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Konoha, a huge village in the fire country that contains so many people, with so many different stories to tell. Some are more interesting than others, and some are left in the shadows of the greater ones.




Chapter 1. Prodigy

Neji Hyuuga is a boy, born into the branch family of the great Hyuuga clan's family system. Bitter isn't a dark enough word to explain the feelings that's been filling the young boy 's head ever since his father was killed. He never learnt the whole truth about what happened, but small details and clues had left him blaming his father's twin brother Hiashi, the Hyuuga clan's head leader, for his father's death.

So when Neji was thirteen, the shadow inside him had completely swallowed his childhood, and given him a cold and stoic face to show the world. The teachers at the Academy had entitled him a prodigy and had made sure Hiashi had known, but no matter how much the uncle tried to be kind and encouraging to Neji, he wouldn't get through Neji's thick walls, and his own pride.

The sun was climbing up, claiming its position on the blue sky. It was 6 am and Neji was already out of the Hyuuga Mansion, busy trying to perfect his own techniques. He had gone to the training grounds. He wasn't really allowed to go there yet, they were reserved for those who had graduated as at least a genin, so they could train, but the training they did on the Academy wasn't enough for the prodigy.

He knew that he was destined for something big. Maybe to prove for the main branch that he could be just as strong, not matter the power behind the mark on his forehead. Maybe he was supposed to avenge his father, only time would tell. But no matter what happened he wouldn't let himself give in to the curse mark, he was too strong for that.

The time was nearing 08.00 and he had to go to school. A little unwilling, he threw his backpack onto his back and started walking down towards the streets again with his hands heavily shoved into his pockets.

People tried to hide it, but Neji could see how everyone just had to glance at him as he walked past them. Curiosity and pity filled in their eyes. Pity he had never asked for. He sighed with annoyance and picked up his pace slightly. He reached the school just in time, and dumped down on his seat, middle row, by the window. A bored expression filled his face instantly and instead of paying attention as the teacher started the class he turned off his mind completely and lay his eyes on the school yard outside instead.

Twenty minutes after the class had started someone finally caught his attention. The teacher kept on talking about techniques he already knew, but outside, a blonde boy was running over the schoolyard. It was obvious that the kid was late for class. Neji recognized him as the noisy outsider from the year under. He didn't know what his name was, but he knew that he was an orphan, and that most of the village didn't like him. For a few brief seconds Neji thought about how horrible it must be to be that boy, disliked by everyone and obviously not meant for anything big. Just another failiure.

Next class was another boring, uneventful lecture. When there were only five minutes left the teacher wanted us to come down by the blackboard and do an easy transformation jutsu, as a preparation for the upcoming graduation tests. All the students suddenly tensed up with fear of failing, but Neji remained calm and unaffected. He had mastered that technique long ago.

As the first student was called down, all the other kids in the room started going through the hand signs one last time, desperately trying to remember how it was done. Neji rolled his eyes at them. Why hadn't they just practiced at home? That way they wouldn't have ended up in such a situation now. Three more students survived the transformation, and they had all succeeded in transforming into a copy of the teacher.

"Neji Hyuuga," the teacher called, and motioned for him to come down. Neji stepped down, and turned towards the class. The entire class was silent, and no one did anything except paying attention to the genius in front of them. Neji did the hand signs without blinking and reappeared as a perfect copy of the teacher by his side.

He changed back into himself and made his way up to his seat again without looking at anyone. He could tell how much some of them wanted him to pay attention to them, and he was tired of it. Tired of people always paying more attention to him than anyone else, why did he have to be in that damned spotlight of theirs? He was the least social guy in class! And he knew it, and that's how he wanted to be, but somehow some of the females in his class had decided that he was a good thing to stare at and whisper about and… it all just made him crazy. Couldn't they see that he wanted to be left alone?

He sat down with a annoyed sigh and focused all his attention to the school yard outside again. His head jerked back towards the blackboard when everyone started snickering and whispering to each other. It was the class's head failure, Rock Lee. The guy wasn't good for anything, it seemed. He was a fast runner, and a quick learner in Tai Jutsu, but other than that he was just a loser that wouldn't admit that he didn't belong on this school.

With a sorrowful look on his face he dumped back on his seat on the front row. Neji watched him sink lower and lower into his seat as the people besides him gave him looks and kept whispering things to each other. Neji didn't approve of such childish behavior, even though he did agree with them at some point.

Finally, after just a few more transformations the class ended, and Neji could escape the people on his school that were constantly trying to gain contact with him. He walked out of the main entrance and jumped a few elegant jumps and sat down on the school roof. A group of five girls from class started whispering and grinning again. Neji rolled his eyes and moved to the center of the roof to get some privacy.

Hard worker

She secretly watched him as he climbed up and disappeared. What else could she do? All the other girls did the same. She looked at the four girls she was standing with, they all stared dreamingly after him as he moved away from their sight.

"Isn't he just… perfect?" One of them muttered, shifting her eyes back on the girls she was standing with. Her name was Ayo. She ahd black hair and extremely blue eyes, making her very pretty. She and Ayo had been friends since the first year in the Academy, and they were pretty much best friends.

"He's so cool," another cooed and grinned. Soon all four of them stood there exchanging gossip about the prodigy, getting more and more excited by each passing minute. Tenten remained silent. She remained with her thoughts, blocking their loud voices out.

She felt like something was pulling at her heart every time she saw him. Like something was telling her to look at him, urging her to move over and talk to him, but she couldn't. How stupid would it look? She, a random girl in his class, approaching him out of no where, just because he made her feel funny inside? No, that was something she had to resist.

"Tenten?" Ayo broke through her thoughts, and made her jerk back to reality.

"Wha… yeah?" She acted innocent, they would never know that she was thinking about Neji too.

"You're so quiet. Everything alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," she smiled at them, mostly at Ayo, though.

Ayo was the only one that didn't settle with that. Tenten noticed how she watched her a little from the corner of her eye and tried to act as natural as possible.

She had told Ayo that she liked Neji, but what difference did that make? Almost all the girls in class liked Neji. There was tons of different reasons to why. The most hollow ones said it was mainly his over-sexy body, while others blamed the mysterious personality and how he seemed to be able to do everything. He always had an answer to anything, and he had master every single technique we had ever learned while being in the Academy.

Tenten however didn't know exactly what it was that attracted her so much to him. She admired his many talents, she was fascinated by his special eyes, and his personality did make her a little curios to find out who he really was. … Yes, he had a pretty nice body too, but that wasn't the main reason for her admiring.

When class started after lunch Tenten sat down besides Ayo on the back row by the window. Ayo got the window seat, as usual. Tenten sat down besides her and directed my eyes on the black board, kind of.

The teacher entered the classroom, and every one settled down, and turned their heads towards him. He was a tall slim man, with brown spiky hair, pointing out from every direction above his head band. He sat down by his desk and started talking…

Tenten paid a lot of attention in class. She took notes in her note book, and memorized all the things the teacher said, still some info always managed to slip her mind. She supported her hard working head in her palm, her elbow on the desk, as she concentrated on the teacher.

She allowed herself on innocent glance towards the row where Neji sat. He didn't pay attention as normal, just stared out of the window. She wondered what he was thinking about. Seconds past and the teacher kept talking, but Tenten had lost herself, looking at the mysterious boy. Right now it was okay, cause he had his back turned towards her, and she couldn't see his face, but if he turned around and faced her, her heart would beat like crazy and that weird feeling in her belly would return, and she didn't welcome that feeling. She never wanted to be like all the other girls in the class, chasing after him like some crazy fan girl. No, she told herself that if this stupid crush didn't end, she would not sink to their level, she would admirer him in secret and from a safe distance so he wouldn't think she was like them.

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