Peaches' First Love

Chapter 1: The Apple of Peaches' eye

In the land where Manny and co. live now, Peaches was playing in the brand new playground that Manny has built for her. She was just having a wonderful time with sliding on the slide. Even the other Sub-Zero Heroes were enjoying themselves in their own ways.

Manfred and Ellie decided to watch their daughter enjoy herself. That seemed to have them entertained.

Sid was just sleeping on a rock as usual, and Crash and Eddie were pulling pranks on him. They both snickered as they snuck up on him with their tip-toes. "Okay bro, go!" Whispered Eddie. Crash saluted his brother, and then he carefully placed an orange in Sid's paw.

Eddie then looked around for a feather. Then he smiled once he saw a vulture sleeping on a branch. Eddie smiled smugly as he quietly scooted over to the vulture. Then he plucked a feather off it, and caused the vulture to scream and automatically fall back asleep.

Then Eddie ran back to Crash and Sid, then tickled the sloth's nose with the feather he had plucked. Sid's eyes twitched a bit, and his nose wrinkled. Then he put his claw on his face only to cause the orange to smash on his face and get orange juice all over his face. Crash and Eddie began cackling with their stomach's being held by their hands, and falling to the ground on their backs.

Diego was hunting a caribou who was just eating the grass. Diego took a step back and glared, then unsheathed his claws and jumped right on top of the caribou and started biting and scratching it.

(AN: The rest of this scene is censored everyone. XD)

Buck was whipping some rhino's with his vine, and then bull riding them.

(AN: Yes Buck is in here. And Scrat and Scratte are still in a romantic relationship, cuz I hated how the third movie ended. So…I decided to have Buck in the herd, and Scrat and Scratte are still together. ^^)

"Isn't this great honey? Peaches is really enjoying herself at the playground that you built for her." Grinned Ellie. "Yeah…she doesn't even need the Ice Mobile I made for her…" Sighed Manny. "Oh honey…I'm really sorry… But you know…kids don't stay babies for long…" Sighed Ellie.

"I suppose I understand a little…" Sighed Manny. Ellie gave her mate a low smile. When Peaches finally slid down the slide for the last time, she frowned when she saw Manny and Ellie together. She noticed how Ellie grabbed Manny's trunk with hers, and they both intertwined with each other as they nuzzled their heads together.

Peaches turned her head to see a male and female anteater cuddling with each other. Then she saw a male and female beaver playfully chasing each other around. She even saw Scrat and Scratte together in a nest who were holding hands and kissing each other passionately with affectionate smiles on their faces. Peaches sadly frowned and laid her head down. She wanted a mate for herself just like all the other animals.

Manny and Ellie noticed their daughter's sorrow. "Peaches? Are you okay sweetheart?" Asked Ellie. "Is something wrong?" Asked Manny. Peaches noticed her parents asking and she automatically shook off her sad frown and faked a smile to hide her sorrow.

"Oh no, I'm fine!" She grinned. Manny and Ellie gave her a smile. "Well…good. But is something bothering you?" Asked Manny. "No I'm fine, really." Said Peaches. "Okay…" Manny smiled. Peaches stomach began to rumble.

"Oh my! It seems as though my stomach could use some food!" Peaches blushed. "That's okay honey! Go ahead and get yourself a snack. We can wait." Grinned Ellie. "Just be careful, and stay away from strangers." Ordered Manny.

"Don't worry dad, I promise." Peaches nodded and began to walk away from her parents and go over the hill to the Apple Tree. "Good. Now you be careful out there!" Manny shouted from a distance. "Yeah I hear ya dad!" Peaches shouted back with her trunk held up.


Peaches walked away from her parents for a minute to get an apple from the Apple Tree. She looked up and saw the last apple hanging down from the tree. Peaches reached out her trunk to grab it, but her trunk was too small and short to reach it. Then she stood up on her tippy-toes to get closer to it, but it was no use. Peaches let out a disappointed sigh.

"It's no use…my trunk is way too small and short to get the apple, and I'm not strong enough to tackle the tree and drop the apple. What am I gonna do…?" Peaches didn't feel sad not just because she was hungry, but also because she wanted to be as strong as all the other mammoth's. She felt left out from all the others.

Suddenly from the hill's pathway, a small young dark brown colored fur male mammoth about Peaches' age and who almost looked like her, only with more male like features noticed Peaches crying below the Apple Tree. The male mammoth looked up at the Apple Tree and figured out that Peaches wants the apple.

He didn't want to just ignore the poor sad little female counterpart of his. So he glared with determination at the Apple Tree and began tackling it to loosen the apple's grip and make it fall.

Peaches heard the male grunting and felt the vibration of him tackling the tree. She looked up and saw her male counterpart tackling the tree. When the male had finally tackled as hard as he could, the apple finally loosened and fell down. The male was able to catch it with his trunk, and he offered it to Peaches. Peaches gasped.

"For me?! You really want me to have it?!" She asked in shock. "Sure! Why not?" Her male counterpart grinned. "Are you really sure? 'Cause it's the very last apple on this tree. So do you really want me to have it? You really look like you could use it." Peaches said, caring about the young male.

"No, I don't need it. When I saw you crying earlier, I felt so bad for you. You looked like you really wanted this apple. So I decided to help you out and give you the apple instead. Here, take it." The male offered. Peaches took one last look at him, but he just continued smiling with the apple still in his trunk and near her. Peaches gave him a soft grin, and took the apple out of his trunk with her trunk to stuff the apple in her mouth, leaving apple juice around her lips.

"Thank you so much, sir! That was very kind of you! I really enjoyed the apple! Thank you!" Peaches cheerfully thanked him. Her male counterpart smiled.

"Hey no problem! You were really in a deep depression that time, so need to thank me!"

"Oh but I must! You were being so kind to me! You actually offered the very last apple of the season to me! Thank you SO much!" Cheered Peaches. The male mammoth just smiled and gave her a low and friendly chuckle. Then he looked at the Apple Tree and noticed that there was a seed from the place where the apple that he offered to Peaches was.

"Say, do you see that seed right there?" The male asked. "Yeah. It's just a seed though, so what of it?" Asked Peaches. "Okay so it may look like just an ordinary seed that's just growing because it's taking that apple's place. But when I was just a young mammoth, my grandmother told me about an old folktale about growing seeds." Her male counterpart explained.

"And what would that folktale be?" Asked Peaches.

"Well…my grandmother told me that when a new seed has sprouted, then a new baby animal has been born. Each time the seed grows, the baby grows along with it. So who knows? A new baby could've been born. And maybe that apple that I gave you was the sign of showing that you are fully grown." The male explained with a sweet smile on his face.

"Oh…really…?" Peaches asked starting to get a little more interested. "Yeah, but it's just an old folktale that my Grandma told me. So I don't really know if it's true. But…it does sound like something that would me true to me…" The male grinned.

"Yeah…I guess it sounds a little real to me too… That's a very nice story that your Grandmother told you though." Grinned Peaches. "Thanks." The male thanked. "My names Peaches. What's your name?" Asked Peaches.

"Apples." The mammoth responded. "Apples?" Asked Peaches. "Yup. That's my name. Apples." Said Apples. "Wow! We both have fruit names! Cool! But…you're name sounds silly." Peaches snickered. Apples grinned.

"Speak for yourself! Who would have a name like Peaches?!" Laughed Apples. "Apples?! That's silly!" Laughed Peaches. Peaches and Apples stared at each other for minute, then grinned and started laughing.

"Well it's kind of a coincidence since you just gave me an apple, Apples." Teased Peaches. "Yeah it is pretty funny." Apples laughed putting his trunk behind his head. "Well I really like you Apples." Grinned Peaches. Apples began to blush a little bit. "Well…uh…I like you too…Peaches…" He nervously added.

Peaches and Apples giggled and then smiled at each other without saying a word for at least 30 seconds. But that was when the sound of a voice was called out. It was another big female mammoth. "Apples! Let's go honey!" It called out.

"Oh! Coming mother!" Apples called back. "I gotta get going Peaches. My mom wants me back right now. But I'll see you again soon." Grinned Apples. Peaches stopped blushing and then smiled to quickly recover.

"Oh yeah! Okay! I'll see you again soon." She said. "Great! Meet me right here tomorrow okay?" Asked Apples. "Right." Nodded Peaches. "Okay, later!" Apples said as he ran off to his mother. Peaches watched him walk off with his mother, and then she blushed. She seemed to have a new friend or maybe even love interest in her life…

To be continued…


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