They slammed into eachother and rebounded to the ground instantly. It was strange how, in this empty alley, neither of the two saw the other. The smaller one rubbed his exposed backside shamelessly before tugging down his plaid skirt. He muttered profanity, slowly raising his voice to scold the other for crashing into him whilst he tugged the dust off his polo shirt.

"Watch where you're, like, going! You coulda, like, hurt me, y'know?!" Felix chastised in his snotty way of speaking. He looked up at the person he'd collided with and... stopped dead.

The man was gorgeous. His face was smooth and refined, yet masculine. His hair dropped around his face in a frame of slightly-curly chocolate locks. His apologetic laugh shone straight, brilliant teeth. His skin was creamy tan. He was perfect, a Middle-Eastern beauty. "M'bad!" He said in his thick yet subtly jaunty accent.

Felix's heart pounded hard and he shifted nervously, suddenly aware his panties were showing to the deity of a man. His hand hit something as it slid across the gravel. He picked it up and placed it in both of their gazes. The man took the mask from the stunned transvestite and chuckled nervously. "Ah, thanks. Can't go on w'out me mask, aye?" He placed it back on his face.

"T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-" Felix stuttered, "Like, T-turkey?!"

Sadiq cocked his head. "Yah, ya just figured tha' out?"

Felix sunk into oblivion. He'd never known something so wonderful could be behind that porceline shield.

"...Take me, like, now."