Hey my peeps I taking a break from the Keeper of the moon story to bring you a one shot. This came up while watching "Quest for Camelot" the beginning music as the knights were traveling to Camelot sounded like good music to add to a chase scene and the story evolved like that. In this story Nosedive was 8, Wildwing was 11 and Duke was 22. Now without further ado here's the story.

Disclaimer: Buena Vista and the Disney corp. owns MD:TAS I just own the idea for the story.

Morning peaks over the mountains that over look Anaheim as the people start about their day. The sun catches on a window decoration shaped like a little leprechaun brightening its face up. You look around the city green decorations, leprechauns and Irish flags were everywhere for today was St Patrick's Day. The city was gearing up for the parade that was gonna be held the following morning because today was a Friday, they didn't have the holiday off one team in particular definitely didn't have today off. In fact they had a photo shoot with them in Irish Folklore garb and a game later on that night.

(At the pond after photo shoot)

"That by far was the most embarrassing photo shoot I've ever been on." said Mallory taking off the sprite wings.

"Be happy they didn't dress you up as a leprechaun." said Grin taking off the beard

"Or a brownie." said Nosedive taking off the brown wig and the pointy ears.

"Well at least it's over, now we can concentrate on the game tonight." said Wildwing removing the green derby and taking off the green jacket.

*Scoffs* "Of all days for Phil to schedule a game it had to be today." Said Tanya as she peeled the leaf decals off her face.

"Yeah, you have any idea how many drunken yahoos will be at tonight's game." Said Duke

"That's why Dive and I are going to the police station and requesting some extra security for tonight." Said Wildwing

"Ready to go bro." said Dive who had transformed out of his costume and into his street clothes.

Wildwing had changed his clothes too. "Well lets get going, we'll see you guys later."

The other ducks went about their business getting ready for tonight's game, while the two Flashblades headed to the police station.

(A little later)

Wildwing and Nosedive were sitting in the booth of a burger place where they stopped to get something to eat after they went to the police station.

"You sure your Ok dive." asked Wildwing after surveying the bump on his brothers head.

"I told you I'm fine, that was just a little tap." Nosedive said after finishing his cheeseburger. "Besides what happened to me was nothing compared to what that cop did to that drunk after he swung."

"Yeah, being zapped down there by a taser,*shutters* I don't do care how drunk you are that's painful."

"No kidding."

"Come on we better get back we've go three hours before the game." said Wildwing finishing off his meal. Both brothers bused their trays and left a tip for the waitress and headed out the door.

Wildwing and Nosedive were heading up the street when they saw a bunch of kids playing with a ball one of the kids bounced the ball too hard and it went out into the street. As one little girl ran out to get it a car with a drunk driver sped around the corner out of control barreling down the street right at the child.

"Look Out!" Nosedive shouted as he dropped his soda and ran towards the child. The child was frozen in fear but just before the car struck her Nosedive knocked the child out of the way. Both he and the girl landed on the side walk Nosedive slid across the ground then rolling over with the girl tucked in his arms protecting her.

The car swerved and hit a tree head on by-standers went too see if the driver was ok and to call the cops

"Oh my goodness are they alright?"

"Someone call 911."

As the crowd gathered around the two who lay on the ground Wildwing rushed over and parted through the crowd.

"Nosedive! Dive are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm alright" Nosedive said sitting up

"Are you Ok?" he asked the little girl in his arms

The little girl nodded.

"Excuse me, Let me through, that's me child. Fiona!"

"Mommy!" The little girl jumps up and hugs her mother

"Fiona, are you alright?" asked the young woman who bore a thick Irish accent

"I'm fine Mum."

"How many times have I told you not to play in the streets? You or the person that saved you could have been killed."

"I'm sorry mum"

"It's alright"

The woman hugs her child then looks at Nosedive and Hugs him too.

"Bless yer kind heart for saving my daughter."

"It was nothing. But you need to be more careful kid, some things aren't worth running for and people like that need to have their license taken."

Wildwing looks thoughtfully as he could of sworn he'd heard that somewhere before.

Nosedive get's up and heads over to his brother. "Wing you ok?"

Wildwing shakes out of his daze. " Yeah I'm ok. Come on lets get to the pond."

"Bye Mr. Nosedive and thank you." said Fiona

Nosedive looks back and waves. The shock of nearly getting hit wears off and the pain of skidding across the pavement kicks in as Nosedive flinches and groans holding his right arm.

"Dive you ok? Let me see your arm."

Wing Looks at his arm and sees a large road rash on his forearm going up to just above his elbow. He scans it with the mask to find that it wasn't broken but they rushed back to the pond to get it cleaned and bandaged.

(Later that night)

Despite Nosedives injury he managed to score the winning goal at the game. Then having to deal with Tanya fussing over his arm after the game when she notices him flinch as he was taking his padding off. The game itself was pretty exciting as a group from the Celtic Arts Society came and performed Riverdance before the game. The extra security was a good call as a drunken fan was nearly pummeled by Mallory after he grabbed her butt. Thankfully for him Grin managed to keep her from doing so and the security escorted him out of the rink into a police car.

Later that night all the ducks were settled in their rooms, all except Wildwing.

He sat in the kitchen thinking about what happened earlier and what Nosedive had said to the little girl.

"Where have I heard that saying before." he said to no one in particular

Wildwing thought back to when he and Nosedive were kids on Puckworld.

Two young ducks were just leaving the house with their back packs on heading to school, stepping out the door with their lunches was their mother.

"You two have a good day in school." she said as she gave them their lunches and kisses them on their heads.

"We will mom" said a younger Wildwing

"Bye Mom" said Nosedive

Their mother waved goodbye to them as they walked down the street.

"Hey Wildwing, race ya to school." said Nosedive

"Nosedive not today…"

"Ready, set, Go!" and with that the young puckworldean took off down the street.

"Nosedive get back here." Wildwing shouts

Wildwing shakes his head and runs after his brother who has already turned the corner. Trying to catch up Wildwing takes a short cut through the alley to cut him off.

Nosedive darts through the people not seeing the car barreling down one of the alleys being chased by a Puckworld police cruiser. Wildwing comes out of the other alleyway just in time to see Nosedive about to run across the alley.

"Nosedive, No!!"

Nosedive was just about to get hit when a duck in a maroon trench coat knocks him out of the way. Both he and Nosedive landed on the side walk the mysterious duck slid across the ground then rolling over with Nosedive tucked in his arms protecting him. The car swerved and hit a dumpster head on by-standers went too see if the driver was ok but the cop kept the by-standers away from the scene.

The Crowd gathered around the two ducks as Wildwing ran over to see if his little brother was safe.

"Nosedive are you ok?"

"Don't worry he's fine." said the duck who had a slight Brooklyn accent

He released his grip on Nosedive and Nosedive ran up to his brother and hugged him.

"Nosedive I've told you I didn't wanna race today. You or the person that saved you could have been killed."

"I'm sorry Wing."

"Shh it's ok dive, your safe and that's what matters. Thank you for saving him Mister…"

"Can't say but it was nothing. And you mind your brother kid, some things aren't worth running for and people like that need to have their license taken." he stands up and walks away.

"Bye Bye Mister." waves Nosedive

The stranger turns around and Wildwing sees his face. He was at least in his late teens early twenty's. His bill had a nick on it's left side and a patch on his right and he had a light stripe in his hair. He smiles and waves at Nosedive then continues down the street.

"Come on dive we're gonna be late for school, this time we speed walk."

"Ok, Wildwing…" "Wildwing…Wildwing… yo Wildwing."

Wildwing woke up with a start as he realizes that he dozed off looks over and Duke was standing there with two cups of coffee offering one to him.

"Thanks, I didn't realized I dozed off."

"You ok?"

"Yeah, just thinking about what happened earlier."

"It's no wonder how that kid is so fast on the ice"

"Yeah he was like that even when we were younger. I remember he almost got hit by a speeding car and someone saved him."

"Really who was it."

"I don't know, the guy never gave his name but I recognize his face. According to the news reports he was a notorious jewel thief that was still at large. " he says as he gets up and walks away. He stops at the door and looks back at Duke. "Thank you for saving him that day." and with that he heads to his room with the answer to his question.

Duke takes both cups to coffee and walks over to the sink and pours both cups out.

'Has it really been nine years since then? Humph, how time flies.' he washes both cups out and put them away and heads back to his room.

Whew another story in the history books. that's the third one I've written this week hope my brain doesn't burnout from thinking too much either that or my fingers give out from typing.

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