Take Care Of Me

By Robin Gurl

Getting Dressed

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Getting Dressed

"Golly, have I never felt so helpless," Dick cried out frustrated. He threw his pajamas in a pile on the floor and fell backwards on the bed minding his broken leg.

"Hold it, youngster, what's wrong?" Bruce appeared in his own pajamas and burgundy robe to see the problem. "I told you I'd help."

"I'm thirteen, plenty old enough to put on my own clothes," Dick muttered.

"I expect a grown man would need help putting on clothes with a broken leg." Bruce explained bending down to pick up the discarded clothing. "Want some help?"

Dick sat up on his elbows and nodded. He was able to take off his vest, gloves and utility belt by himself. The rest he had to let Bruce handle - which was embarrassing. Ten minutes later he was dressed in his blue and white striped pajamas. He lay back in the sheets for a few seconds trying to get his breath back, they'd learned to work the clothing around the cast instead of vice versa, he was still in slight pain from that incident.

"There, told you it wouldn't be that bad." Bruce bent down and picked Dick up in a cradle hold so he could put his ward down in the sheets. "It's chilly in here, let me stoke up the fireplace and I'll get in with you."

Dick lay his head down on the pillow and watched with sleepy eyes as Bruce filled the fireplace up with more wood then made his way back over to the bed, "Sleepy youngster?"


Bruce smiled and climbed into the king sized bed, using the head of the bed for support as he leaned against it. He put the file folders he'd grabbed in his lap before reaching over and letting one hand rest on Dick's back. Dick's eyes closed and in a few minutes he heard the sounds of sleep coming from his ward.