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I was experiencing a major sense of Déjà vu, I was swimming in blackness and then I was lying flat on my back in a field. I vaguely recognize it from when I first came back, it was the place between worlds, and I mean literally, between worlds, between Earth, Inkworlds, Death, Life. As I sat up, I saw Dusty and Mo lying beside me. Dustfinger groaned and sat up,

"Where the hell are we?"

"Monde Entre"


"World Between, French."

"Where are we?" Mo asked as he rose.

I rolled my eyes, "Monde Entre or the World Between. We have to find the exit here and then we can leave. The exit is very far, but we have to move quickly because there are things here that aren't very friendly…so to speak." I got up and brushed off my clothes, they did the same as we walked towards the woods. The trees all looked familiar but I was looking for something I put there. We came to a huge oak tree and I began to climb. Mo and Dusty looked up.

"What are you doing Reiley?" Mo asked.

"Yes, what ever are you doing?" Dusty said distractedly, and when I looked down, he was staring at my butt. Typical.

"I am looking for directions that I put here and if you don't stop staring at my ass, I'm not getting yours out of here." Looking around the trunk I found a little arrow pointing west. I looked down and noticed Dustfinger waiting for me to do something. So I jumped. I was falling, falling, falling, and landed. Mo was laughing.

"This will be very interesting when we get back to the Inkworld."

After about an hour of walking we found a black hole like thing and without telling them anything, I jumped into it. I felt myself thrown into…well something and then it hit me…literally…it hit me. I was thrown into a tree.


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