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Of Marriages and Malfoys
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

If there was a lesson his son still needed to learn, Draco decided, it was that Malfoys do not grin. Grinning was for Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and any other idiot who wanted to display their emotions for all to see, but it wasn't for Slytherins and it most certainly wasn't for Malfoys. And yet here his son was, grinning at Weasley the younger, who was predictably grinning back at him while Draco and Weasley the elder glared at each other with just as much enthusiasm.

It was only by chance that they had (unfortunately) bumped into the Weasleys in Diagon Alley that day whilst shopping for school supplies, but as soon as they had spotted each other the two had begun talking rapidly, leaving their father's to stand around rather uncomfortably.

Rose Weasley was a rather gangly girl with a face covered in freckles, and unfortunately seemed to have inherited her mother's bushy hair but in the same violent shade of orange as her father's. She really was a rather unfortunate looking young woman, especially when placed next to someone so handsome as Scorpius, at least insofar as Draco was concerned.

So Rose and Scorpius talked while their father's competed to kill each other by glaring at one another as venomously as they possibly could. Unfortunately their meeting proved too short for Draco to inflict any lasting damage on Ron Weasley, but such was life.

"Typical Gryffindors," Draco muttered as soon as the Weasleys were out of earshot. "You seemed happy to see her."

"Rose is a Ravenclaw. How many times do I have to tell you that? And of course I was happy to see her," Scorpius said, a sulky edge obvious in his voice. "We haven't seen each other all summer because her dad's convinced were going to run away and get married or something."

"If you so much as imagine entertaining the idea of marrying Rose Weasley I'll have to sent off to the Closed Ward in St. Mungo's," Draco said icily. Scorpius looked as though he wanted to snigger at this but decided against it upon realising that his father was being deadly serious.

"There is someone I want to marry," Scorpius said.

Draco looked at his son in shock upon hearing this. "I certainly hope it's not the Weasley girl."

"It's not Rose," Scorpius replied Draco was pleased to note that he looked more than a little disturbed by the mere suggestion of this.

"Then who is it that's taken your fancy in such a way?"

"Albus Potter."

It took a moment for what Scorpius had said to sink in, but when it did Draco looked at his son in utter horror. The only thing worse than a Malfoy marrying a Weasley would be a Malfoy marrying a Potter, and now his son was telling him that he was in love with Potter's son?

Then Scorpius burst out laughing (and action which Draco disapproved of greatly, as it was unbefitting of a Malfoy) and Draco had to repress the urge to hex his son for having subjected him to such an unamusing joke.

If there was anything that Scorpius needed to learn, Draco decided, it was that Malfoys do not grin, Malfoys do not laugh, and Malfoys must have more common sense than to horrify their fathers in public.

That said, Draco was rather glad that Scorpius had at least had the common sense to say that to him rather than to his grandfather. Had Scorpius told Lucius that he was in love with a Potter (and a male one at that), well, he really would have ended up in St. Mungo's.