the answer right away.

"You are not allowed to leave the village for the next few months. You know that."

"But won't you send someone after her to stop her?"

"Why? She is on a one woman mission." She explained with a smirk.

"But you said …" he tried to say but she cut off his sentence.

"I said SHE'S ON A ONE WOMAN MISSION." Tsunade said forcefully getting no response from the Uchiha this time. She looked after her apprentice and mentally wished her good luck.

***Flashback end:

And there she was now, sitting under a tree in the middle of the fire countries forest without any clue where she should search. Four day's and nights she ran through the forest and from town to town, asking every person she met but no one could tell her where her love was.

The whole time running through the forest she thought about him. She remembered her time with him and how comfortable she felt when he was around. He always made her smile or even laugh. Even when he did something stupid she always felt happy just by the fact that he was around. And he always was there for her in battle or even in life when she was depressed. Even if she doesn't wanted him around and yelled at him she felt comfortable just by his presence. And she hated and cursed herself for not realizing it sooner.

She was very depressed but not just about the fact that she couldn't find him. It was more the fact that she didn't know what to say to him. At first she decided to tell him right away how she felt but she threw this thought away very fast. You ask why? That's simple. Because she remembered all the things she called him and all the times she punched him with or without any reason. In simply words she felt guilty and bad.

And she also was afraid. Afraid by the possibility that he might not love her and that would break her heart. She tried not to think about that but it was always in her mind making her feel sad.

"What if he doesn't love me? What if he doesn't want to see me anymore?" she mumbled while she looked into the sky watching the sunrise.

Her face had a sad expression while she thought about all the things she did and how much she wanted to apologize for it. Her head lowered and she pulled her legs against her chest resting her chin on her knees. She felt so alone at this moment and wished Naruto was by her side right now. Just like he always was and once more she realized how she missed him.

Then suddenly a little cloud of smoke appeared right in front of her and she was shocked for a moment. The cloud vanished and revealed a slug with the size of a German shepherd. She was mostly white and had one broad red stripe on her back. She was a little different than the usual slugs because on the end of her horns she had two small red eyes and looked a little older than the others.

"There you are, Sakura." The slug said with a deep male voice.

"What do you want, Juruo." She asked the slug annoyed.

"First of all, when you meet someone than you have to greet him and second it is still Juruo-sama for you little girl." The slug said with a pissed of voice.

"And it's Sakura and not little girl you old slimy … argh." She responded angry.

"As long as you show me no respect neither will I." Juruo said.

"Whatever." She said and rose up on her feet. "I know that Tsunade send you and to keep this short I will not return until I found him."

"You don't even know where he is."

"I will find him and you can't stop me." she said determined and walked past the slug.

"I am not here to stop you." Juruo said causing her to stop surprised.

She turned her head around and asked. "Then why else did Tsunade send you?"

"Lady Tsunade knows that you won't stop searching for him until you find him. And so she sent me to help you."

"And how do you possible think you can help me?" she asked still with disbelieve.

"Because I know where he is." He answered with smiling eyes and Sakura's eyes widened in hope and she jumped down to Juruo.

"Really? Where is he? Tell me." she begged but the slug turned around showing her his back.

"Why should I help a disrespectful brat like you?" he asked offended.

Sakura's face turned sad and she began to stutter. "B … but you said … Tsuna .."

"Pah … Lady Tsunade can't give me orders. Not me 'the great slug elder Juruo, keeper of the slug contract and great defender of the slug temple'." He said proudly and conceited.

Sakura rolled her eyes in annoyance because she heard that phrase a thousand times. She knew how conceited he was but she also know how to give him a stroke. She bowed forward to the slug with a grin and began to scratch him slightly at the spot where his neck used to be. She received a moan from the slug and knew what she had to do next.

"Oh please great elder Juruo-sama. I beg you servile. I am just a small helpless girl who wants to see her love oh great elder. Please tell me." she said with an innocent girly voice while she was still scratching his neck.

Juruo's body tensed by the feeling of her soft hands and he melted by her words. He loved to be scratch on the right spot and he loved even more when somebody gave him a stroke and he couldn't resist anymore.

"Ahh … well … I think I could aaahhh … I will ohhh … I .. I help you dear … ohhh ..." he moaned

Sakura stopped her teasing with an evil grin of success and he turned around.

"So. Tell me where he is Juruo-sama."

"He is on Myobokuzan, the toad mountain." The sluge said

Sakura's eyes widened. "The toad mountain? Oh great. That's more than a month away from here." She said disappointed.

"What's the matter? Giving up already?" Juruo asked the pinkette.

"NO. Never." She yelled determined and a little desperate.


"Nothing I just …" her head lowered in disappointment " … I just hoped he would be nearer so I could see him soon."

The eyes of the slug elder change into something that you can call a grin and he moved a little nearer to Sakura. She raised her head again looking at him questioningly.

"Touch my head, Sakura." He said.


"Just do it."

She did as she was told but wondered what he was trying to do. Then suddenly they both vanished in a puff of smoke.

** Myobokuzan "Toad mountain" **

"What was that for Ero-Sennin?" the blonde Shinobi yelled at his white haired master who just created a bump on his head.

"I told you, you have to concentrate. At this rate you will never be able to accomplish the Sage mode, Baka." The white haired Sannin yelled at his student.

"You needed twice the time until you manage it this far so put a sock in it you old geezer:" The young Shinobi yelled back still with a bump on his head.

"I had very much time to train but you are running out of time. How often do I have to tell you?"

"Shut up. I will make it like I always do so don't get on my nerves. This is very hard stuff so shut up and write something in your dirty book you old pervert."

"I would like to but someone burned it up as he tried to create a Fire Rasengan." The Sannin yelled

"And I did it on purpose and you know what? It felt great." The blonde yelled back and then both Shinobi threw kunais at each other with their eyes

A small old frog watched the whole scene and hit himself on the head. "Why can't you guys talk to each other like normal people, huh?"

"STAY OUT OF THIS" both yelled at the toad and he just shook his head with closed eyes.

The toad opened his eyes and tried to say something but he stopped as he suddenly spotted a person far behind the two squabbles. They looked at him puzzled for a moment before they both turned their heads in the other direction.

The blonde's eyes widened as he saw what caused the toad to stun. It was a young woman with a large slug next to her. The young Shinobi looked closer and recognized the pink haired beauty and rose slowly to his feet and glared at the young woman with amazement.

She had a body like an hourglass and her red tight sleeveless top was figure-hugging and accentuate her two perky c-cups which where definitely grown in the last five years. Having grown several inches gave her also a set of long, lean legs which caught his view for several moments. Around her waist she wore a pink skirt and underneath it where a pair of tight and short black pants covering half of her tights. The black long ninja boots she wore had small heels to make her appear a little taller and her mid long pink hair was tied up a little by her forehead protector which she used as Alice band. But his greatest attention got her bright emerald green eyes which could entrance every man.

He slowly moved towards her like he was banned in the song of a siren and she also headed slowly towards him as she looked at the blonde Shinobi with widened trembling eyes.

In the last 5 years the blond little knucklehead grew up to a very handsome young man. She could tell from the distance that he was several inches taller then her and also got a bunch of strong broad shoulders. The orange jumpsuit he used to wear in the past was replaced by a combination of black ninja pants with orange flames on the side and a tank-top with similar colours. Caused by the sleeveless shirt his arms were uncovered showing his strong muscular arms and his broad shoulders. The only thing which never changed in all this years was his face which only matured a bit. He still got his whisker marks and his blue eyes were so pure like the eyes of a newborn child.

They met each other on half there way and stopped right in front of each other. He looked at the pink beauty with glowing eyes while hers trembled on the edge of crying.

He looked deep in those emerald green eyes of hers and whispered with a calm and happy voice. "Sakura-chan."

The sound of his voice which she didn't hear for half a century and the cute suffix of her name making her heart jump for joy and she wasn't able to hold her tears back any more.

She flung her arms around his neck and cried out his name causing him to freeze for a moment before he hugged her back and closed his eyes holding his beloved girl in his arms. All those years he had missed her so badly were all forgotten right in this moment.

She hugged him tightly pressing his chest against hers with the intention to never let him go. Finally she felt safe like she hoped to feel all this years but with the fact that she never thought it was him who could make her fell like this. Only now she realized how she was wrong all those years chasing after Sasuke when she had the one she really wanted the whole time by her side.

In this moment she again regretted and cursed herself for the fact that she was so blind and decided that she will make it up to him for all those lost years no matter what.

The white haired toad sage and the small toad elder watched the couple closely. Jiraiya began to smile while the frog began to sight.

"That's all we needed, just another distraction. Great."

"I don't know. Maybe this is just the thing we needed." The toad-sennin smiled and said without looking away from the couple receiving a puzzled look from the small creature.

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