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"So, let me get this straight," he said slowly. "You want me to become her friend so I can unearth all her secrets and then make a fool of her a few months later?"

One of the girls before him nodded, pleading with her large brown eyes. "And you want me to do this why?" he asked, frowning slightly.

"Come off it, you know why. She's a cold, harsh, conniving little..."

He gazed at her coolly and she subsided. Another girl stepped up; her dyed black hair was short with a fringe to the side, giving her a dangerous appearance. "Edward, you love having your fun with girls, right? So why not have your fun with her and see her reaction when everything around her shatters? And I promise you, there's something worth waiting for at the end of it all..." The girl trailed her hand suggestively down his arm. Her voice dropped lower and she whispered with a pout to her voice, "She stole my boyfriend, Edward. You know how that feels."

He raised a pierced eyebrow at the girl. "Well, for you, Tanya... I'll consider it."

The girl smiled coyly and leaned in slightly so he could see her low cleavage. "That's all I could ask for," she purred. She walked out of the shadows of the hallways, her hips swinging as she walked, and the rest of the girls fell behind her. He smirked as he watched her walk away, thoughtfully contemplating what fun he would get out of this new game.


The voice snapped me out of my reverie and I jerked my head upwards, feeling myself turn red as I faced the stern faced teacher. "Isabella, how many times have to tell you that you do not sleep in class?" and how many times I told you my name is Bella not Isabella I said to myself as I looked at her

The rest of the class was sniggering, knowing how many times I had been reprimanded by this particular teacher. Every other teacher seemed to love me, for some reason that I couldn't fathom out, but Mrs. Kingsford always picked on me. I looked around the classroom, irritated to see that three more students had their heads buried in their arms and there was the distinct sound of a snore from one of the motionless forms. And she was glaring down at me?

"Are you listening, young woman?"Mrs Kingsford demanded.


"Very well." Mrs. Kingsford straightened and pointed to the board imperiously. "You can tell the whole class what happened to the Vietnam soldiers when they came home."

"The Vietnam soldiers?" I racked my brain and then proceeded to give a long and detailed explanation on what had happened to the Vietnam soldiers.

Nah that definitely didn't happen. I knew the answer but I felt annoyed at the teacher and refused to answer. Mrs. Kingsford regarded me coolly for a moment before she said, "Well, it seems like you need to study a little more. I expect a two page report on the Vietnam soldiers by tomorrow."

I shrugged. That was easy enough. Mrs. Kingsford glared at me for another moment before she moved along, rapping her ruler on tables to wake students up. I sank back into my chair with a sigh of relief. I hated being the centre of attention. The gazes of all those other people were unsettling.

Luckily, there were only ten more minutes until the end of the period and when the bell rang; the whole class erupted into a flurry of action. I let myself be pulled along by the stream of students to the cafeteria, listening to the swirl of gossip and the loud teasing and laughs. Somebody crashed into me, elbowing my side. I let out a gasp of pain that was lost in the loud chatter, and the guy who had elbowed me out of the way kept going without seeming to notice. I bit my bottom lip and licked it, tasting the familiar tang of copper as I drew blood. The pain relieved me for a second of the larger pain in my side.

When I finally arrived at the cafeteria, I quickly joined the line and began scooping food onto my tray. Once I finished, I quickly looked around, searching the crowd. Thank God, they weren't there. I could probably escape outside and...

"Look who's finally arrived," a sneer came from behind me. I didn't turn, not wanting to have to face them. One of the guys grabbed my shoulder and spun me around forcefully. I glared at the three guys before me, refusing to be cowed. "What do you want?" I spat at them angrily.

"We heard something," one of the guys said slowly, grinning. "That you're dating Tanya's boyfriend."

My response was instantaneous. "What?"

"You two were making out after school."

I swallowed. They couldn't have seen that. "He kissed me," I protested, realizing everybody around us was listening. Tanya was one of the most popular girls in the school. Someone as 'lowly' as me should definitely not have been kissing her boyfriend.

"Whatever you say," said one of the guys, grinning. "You'd better tell that to Tanya, because she's mad as a hellcat."

Knowing that they wouldn't believe me, I decided to walk off and face the music later. But I had only taken a few steps when someone stuck their foot out and tripped me. Since I was holding a tray of mashed potato which looked more like sludge than anything else, I found my face quickly coming to meet the white, lumpy mixture.

Bracing myself for the humiliation and the face full of potato, I was startled to see that I was hovering a few centimetres above the ground and the tray was being safety held by someone else's hands. Quickly finding my feet, I looked at my savior and did a double take.

He was at least a head taller than me and his hair was you guessed it, this weird bronze color. He was well-known throughout the whole school, just one look from his cold emerald eyes and you had to shut up or else. "Edward," the guy who had tripped me said, sounding fearful. "Hey, man."

Edward was the last person I expected to have saved me from utter humiliation. I wasn't even sure he knew my name. He was in year 11 and was on the famous basketball team while I was in year 10 and was considered the dirt on the rest of the students' shoes. I stood there hesitantly, looking at him carefully. There was gravy stains on his white school shirt and his tie hung loosely around the collar of the shirt. To sum him up, Edward was basically was one of the 'bad boys' of the school.

"What's this about?" he asked, a drawl to his voice. Somehow, his hand was still on my arm and he was still holding my tray.

The boys stumbled over their words as they tried to come up with an explanation. Finally, one of the guys said hesitantly, "She's just like, you know, this freak who thinks she's better than us. So yea... That's why..."

I thought I was better than them? Did I act that way? Frowning, I thought about it slowly, wondering about what he had said. Edward didn't give the guy's explanation a second thought. "Scat," he ordered the boys. The obeyed, rushing to the cafeteria door the instant Edward gave them the command. He turned his blue eyes on me and I glanced at anything but him. He let go of my arm and I looked back up at him hesitantly.

"Thanks," I said quickly, remembering my manners.

Edward snorted, thrusting the tray he still held in my direction. "Don't mention it, Isabella," he said coolly. "Seriously."

He walked off, his hand in his pockets as he headed towards his group of friends that were waiting for him at the cafeteria doorway. I saw people at nearby tables staring at me and I quickly ducked my head down and hurried out of the cafeteria, passing the group on my way. I overheard one of the guys say, "Dude, she kissed Tanya's boyfriend. Why the fuck did you save her? It would have been a laugh if she stacked it."

"Isn't Tanya gonna be mad that you saved her ass?"

"Butt out of it, man," Edward said, exasperation in his voice.

I didn't stay to hear the rest as I quickly made my way out to the sun and to my usual lonely area on the school oval. That was a bit shocking, to have Edward Cullen rescue me. But having everyone staring at me because of it makes me feel uncomfortable. I really didn't want more people to pay attention to me, especially not since half the school apparently witnessed that kiss... How on earth had that happened? And now Tanya wants to have revenge. Let me tell you, getting on the bad side of Tanya means you're going to have to face hell's wrath. But I didn't let that bother me two can play that game and I was not about to let her bring me down

The sense of doom hovering over me came back and I pushed all those thoughts away, concentrating on eating the muck on my tray.

"Eddie, why'd you just leave her like that?" Tanya hissed at him when she joined his group for a moment at lunch. "You rescue her from falling and then ditch her there? Aren't you meant to seduce her or something?"

Edward regarded her calmly. "Look, Tanya," he said, his voice low. "You want me to do this, let me have some fun with it."

Tanya frowned at him and then shrugged, tossing her head so her fringe moved out of her eyes. "I owe you big after this," she whispered, playing with strands of his Bronze hair.

"And I'll be willing to take," Edward replied, a smirk tugging his lips.

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