Dear Dad,

This is an Idea I got from the movie because they never mentioned Sa5ms father so I decided that he was a man whom doesnt care about her.

Dear Dad,

I know you wonder who this is. It's me your daughter that you abandoned my mother with years ago. I know you send mom checks , but do you know my name? No ... probably not. Do you know my favorite movie? Nope. Do you know that I'm famous for singing in bandslam? Probably. Do you know if I have friends or a boyfriend? No. Do you know anything about me? no.

Here is something about me .... My name is Sa5m , the 5 is silent. My favorite movie is Evil Dead 2 , I suggest you watch it. I sang at bandslam and It was awesome , I sang 'everything I own' . I have a few friends to name 3 Will , Bug , and Charolett. I love to drink coke using a twizzler as my straw . I like indie and rock music.

I know I will probably never get a reply , but I just want you to know me.

I want you to know the daughter you left behind 18 years ago. Now I'm going to travel with my friends singing at local bars and clubs. I'm getting an online degree and i also want you to know that I wat to meet you. but also I dont I dot know it this can be controled . I dont know if you will try but sometimes life is a force that is controled like me writing you this letter is probably controled by someone other than my self as my hand randomly moves without me controling it , It is forced to write and it makes me wonder if there is such thing a free will.

There is one Will I know and love. That would be my boyfriend of 2 years and I love him eventhough I dont tell him becuase im supposed to be this really cool , loner girl. Who loves to perform.

I hope you write back,


I know this seems a weird letter , and contains spoilers , but I just wanted you to see Sa5m contact her father.