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Peaches's First Love

Chapter 12: It was more than Destiny, it was Love

Underneath the shade's of the cherry blossom apple tree that shined under the sun's beautiful warm fire ray's, Peaches and Apples sat next to each other, with Peaches's head nestled on her male counterpart's furry and soft shoulder.

The young mammoth couple could feel the rush of the warm breeze brush upon their fur with the most soft, gentle, and angelic touch.

The cherry blossoms would gently be blown away by the wind to either fall on the ground, or blow away into another part of the world for another animal to find.

"I'm really glad I got to meet you here, Apples." Peaches said, with a grin.

Apples as well responded with a grin. "I'm glad too, Peaches. It's like meeting under this tree was destiny for the both of us."

The female nodded her head in agreement. "It sure was." She said. "But do you think it could've been more than that?"

Her male counterpart just gave her a shrug. "Who knows? Maybe it was."

Peaches replied with an affectionate giggle. "Well…do you remember that story that you told me…? You know, with the whole apple seed growing deal?" She curiously asked.

Apples looked perplexed. "Hm? Oh, yes! THAT story! The one that my Grandmother told me when I was just a kid!"

Peaches nodded her head with a grin. "Yeah! Could you tell me a little more about that story?" She innocently asked.

Apples put his trunk under his chin, thinking hard about the grand old tale that his Grandmother told him in his childhood. "Hmmm…not much to say… Although…I think there was more to the Apple Seed Tale than that…"

Peaches widened the green orbs in her eyes. "Really? Well, what would that be?"

Apples suddenly remembered more in the old Folktale. "Ah, that's right! Look at the apple tree, Peaches."

His female counterpart looked up at the apple tree, perplexed at what her mate was convincing her to do. "What about it?"

"Well…not only does an apple seed growing mean that you're growing up as well, but it also means that…a new love has blossomed between two young animals." He said, as he turned his head to Peaches with a blush.

His female counterpart widened her eyes with a blush of a bashful and shy emotion. "R-really?"

Apples slowly nodded his head, still blushing from what he had mentioned earlier.

"But…how is that possible? The apple that you first gave me was the last one of the season! So how could-" Apples placed his trunk on Peaches's head to turn it into a direction to reveal an apple sitting atop of a tree branch.

The young mammoth gasped. "No…no way! I guess the Folktale that your Grandmother told you is…true!"

Apples could only reply with a giggle. "I guess so! But do you know what it means?"

His female counterpart turned to him. "No. What?" She asked.

Apples smiled gently at her. "It means…that love has blossomed between us. We are a brand new couple." He said, blushing.

Peaches smiled affectionately at her new mate. "Oh…Apples…"

Her male counterpart turned his head towards her to reveal an affectionate smile on his face.

The both of them intertwined their trunks together with their heads nuzzled against each other in a sign of love and affection.

The old Folktale that Apples had told his mate was true. That apple that hung upon that tree branch…was a sign of a new love that has blossomed between this young mammoth couple. It was more than just destiny…it was love…

A sudden familiar voice interrupted the young couple's romantic moment.

"Peaches!" That voice was none other than her father, Manny. "C'mon! It's time to get going now!"

Peaches nodded her head in understatement. "Okay, dad!" But before she sprinted her way over to her father, she turned to Apples with a smile on her face. "I've gotta go now, Apples."

Her male counterpart nodded his head in understatement. "I need to get going myself. My Mom'll worry at this time of hour. Heh, heh."

Peaches giggled at his silly behavior. "Alright. But do you promise to see me at this apple tree tomorrow?"

The male gave her a wink. "Of course, I will! I promise that I'll see you tomorrow."

Peaches slowly wrapped her trunk around her mate, nuzzling him affectionately, as he did the same.

"Take care, Peaches." He said.

"You too, Apples."

The female began to walk carefully back to her Family, until the sound of her mates voice stopped her. "Hey, Peaches!"

She slowly turned to her mate, confused on why he stopped her.

"I love you." He said with a grin of affection.

Peaches couldn't help but just smile back at her male counterpart. "I love you too."

The young mammoth runs to her father, with the excited pitter patter of her giant round feet. She affectionately wraps her trunk around her father, a grin of affection plastered upon her face.

"Dad, you won't believe the awesome day that I had!" She shouted with glee.

"It sounds like you really enjoyed your time with Apples. Tell me all about it!" Manny said, happily placing his trunk behind his daughter's neck.

Sid smiled gleefully. "Awww…those two make such a cute couple. Wonder if I'll find love like her someday?" He said, hanging his head in thought.

Diego just rolled his eyes. "I'm sure you will, Sid. I'm sure you will…"

"What? It could happen." The sloth replied with a goofy grin on his face.

Peaches gently and affectionately rubbed the sloth's head with her trunk. "It will, Sid. I promise." She said with a grin.

Crash and Eddie climbed upon Ellie's tusks. "Ya see, Peaches?" Said Crash.

"We knew you had a Boyfriend from the start!" Eddie said with a grin plastered upon his face.

The young mammoth playfully rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I guess you were right." She giggled.

"Apples sure is a nice boy, Peaches." Ellie said, grinning.

"He's my mate, what are you gonna do?" Peaches laughed with a smug.

"I'm gonna miss seeing you these days now that you'll be visiting Apples, Peaches." Said Manny.

His daughter giggled playfully. "I'm not really gone, Dad, I'm just gonna be visiting him every day. I'm not too far."

Manny smiled playfully. "I know. I guess it's just hard to accept the fact that ya have a mate now!"

The young mammoth that stood before him, laughed playfully, nuzzling against him affectionately.

"My wife would've loved to see you two love birds together." Said Buck.

Peaches smiled brightly at the dino-hunting weasel.


From a not too far distance from our Sub Zero Heroes, Apples and his mother Lily walked back to their home together, playful laughs heard from them.

"It sounds like you and Peaches are getting along real well!" Lily said, with a grin plastered upon her face.

"We sure are, Mom! I'm so glad I met her. I would've been feeling so lonely right now, if our destiny wasn't intertwined with each other!" The young mammoth laughed.

"Apples…if I look at you two together now…I'd say that you two didn't meet for destiny…I'd say that you two met for love. It was more than just destiny…" Explained Lily.

Her son laughed bountifully. "I know, Mom. I'm just saying that I'm glad I met her."

"And I'm sure she's glad that she met you, Apple-pie."

Apples nodded his head in agreement, thinking about Peaches and the smile that she gave him after they first met each other. Remembering that nostalgic memory, he realized that it wasn't too long ago when the two of them first met. It's like they knew each other since they were young baby mammoth's. But it's like what Lily told him, and what he and Peaches thought…it was more than just destiny…it was love. And this young mammoth shall be remembered as Peaches's First Love…the bond…between a new couple of the world…



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