A long, explosively hot chapter, to be sure.



"Ah, dinner was pretty good tonight." Kisuke said as he slid his bedroom door closed. He turned to find Ichigo sprawled out in a lazy fashion over the blond's futon. His royal blue t-shirt was a few inches up, revealing the youth's navel and part of his abdominals. His tight jeans had been unbuttoned in favor of eating more at dinner. His arms slowly wound up under his head all the while he was watching Urahara watch himself.

The red-head couldn't help the smile that stretched over his lips as Kisuke finally met the youth's chocolate eyes with his deep washed out grays. Realizing Kurosaki had been well aware of the way his eyes had traveled from South to North Kisuke lowered his head as he closed his eyes and chuckled. "Guess I'm caught, eh?"

"I could say the same…" Ichigo mused as he sat himself up on his elbows. Kisuke peered at his lover as he lifted his right hand and took his infamous hat off, tossing it languidly to the side. Ichigo smiled more widely. "Much better."

"Oh? Dislike the hat, do you?" Kisuke mulled out as he walked over to the Kurosaki youth. Ichigo shrugged his left shoulder playfully all the while smiling.

"Does nothing for you." Ichigo replied back as his older lover got down on all fours on the futon, right in front of Ichigo. Crawling over his red-headed boy Kisuke hung his face over the youth's and ghosted his lips over Ichigo's.

"And something else does..?" Urahara inquired knowingly. His lover nodded slowly before pressing his pink lips to the other's longing lips. One soft kiss turned into another harder pressed kiss. That harder pressed kiss turned into an opened mouth kiss and they delved deep into one another, tasting every inch of each other. Ichigo's mouth sought comfort and Kisuke gave in to dealing out an even, slow kiss. Passionate yet steel-willed.

Urahara mentally mused that the boy in fact tasted of sweet, juicy plums and blueberries, not strawberries at all. Ichigo slowly pressed his hands flat against the man's chest and moved them over his hunter green clothing, finding their way around up to his back and held him, encouraging him to lower his body. Kisuke's clouded mind obeyed the firm press from Ichigo's hands and pressed his lower half to the youth's, grinding to find a delicious friction to ignite both their arousals.

The red-head moaned into his lover's mouth as he began to grind up to meet Urahara's hips with enthusiasm. He tightened his grip around the older one's back, forcing him to submit and press down harder, not that Kisuke would have objected at that point. His mind was beyond clouded from the feeling in his groin and the Heavenly sounds softly exiting from Kurosaki's wet mouth. They ground into one another, clothing pressing into their hardened cocks making it difficult to get a really good feel.

After a few minutes of hurried, passionate movements Kisuke's hands had pushed up Ichigo's top to the youth's collarbone and he decidedly moved his craving mouth from ripened lips to the perk rose buds on the youth's tanned chest. At first he teased, his tongue gliding across one, then the other, slowly, meaningfully. But as he finished lapping the secong he pressed back down and took it between his teeth, pressing them around it until Kurosaki let out a gasped moan that lasted a moment before Kisuke let the hardened pink nub go and pulled back enough to see the half-lidded look from Ichigo.

The blond licked his lips in a rather satisfied manner and moved to the other nipple with his lips as his hands moved down to the youth's already unbuttoned pants. His hands found their way to the zipper and roughly tugged it down as his lips folded around Ichigo's other nipple and he began to suck. While the blond started nipping at the pink morsel in his mouth his hands grabbed hold of the jeans rough material and nudged them down as far as he could get them without letting go of the nipple he was working at. Next he tugged the boxers down, careful not to harm his lover's taught organ as it was freed from the fabric, the tip seeping it's precum already. Ichigo groaned in his throat as he felt Urahara's hands begin to message the reddened cock.

The youth bit his lower lip as another sound began to escape him. He looked down at the man who was feverishly working to please him and he couldn't help the small smile that formed on his lips before pulled his hands from around Kisuke's back. One found it's way to the soft, wavy pale ash blond hair and the other laced under the collar of his kimono layers, finding the smooth flesh underneath. Urahara worked with the youth's hands and helped to shrug off the deep hunter green kimono tops before he finally gave in to the persistent hands and sat back. He undid his sash hurriedly and then loosened his pants enough to rid himself of the annoying material on top. He tossed the kimono tops aside and then paused looking to his lover.

Ichigo was watching, laid completely back. His breathing had fastened and his reddened chest was heaving in a steady pace as he looked over Kisuke's bare chest, almost as red with fluster as the youth's. The red-head's cock twitched with further arousal as Kisuke began to tug his green pants off himself, revealing his own hardened member. It wasn't necessarily bigger or had more girth then Ichigo's, but it was paler and the patch of golden curls made Ichigo bite at his lower lip. His member danced again as the older man took off the remaining bit of the youth's pants and boxers, tossing them along side his own clothes. Ichigo smiled before he took his own top off, which the ash blond took and also put aside.

Urahara looked over his lover, fully naked beneath him. His dusted red cock that was nestled in it's own patch of deep orange curls was standing high and tight, leaking its clear fluids that ran down the head and shaft. Kisuke leaned over the red-head and pressed himself to the youth's nude body, the friction on his ripe cock making Ichigo moan wantonly. Urahara caught his open mouth and pushed his tongue in deep, caressing the other's with care. Kurosaki jerked his hips up to gain that fricition on his cock against the other's abdomens. Kisuke broke the kiss in turn to look at Ichigo. They locked eyes and looked back and forth into each others' eyes; seeking, wanting, finding.

"You're positive you want this, Ichigo-san..? You may regret this if you haven't thought it all the way through." Ichigo lifted his head and pressed a kiss to his lover's chin before laying his head back down.

"You have no clue how much I've wanted you for the past two days, Kisuke. I'm at the point if you don't do something right now, I'm going to let my Hallow out and let him have his way with you." The youth chuckled softly in his throat as Kisuke pouted playfully.

"Such a threat." Kisuke muttered with a soft smile as he leaned to his left toward his small nightstand and opened the bottom drawer. He felt around for a second before he retrieved his hand that was holding a small light blue tube of lubercant. As much as he hated himself for even have bought it after Ichigo had come, his mind had already determined such an outcome for the two. He sat back and pulled the yotuh's legs, one to each side and Ichigo easily obliged and wrapped his legs around the lean, pale waist. Their cocks were almost touching as Kisuke unscrewed the tube and placed some on his palm and slicked his cock, smiling slightly that Kurosaki was watching the pale hand lubricating the hard cock.

Then Urahara let his slick member go in order to put more lube on his finger tips, placing the tube aside just enough that it was out of the way, but close enough to grab if needed again. Kisuke leaned over Ichigo again, aligning his fingers to the youth's once virgin entrance. He caught his lover's eyes with his own pair and paused his movements, waiting for some sign of approval. Ichigo nodded and reached up, gripping his lover's shoulders tenderly. Kisuke kissed Ichigo as his index finger pressed past the tight, healed ring of muscles. The youth grunted slightly which Kisuke paused before Ichigo whispered for him to keep going. Urahara nodded as he slipped his finger all the way in, making sure to care for his lover.

Ichigo's lips sought out Kisuke's, pressing them together into a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced about in a flurry of heat as Urahara pressed in another finger, moving them back and forth with much needed care before scissoring the muscled entrance. Kurosaki moaned into the older man's mouth, lacing his arms over his shoulders, gripping slightly to his muscled back. The red-headed youth could feel the ripple of muscle from Kisuke's movements down below. Ichigo pulled from the kiss and nudged his forehead to the other's left jaw line.

Urahara pulled his fingers from the youth slowly, earning a small throaty sound. The older man took hold of his hurting organ and aligned it to the properly stretched entrance. With one last look to make sure Ichigo was alright he pressed the head of his weeping cock inside of the tight, smoldering entrance. Kisuke couldn't help the all too satisfied grunt that left his throat as he slid into that perfect whole. It fit his girth and length so well, as if the two had been made for one another. Ichigo let a broken moan lace it's way out of his lips as his fingers gripped bluntly into Kisuke's back desperately grounding himself to reality. It hurt him, but so far before this it had been so good that he didn't dare let Kisuke stop this act from continuing down the path it was already taking. After a moment or two Kisuke whipped his hips forward pushing his cock the last bit and previewing to the youth below what the act was to entail.

"Ah, ah…" Ichigo panted a bit as he opened his eyes to look to his lover. They pressed lips together as Kisuke's arms wrapped about Ichigo protectively. He lowered his head to the crook of Ichigo's neck, nearly over whelmed by the intensity of the hot silk wrapped about his straining organ. Kurosaki pressed his cheek to Kisuke's before he whispered, "Don't you dare stop, Kisuke. This- I want this so bad."

"I do, too, Ichi. I do, too." Kisuke muttered back softly as he pulled his cock till its head was entrapped by the tight ring again before he bucked his hips thrusting his member inside all the way. Ichigo buried his head deep into the crook of his lover's neck and held tight as Urahara set a fast, even pace to which Ichigo gained enough sense and longing to keep up, connecting his hips to Kisuke's to add rhythm.

"This is so… so different." Ichigo muttered as he began to feel the pain subside and the pleasure wash over himself as Urahara thrust his cock onto the youth's prostate gland and began to milk* him thoroughly. Kurosaki let his head drop to the futon as he let Urahara devour his lips and tongue. The two set to work feeding each other's bodies all they could offer one another. Kisuke's whiskered face and smooth lips set to work tasting every bit of the youth's chin, neck and then collarbone. Nipping, kissing, licking; he was doing anything his mind could phantom as his leeking member worked at milking his lover's gland. "Oh, Kami, this is so, aw fuck, Kisuke, it's so damn good..!"

Kisuke felt the burning organ from his lover's body on his lower belly and took it upon himself to reach between the two and wrap his sweat laced fingers around it, jerking it readily. Ichigo gasped lowly as a deep-seeded heat rolled into his gut and soon found it's way to his cock. Urahara grunted against tan flesh as the other's entrance wrapped tightly about his all too ready cock. Ichigo's finger's bit into Urahara's back as he pressed his head back further into the futon letting a moan rip from his chest as his hot member shot it's contents harshly between the two as Kisuke worked harder at the youth's hole.

"Aww, dammit, Ichigo...!" Urahara ground out as his own release left in burning spurts inside the youth's tender entrance, his hips still rocking letting them ride out both their orgasms. Ichigo's milked cock shot the remaining semen out as Kisuke's member finished painting his insides an opaque white. The two of them were both spent and utterly exhausted. Kisuke was pressed down close to Ichigo as the two of them panted, sweat beading both of their bodies. Ichigo wrapped his arms in a tender fashion, firmly rubbing his lover as his own high rushed up and down his body, his toes uncurling as his legs slowly fell from their position on Kisuke's waist. The blond chuckled breathelessly against his lover's flesh. "That's lesson one. Any more lesson needed..?"

"Many, many more." Ichigo replied with a smile. The two laughed as their arms wrapped about each other and their lips found each other. Happiness was found and they both knew neither would let go, even if Hell opened up to swallow them.

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