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Summary: What if there was something different about Bella? What if it meant that Edward & Bella had a more "normal" relationship?

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Chapter 55 – Epilogue

Renee's POV

I stood at the huge bay window looking out at the new manicured lawn, children's play area and garden. I sensed the presence of the other worldly being before she said anything.

"Hard to believe they got it all done before the wedding." I stated the fact. Not really surprised since my daughter and her new husband, father of her 4 children, could get anything done quickly when they set their minds to it. Just look at what had happened in less than a year.

"They did a beautiful job as well." she answered my statement with one of her own.

I glanced over and smiled. "I'm very surprised he talked her into a 2 week honeymoon though. I never thought she would leave the children in our care for so long."

She laughs. "It was a shock to me as well. Carlisle is beside himself. He isn't sure if his scientific curiosity can be suppressed enough to just enjoy the time we have with them or not. He promised Bella, however. No tests or anything of the sort while they're away.

I laugh with her. Her husband was a beautiful man, er vampire in this case.

I was still having a hard time believing that I was once again in Forks, Washington. I'd run from it like the hounds of hell were on my tail so many years ago. My worst fear at the time ended up coming true despite having torn my family apart in the worst possible way.

Thankfully, Charlie had gone on with his life and hadn't morbidly mourned the end of our marriage. Completely my fault and I would never stop feeling guilty about what I did. The end result was that Bella changed anyway and now was married to Edward and had 4 beautiful children with him. Children that had supernatural abilities as well.

I knew what to expect when Bella started changing but I didn't know it would also lead to knowing the vampire community in my old town. To say it was beyond strange to know that there were shape-shifters, vampires and god only knows what else out there. Was there really a Sasquatch? Loch Ness monster? Ogopogo? I involuntarily shivered and sighed. Amazing how life can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it.

I couldn't say that I wasn't happy that my daughter found her one true love. She deserved it and more. I was only glad that I'd been able to give her a normal childhood up until the point where she had to come back to Forks. It had been the main reason for leaving in the first place.

Esme and I stood staring quietly out the window for the next few minutes until a noise behind us made us turn in unison. Running into the room were the 4 whirlwinds also known as our grandchildren with their uncles right behind them. Amazing that they were walking so soon but given their lineage, I couldn't be all that surprised.

The 4 of them ran behind us, laughing and screaming in delight, We looked at Emmett and Jasper questioningly.

"What's going on you two?"

They both laughed and peaked around us at the children.

"Aw. We were just playing with the kids." Although Emmett was a massive being, he was an extremely gentle person. Especially with his neices and nephews and they adored him in return. Jasper was the quiet one of the family. Introspective and calm, it was unusual to see him running around the house but the children seemed to bring out unusual behaviour in many of us..

"Are you sure they aren't influencing you just a little?" I asked, thinking back on their manipulations of a few months ago. The only thing I was grateful for about that time was that Phil wasn't around to witness my behaviour. Being unable to control one's self was not an especially comfortable feeling.

The boys laughed nervously, then looked back down at the children. They hadn't thought of that. Something to add to the growing list of what we would have to discuss with Bella and Edward once they were home.

For the first time in a long time, I was happy. Not just content but really and truly happy. Phil and I had moved to be closer to Bella after he got offered a lucrative job in Seattle. Since Forks wasn't that far away, Phil offered to commute to work when he had to go in. Happily, they set him up with a home office which meant he didn't have to go in everyday and I saw more of him than I ever did when we lived in Phoenix.

I was looking forward to watching my new grandchildren grow up and spending time with Bella.

Esme's POV

Standing in the living room with Renee, I was glad that things worked out for everyone in the family. It was rough for Bella through the whole unexpected pregnancy after discovering she was actually a shape-shifter and getting involved with Edward. I was so happy that he'd finally found his soul mate like the rest of them had. He'd been with us from the start of Carlisle and my relationship and I had always worried that he'd never find that true connection with another being. I knew when Rose had joined us that Carlisle had hoped that something would transpire between them, but I knew from the start that it wasn't meant to be. There was someone out there perfect for our Edward but we'd have to be patient until she came into his life.

The turn of events of Edward actually finding her and then discovering she was a shape-shifter was beyond amazing. Add to that the four little miracles that came running into the room as they laughed and dodged out of the reach of Emmett and Jasper. I laughed softly as they ran behind Renee and I. I didn't know I could love someone more than I did Carlisle and our made up family until they came into our lives. Along with their mother and her family, they made ours that much more complete.

As far as I was concerned, our existence couldn't get much more perfect than it was right now.

Bella's POV

The last few months had been anything but relaxing. Between the children, building the house and planning the wedding, I was more than exhausted by the time the ceremony was over and we were on the way to the airport that night to head to Esme's Island to begin our 2 week honeymoon. The plane ride was long but the bedroom at the back of the plane more than made up for it. I slept most of the flight, catching up with all that I'd missed in the last week or so.

I didn't know what else Edward had planned but I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy it as long as I could stop constantly thinking of the quads. I missed them so much. It was like a huge part of me was missing. I knew that they were perfectly safe at home with our parents and the rest of the family. The pack, especially Jacob and Leah, were acting like babysitters as well when the rest of the family had to go and hunt. My parents were pitching in but the back up of our supernatural half of the family was a bit of a must given the kids unique ability. At least, the one that we'd discovered so far. I just hoped they didn't get into too much trouble while we were gone.

I stood looking out the window of the living room of the so called cabin on the island admiring the sunrise over the water when I felt arms encircle my waist and lips caress the back of my neck. I sighed leaning my head back to rest on his shoulder. How did I get so damn lucky? To have Edward and our children as well as a loving and extended family was something I never dreamed possible. Even though I knew I was young by society's standards, my life was everything I could ever want. I didn't know if the pregnancy was a fluke or if we could have more children in the future but if not, I would be very happy with what we had.

As the last remnants of darkness faded away with the rising sun, I turned around to kiss the only man I would ever love.

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