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It was a clear night. The Moon hung full and heavy in the night sky. A soft breeze caressed the face of a lone figure waiting in the shadows of the Uchiha compound. His pitch black eyes caught sight of his first target.
Fugaku Uchiha, leader of the clan, made his way home. The man closed his eyes and took a deep cleansing breath before reopening to revile his blood red eyes. He made his move.

Father into your hands, I commend my spirit

Father into your hands

Why have you forsaken me?

In your eyes forsaken me

In your thoughts forsaken me

In your heart forsaken me

Itachi made his way swiftly and quietly to the forest. "What have you done?" a gentle yet sad voice called to him before he could make his silent escape. He kept his back to the angel that had appeared. "Why? Why Itachi?" her voice asked. Slowly he turned to face her, a cold mask of indifference upon his handsome face. Hana stood in her cream colored night gown and robe, her katana in her hand by her side. Dark chocolate brown hair hung loosely around her slender shoulders. The light of the moon giving her a skin a ethereal glow and making her deep brown eyes almost as black as his. Her fanged tattoos on her cheeks made it look like she was shedding blood fill tears.
Itachi pulled out his katana a single tear glisten in the light as it made it's way down his cheek. Hana knew that would be her last and only answer from him. In a blink of an eye he was upon her, blade in hand. She barely blocked in time. Each block numbed her arms. Each block felt slower as she tried to keep up with his speed. Bright crimson blood sprayed out like red gems. Itachi watched as Hana instantly covered her wounded side and drooped to a knee. She panted heavily. Her dark eyes glaring up at him. Time slowed as she watched him walk towards her.
She made to get back up and defend herself but he kicked her blade out of her hand causing her to fall back down.
Her eyes never left him as he lifted up his hand that held his katana; bringing down the butt end of the sword. Blackness took her in its cold embrace.

Trust in my self righteous suicide

I cry when angels deserve to die

In my self righteous suicide

I cry when angels deserve to die

Gasping for air Hana shot up in her bed. Her eyes wide and searching. She threw the blankets off her to check her body. Not one scratch was there. Hana looked down when she heard a small thunk due to her throwing off her covers.
There on the floor was a pair of broken angel wings. The same ones that she had given Itachi long ago.


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