Am having a Medical Investigation-period. Unfortunately, I cannot watch any more episodes than the first few (and last two, thanks to YouTube), but I wish I could. So, I made do with this. Hope you like it!

I'm not necessarily a Natalie/Stephen shipper, but Natalie is a really interesting character and she and Stephen do share something real.

He stopped dead at the sight of the two of them. They were standing next to each other, looking out over the grass field below them to the horizon.

He fought the sudden reflex to get back inside, to leave this scene untouched. He almost felt as if he had entered something personal; a dying person's last wish, a lover's kiss. It felt wrong, this intimacy, but he couldn't tear his eyes off the vision.

They were just standing there, not even embracing. Their hands were on the railing before them; their shoulders touched, but that was the only contact.

Miles knew Natalie had been upset about something earlier this day. She had barely spoken a word, had not smiled that reassuring smile they all loved so much. At one point, he had simply lost track of her, but he became slightly worried when he found out Connor couldn't find her, either.

It was then that he realized how little they knew of Dr. Natalie Durant. She kept her personal life close to her. He knew bits and parts about every one of them; Eva's adopted childhood, Frank's family life. He even knew about the problems Connor faced at home, even though he never talked about it. They just shared facts, sometimes without even knowing; he had collected them, stored them and not really done anything with the information.

But what did they know of Natalie? He knew she liked strawberries and mojitos; on a rare night out, she had ordered those. That was probably the evening he learnt most about her; the alcohol made her lose some of her inhibitions.

Connor was the only one who seemed to get through to Natalie sometimes. He was the one who calmed her down during the few times she was upset; and in turn, Natalie could lift Connor's spirit sometimes, make him see life beyond the sickness and death they saw every day.

He never really thought about how close they were, though. He hadn't been prepared for the sheer force of the intimacy before him.

He heard soft voices murmuring, and he saw in their postures that they were the ones talking. He didn't strain to hear what they were talking about; though he was curious, it was obviously private, and this was one of those occasions he just granted people their privacy.

Then Connor turned to Natalie, and started stroking her hair; Natalie turned to him, too, and she leaned into him. He pulled her closer to him and moved his other hand to her back, rubbing slowly. Miles wasn't sure, but he thought he saw tear tracks in the short moment he'd seen Natalie's face.

Hopefully they hadn't noticed him; he'd feel guilty for interrupting this moment. And this time he didn't fight his instinct and simply retreated back into the cool hospital corridor.

Was it merely friendship or something more he had seen out there?

He was not sure. But he knew that they had to mean damn much to each other in order to let them see each other like this.

Lame final line, I know. But tell me if you liked the piece. I always appreciate the feedback.