Hey guys, I'm very sorry to tell you that on Friday i am starting school and i'm afraid my updates will become few and far between. I promise you i will not give up my stories, but u may have to wait a while for the next chapters. I'm an already under a fairly huge amount of pressure for this year what with it being my GCSE's and the fact that I take three of the worlds most time consuming subjects. Also another project has arisen that will inevitably take up huge chunks of my time, and that I am doing to help a friend pass a course that will get her about 7 GCSE's and I am, sorry but these things have to come first. Again i am SO SO SO SO SO SORRY. I really didn't want to have to take a break from any of my stories but i swear to you i will not give them up. Please stay with me because i love you guys all so much and i am very sorry to have to make you wait. Please stay with me, I am very sorry.

Lucy oxox