Sly Cooper fanfic7

Set after Dead Men Tell No Tales, and before the Cooper Vault Job(BCVJ).The adventures that were never told...

Untold Chronicles...

The Seeker's Scroll

The Caribbean Sea, shoals of Blood Bath Bay 12:06 AM

At night, aboard the commandeered pirate ship, the Gallantry, the new and fully grouped Cooper Gang went about their own business. It had been a week since Captain Lefwee's defeat in Operation: Reverse Double Cross, and in time they would return to Kaine Island, and commit the greatest heist ever.

However, on board the Gallantry, Bentley and Penelope were observing the stars through the telescope they had fortunately pack. The sky was pure and clear, free of Light Pollution, allowing the starts to sparkle as they pleased.

"Gadzooks! There's Orion's Belt!" Bentley announced, peeking through the scope.

He rolled aside, allowing Penelope to see, "Wow, just looking at all of this makes you feel so...small," she said, looking up into the sky.

"Every astronomer can only see so much, but all appears too impossible," Bentley concluded.

Penelope sat down beside Bentley, onto a stool. And as the two eggheads watched the sky, shooting stars began to race.

While they shared the moment, just about everyone else was sleeping.

Below deck, Murray was snoring as he tossed and turned in his hammock. Dimitri was sleeping across from him, a pair of blind folds over his eyes. Panda King slept on a mat on the floorboard, being Chinese he was use to sleeping on the floor(also, due to his shape and size, he couldn't fit in a hammock). As for the Guru, he also chose not to sleep within a hammock, but on a barrel. His form in meditation position.

Also below deck were the vehicles and equipment they used in their past jobs. Vehicles and stationery such as a few longboats, the biplane, a few RC vehicles, a few grapple hooks, weapons, gunpowder, cannonballs, and most importantly to Murray, the team van.

Other than that, in the captain's cabin of the Gallantry, the infamous Sylvester J. alias "Sly" Cooper sat at the desk, his feet resting on top the wood. He had just finished writing down the event "Dead Men Tell No Tales" within his family's most treasured heirloom, the Thievous Raccoonus.

After he was finished, curious thoughts lingered in his mind. I wonder if I have a pirate ancestor, he thought, already beginning to flip through the bags, backwards in search of the pirate section. Finally he found, the journal of his pirate ancestor, Henriette "One Eye" Cooper.

Sly read One Eye's entire journal, leaning of her adventures, his ship, her treasure, and her encounter with another pirate, Captain Cutler Algernon.

According to One Eye's second, Algernon was one of the most notorious pirates, "an excellent magician and cunning thief" as One Eye wrote. Her pages also said that it was Algernon who taught her thievery and made her go pirate.

One Eye also wrote, "Thee o' Captain Algernon sailed across the globe, plundering millions of treasures, both priceless and magical, and hid them away from the world. He had told me that thy had a magical map, a scroll that lead him to all that he asked for, every bit a riches he had was founded by thy scroll. If I could, I would have gone to thee location of the scroll, and taken thy map for myself, but I respect Algernon too much to take away his rightfully earn barrings. Thus including I could never find it, no matter how much I have searched Seeker Isle, the scroll had eluded my eye."

Sly scratched his head, "Seeker Isle," he repeated, "The Seeker's Scroll," he named. Although his ancestor One Eye would respect Algernon's treasure, but piracy was piracy. And Sly, being the heir of the Cooper Clan, thought it would be fun to go on a treasure hunt, for the famous treasure of Captain Algernon.

Although he had a Vault of his own treasure to get to, Sly knew he would need to gather his own share of loot, and continue the family tradition. But the Cooper Vault was not going to open anytime soon, Dr M. the mandrill could not even crack the Vault, even after all this time.

Sly grinned, at the moment, he had almost everything he needed, a ship, a crew, and all he needed was a map, the Seeker's Scroll, which was on Seeker Isle.

Just then, he heard the cabin doors open. Sly turned his head to see Bentley and Penelope stroll in, "Sly? How long have you been up?" Bentley asked.

"Actually, I never went to sleep," Sly replied, standing up and closing the Thievous Raccoonus.

"Writing down your latest adventure?" Penelope asked, smirking.

"Yeah. Partly," Sly answered.

"What do you mean by 'partly?'" Bentley asked, curious.

"Well, after I finished with my section, I read through another section. And learn of my ancestor, Henriette 'One Eye' Cooper."

"Interesting," Bentley replied.

"Oh, there's more to it. She mentioned in her journal about a pirate called 'Captain Algernon,' who was said to have buried treasure all over the world," Sly explained, "And I was thinking..."

"...You were thinking we ought to go look for it?" Penelope finished.


Bentley hesitated, "I don't know, Sly. We already have a primary treasure to get to. Remember Kaine Island?"

"Yeah," Sly replied, "And I also remember that my family had been storing their treasure inside the Vault, and if I don't have any loot to contribute, what would my ancestors' think? Plus, we aren't pirates, but we are thieves, and I think one more adventure will really warm us up for the big heist."

"That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea," Penelope seconded, "You two and Murray have been doing this for years, and I never been through these kinds of adventures."

"But Penelope, if you recall, you were being held hostage by Lefwee," Bentley pointed out.

"And if you recall, it was I who defeated him," Penelope replied, folding her arms.

"Good point," Bentley said, placing his hand on his chin.

"C'mon pal, we've been through the worst and survived," Sly pointed out, "We defeated Clockwerk twice and made it in one piece."

"Easy for you to say," Bentley said, looking down at his wheelchair.

"Oh right, sorry," Sly apologized, "But regardless of being handicapped, nothing has slowed you down these past months and jobs. I mean look at the status, you've fit so much technology into one space, you've built so many amazing gadgets; shrink bombs, the Pick-Pocket Pole, the Grapple Cam, the Health Extractor..."

"It's actually a incarceration portal projector," Bentley corrected, "It's now official name."

"Whatever. And mostly, you've got a girlfriend who is much of a techie as you are," Sly concluded.

Bentley folded his arms and thought in deep thought, Sly had many good points. It was true, nothing had slowed him down before, but luck has a funny way of running out too quickly, he learned that from experience.

Finally, he chose his answer, he looked back up at Sly, "And just where to we begin?" he asked, agreeing.

Sly grinned, "According to One Eye's journal, Flint had a scroll he used to find and hide all of his treasures, and I say first we go to Seeker Isle, and find the scroll."

Bentley rolled over to the map rack, pulled out a specific map of the Sea and its islands, one he had used to find Dagger Isle. He rolled back to the desk, unrolled the map, and placed it flat on the desk.

He scanned the map and found Seeker Isle, right next to Dagger Isle. "Seeker Isle, located."

"Good," Sly said, "In the morning, we're going on a treasure hunt."

Are you all excited of the new adventure? For behold! The stories Sly did not write in the Thievous Raccoonus, which he probably had forgotten to do so. Nonetheless, I present the Untold Chronicles(UC)! R&R!