While playing Medievil 2, I noticed that the game made no reference to the fact that Dan's death wasn't as how the history books is written, so I wrote this short fic on what might have been going through Dan's mind during the game.

The Real Me

It's not fair on them, I thought to myself as I walked as through the empty streets of this town to find another page of Zarok's spell book.

The Professor, Kira and Winston. They need me to be the hero they need, to save London and to stop an evil I have faced before.

But the truth is I'm not a hero.

The Professor read all the stories about the legend of me and Gallowmere, Kira listened in keen interest as I told her tales of my adventures. Of how I have battled dragons and monsters, of King Peregrin makingme captain of the guards and of course, my battle against Zarok.

But they're all lies. They don't know the truth. That all the stories I told of my adventures back when I alive where merely made up to impress people. The very tale that made time remember me as a hero is a lie; I never died fighting heroically to the death against Zarok's army, I was killed by the very first arrow fired of the battle, after they dragged me out of my bed and onto battlefield.

I'm a coward! True and simple, a lair and a coward! All of my heroic adventures are nothing but lies and the one adventure that was true and I was so scared that I would have messed my armour if I wasn't just bones.

The Professor expects me to be their one chance of saving this world while Kira thinks I'm a brave and noble warrior, what will they think if they ever found out?

That's why I keep to going. I have to be brave. I have to be a hero. I'm going to find Zarok's spell book and make sure it'll never fall into the wrong hands again.

I'll save the world for them, I will be what they think I am,

…So that they'll never now the real me.