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"Dad?" I whispered, tiptoeing through the empty, dark hallway. The place stank of beer and stale smoke. I accidently stepped on a few fragments of broken glass and there came the sudden familiar roar.

"Who the fuck is crashing around there?"

I cringed slightly and called back hesitantly, "It's me, dad."It was cold in the house as if the sunny warmth of the afternoon refused to enter the house.

My dad's powerful frame filled up the doorway suddenly. I could see his bloodshot eyes even through the darkness. I swallowed, fear in the form of my lunch moving up my throat. I could never summon the courage I needed to face my father."Should have known. You. Everything bad happened when you came into this family."

I remained silent, hoping silently that if I didn't speak he would let me go to my room without letting out his anger on me. He had repeated his speech so many times I could have remembered it off by heart now.

"You're the bane of my existence. Who knows? Maybe if I hadn't fucked your mother so many times, you wouldn't be around. But I don't regret it." He rambled on and I stood there silently, trying hard not to listen. His hands were suddenly on my shoulders, forcing me against the wall. He shoved his face in front my mine and growled, "Are you listening to me, you bitch?"

I gritted me teeth and turned my face away from him, keeping one eye trained on his face as I braced myself. The jarring impact on my cheek sent starbursts of pain in my eyes. He threw me away from him, muttering angry words under his breath as he stormed into the living room, which was the heart of the stink in the house.

I let out a shuddering breath holding one cold hand to my burning cheek as I forced myself to walk up the stairs into my room. That was going to bruise tomorrow. Throwing my bag onto the floor, I turned on my light and faced the mirror with uncertainty. My cheek was still burning with the impact of dad's heavy hand. It wasn't as bad as those other times, I definitely had had worse.

I look so much like mum, I thought as I stared at myself in the mirror. The same straight brown hair and soft brown eyes. The small tilt of the mouth and the same slight and slender build. But when my mum's hair had been short and breezy, mine was long to cover the bruises around my neck.

Why couldn't I leave like my brother had? When Jason had turned 16, he had packed and left to live with some friends. We had never been close but he had been the one who defended us from dad. We went to the same school until he graduated in year 12 and gone to the UCLA. He wrote, occasionally, but I missed him so much. I wanted things back to the way they used to be, before mum had ditched us without as much as a goodbye...

"Oh, my God! Have you heard?"

"The draw? I know. Do you think my name will be pulled out?"

"Ha! I'm going to be the one! This is my opportunity!"

I walked past them with my head down, distantly wondering what the whole school was talking about. Somebody was walking down the hallway, shoving bright pink papers into people's faces. I flinched as one of them waved on e of the papers into my face. "This is your opportunity, girls!" the year 11 cheerleader shouted, grinning. I quickly took the paper so she would stop waving it into my face.

Edward Cullen

You've all HEARD his name

You've all SEEN him

So why not have the opportunity to DATE him?

Just put your name down in the form below

And hand it in to Tanya, Lauren, or Jessica.

We're having a draw and the lucky girl

Will have a date with Edward himself!

I was rather surprised. I never knew Tanya, Lauren, or Jessica could string that many sentences together, let alone write out an advertisement for a date with Edward Cullen. I shuddered as I threw the paper in the closest bin while all around me, girls shrieked and filled out the form hastily with whatever they could find, including eyeliner pencils and lipstick. Some people would think they would bring pens to school.

Edward was quite the popular person that day. Even the shy year 9 girls walked up to him to say they hoped their name would be pulled out. Some of the other popular guys grabbed the attention off Edward, flirting with the girls who were trying to flirt with Edward. It was sort of surprising to see that Edward would start dating someone again. After that fiasco last year, I would have thought that he wouldn't date a girl whose name had been pulled out of a hat.

The draw was going to be at lunch time at the cafeteria. There was no way I was going to hang around. I had to push my way through the crowd of girls crammed into the cafeteria. Edward, Tanya, Lauren and Jessica were standing on top of one of the cafeteria tables while Edward's friends, Jasper and Emmett, stood below them like two hulking bodyguards. The lunch monitors were looking around the cafeteria with exasperation but didn't move to stop anything. There were a few people at the cafeteria line but most had turned to stare at the table with the three girls and Edward.

I quickly started loading food onto my tray, ignoring the cool voice, slightly husky voice of Tanya as she started talking to the whole cafeteria. I was caught between the decision of potato salad or pasta salad when I heard loud applause behind me. Turning slightly, I saw that Tanya had taken a large box from Mike. The lid was firmly closed over the top with a hole in the middle. Rolling my eyes at the scene, I turned back to the food, shifting from foot to foot as I wondered what I should get. There was an abrupt silence behind me and I heard every girl hold their break. I could practically see their eyes widen in anticipation.

Deciding on potato salad, I grabbed the container and set it on my tray with the rest of my lunch. I distantly wondered why it was taking Tanya so long to draw the name as I made my way out of the cafeteria. Why were there so many people? I could hardly make my way through the crowd and I kept having to mutter 'sorry' and 'excuse me' every time I pushed past someone.

"Isabella Swan!" came a triumphant voice from behind me.
That was good for her. Having a date with Edward must have made that girl's day... Hang on... Isabella Swan? Half the crowd flinched when they heard my name called out. They were all staring at Tanya as if waiting for her to call for a redraw. Nobody expected her to let a boyfriend stealer like me date one of her best friends. Certainly I didn't expect her to.

I still had my back turned, looking straight at the floor. No way was I going on a date with Edward. "Come on, Isabella!" Tanya called, seeming to spot me through the crowd of girls. Her voice was bright and cheerful, a fake smile plastered on her face.

There were people on all sides waiting for me to move and sighing, I turned around and walked to the table. The girls before me parted as if I was a disease, and maybe I was. When I was finally at the table in front of Jasper and Emmett, I patiently said, "I didn't even put my name down. I threw the paper in the bin. Do you know how many love hearts was on it? It was sickening."

Tanya didn't seem swayed by my argument. She waved the pink slip of paper before me, smirking. "You might have short-term memory, Bella dear. This is your handwriting, isn't it?"
I carefully took the pink slip out of her long fingers and looked over the form. "It's forged," I declared, looking annoyed.

"Who would want to forge your name and put it in the box?" Jessica asked, flipping her long dark brown hair. "It's not like any of us want you to date Edward."

"Maybe you're going to make fast work out of him too," Tanya sneered, glaring down at me. "Remember Jake? My boyfriend?"

"That wasn't my fault!" I snapped back, turning red. "I pushed him away! I didn't want it."

"You wanted it all right," Jake's lazy voice sounded from somewhere in the crowd.

Tanya's face twisted into a snarl. "Back off, Jake."

"Tanya, you should have seen her throwing herself at me. It sure wasn't my fault. You shouldn't have dumped me."

"Don't tell me what to do," Tanya shot back. Everybody was hanging on to this conversation. They had all been curious about what happened and had been waiting for me to be confronted by Tanya about it. "Everybody saw it anyway. So stop telling lies, both of you."

There was an uneasy silence before Edward dropped off the table with a grin on his face. "Come on, isn't this about me, not you guys? I don't mind dating Isabella."

"Come off it, dude," Emmett said from behind him, frowning. "You aren't seriously going to go out with her, are you? There's nothing to look at."

"Got a problem with that?" Edward asked coolly, raising his eyebrows at his friend. Emmett looked uncertain for a moment, glancing at Tanya before shrugging and looking away. I bit my bottom lip, unsure what to do.

There was still a tense silence and Tanya 's dark eyes that were similar to burning coals of fire were aimed at me. Edward seemed oblivious to it all, he just said, "So, I'll pick you up at 10 on Saturday?"

I widened my eyes and frantically shook my head. "No, I'm not-"

"Fantastic," he drawled out, still smirking. I wished he would fully smile instead of just tipping one side of his mouth up. "See you then." He turned to join the rest of his friends, leaving me to face the jealous looks of the girls surrounding me. I quickly cut through the crowd to make my way to my usual lunch spot. No way was I going to that date. And how in the world did my name end up in the box? I did not suffer from short-term memory, sadly enough, and I distinctly remember chucking that paper into the bin.

I had only been eating lunch for a few minutes when Edward appeared out of nowhere. Literally. I had been staring into the distance as I raised greasy food to my mouth when he suddenly popped up at my side. I jerked back, blinking up at this new apparition. "Hi, Isabella," he said, his voice as cool and unruffled as usual. "its Bella for your information" I said coldly "my bad bella" he said

"Something you wanted?" I asked once I had regained my composure.

"Yeah, actually there is." He dropped down beside me, drawing his arms around his legs like I was. "I wanted to ask you, why do you have a bruise on your cheek?"

My hand automatically jerked up to my cheek, touching the painful bruise. "I... I just... A cupboard door hit my face," I said quickly. "I'm so clumsy, walked right into it."

Edward regarded me with his Emerald eyes, and his perfect features annoyed me. Turning me head away from him, I continued to examine my food closely. "It's just that you always come to school with a few bruises," he finally explained.

"Really, I'm just clumsy," I replied, not meeting his eyes. I am such a bad liar, one look at my face and he would be able to tell. And why did Edward Cullen care if I had a bruise? Why was he even talking to me? These questions kept spinning through my mind before Edward broke through them by standing up.

"See you on Saturday," he told me quietly, walking away from me and not giving me a chance to say I wasn't going.
I'm going to lock myself into my room and refuse to come out, I told myself. I can't believe the first date I'm ever going to have is with Edward. But since I'm not going anyway, I don't need to worry about that. Hopefully.

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