Ewok Adventure

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the plot. (By the way, I am not obsessed with Star Wars, This just Popped into my head.)

A little Ewok named Wicket was going on a walk to scout out the Ewok enemies, the Empire. "Dum Dum De Dum," Wicket sang as he went along. The little fur ball that resembled a large brown furry teddy bear soon grew tired of walking, so he took out his lunch and ate it in silence. When the Ewok was finished, he cleaned up and trudged on to scout and protect the area. He knew that it was a mighty job to be assigned to and work on, so he did not complain to the village elders. Besides, how would Wicket support his family if he lost his job? Wicket was so tired he decided to take a nap. There are other scouts out there to protect the planet of Endor he thought sleepily to himself.


Wicket was awoken suddenly by the sound of a speeder. Wicket dove into a bush. The sound stopped, so Wicket assumed that the speeder had stopped. He heard footsteps trod away from the speeder until he could not hear them anymore. He decided it was safe to go out. When he stepped into the clearing, he was very surprised at what he saw. In the clearing, a speeder stood there and on that speeder laid a Ewok baby. It was a little gray fuzz ball. Wicket looked around and saw no one except the baby Ewok, so he picked it up, got onto the speeder and rode off into the sunset.