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The day was nice and sunny. Light and puffy clouds slowly moved across the warm blue sky. Children played on the school's play ground waiting for their parents to pick them up. All was peaceful… "BAKA! My Nii-san is better than anyone!" little Sasuke yelled.

"Not even! My Nee-san is better!" little Kiba shouted back

"Aniki graduated at 7 so he's way better!" Sasuke held up his little hands with fingers splayed out to show the number.

"Mine did to! And she was at the top of the class!"
"Na Uh! Mine was at the top of the class!" meanwhile a little further away Itachi sneezed

"Catching a cold Uchiha?" Itachi looked over his shoulder at his friend and teammate smirking at him

"Hn," he turned back and continued his way to pick up his little brother. Hana fell in step next to her friend "Picking up your brother as well?" she asked, this time she sneezed. Itachi slightly smirked

"Are you sure you're not the one catching the cold?" He quietly teased. Hana rolled her eyes. Yelling reached their ears as they came upon the school; they glanced over to the source when they realized it was their siblings causing the ruckus.

"Nii-san can defeat anybody without breaking into a sweat!"

"While Nee-san gets scary super powers every month and can rip off anyone's head if they piss her off!" Itachi and Hana sweat dropped. Sasuke and Kiba stood nose to nose growling at each other; going to their siblings Itachi and Hana pulled the two apart.

"What's going on, pup?" Hana asked, eyeing her little brother. Still baring his teeth, he stood on his tippy toes as she held him by the scruff of his collar and looked up at his big sister.

"That jerk thinks his dumb brother is better than you, which isn't true," Hana hid her smirk. Itachi silently looked down at his little brother.

"Is this true Sasuke?" Itachi quietly asked. Sasuke gave his big brother that he adored a big smile

"Everyone knows you're the best aniki, …well except for this dobe," Sasuke shot Kiba a glare. Itachi sighed

"You two do know that we're both on the same team, ne?" Hana looked from one boy to the other. The older siblings saw the light turn on in both of the younger one's heads as they finally remembered that little fact. "Right…come on Kiba time to go home," Hana let her brother go and made to leave

"B-but..." Kiba sputtered, Hana threw him a look

"You want me to use the leash on you again?" Kiba gulped and violent shook his head "Ok then come on," both parties quietly went their separate ways home.

The next morning Itachi and Hana were resting under a grand oak in one of the training grounds, trying to catch their breath from training. Hana leaned back against the tree her eyes closed and breathing heavily.

"What's the matter Inuzuka? Didn't you get your scary super powers this month?" Itachi teased. Her eyes snapped open

"Uchiha you perv!" he smirked at her, jumping up the two stood ready to face of yet again "I'll show you super powers," she growled as she attacked.

"I told you she has scary super powers, baka," Kiba sneered as he whispered to Sasuke. The two hid behind a bush as they watched their older siblings train

"Heh, just watch no one can beat my aniki," Sasuke whispered back. Itachi concentrated on his opponent but he knew they had company 'Annoying little brother,' he sighed to himself. Sometimes brothers can be a major pain in the ……

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