Author's Note:

Author's Note

Well lately I seem to be getting these random ideas, and some wont fit in with stories that I am either in the middle of or are planning, also I like my one-shot stories to be a decent length, so don't want to be posting any more stories that are not at least I don't know a thousand or over, you may not think these are drabbles but I will probably have long and short ones, it just depends on the spur.

I have so many other ideas that I can't add these to the list, I might as well get them up and out of the way to move onto my others. I get like an idea everyday or every second day, and they can be ever so random, cute or maybe slightly angsty (not sure)

I don't know what ratings they'll be, it just depends on what my mind will come up with, though I doubt any will be M - rated, just not something I do, maybe in time, I just might, we'll see!

I'll write what warnings and ratings and also names of them on each one I write. The ratings will most probably range from K - T mostly! So get ready for a lot of adorable fluffiness!

Thankies for taking your time and reading this...I hope you enjoy my drabbles^^

x- Casondrah Kiku -x