Hey here's a new story I decided to write about one of my favorite pairings ever IchiRuki! I got the idea for it one night when I was trying to sleep. It'll probably be one of my more serious stories…well I like to think it will be. Anyways I hope you like it.

Chapter 1 A Dream

"R-Rukia?" Ichigo opened his eyes groggily. "What the hell are you doing on my bed?!" The orange haired 16-year-old was shocked to find Rukia on top of him on his bed at 3:30 in the morning.

"I-I'm sorry Ichigo…" Rukia said with a look that contained of a mix of guilt and regret. "I just can't…control myself any longer." The petite girl said darkly as she moved her face closer to Ichigo's. Ichigo felt his face as well his whole body heat up, his heart was thumping out of his chest, but he couldn't make words come out of his mouth. As Rukia edged closer to Ichigo, so that he could feel her warm breath on his neck tickling his skin. Her soft lips were now just barely touching his neck, when suddenly a sharp pain went through Ichigo, followed by a slight numbness, and then a feeling of pure ecstasy that couldn't be expressed in words. Ichigo felt like he was in heaven and hell at the same time. He felt like he was floating on a cloud, like a flame was running through him. His eyes were slightly ajar, as he moaned in pleasure, that is until he noticed something dripping down his neck as well as the fact that Rukia was still by his side. Despite the complete delight he was experiencing, he forced himself to pull away from her, and as he did he saw Rukia's usually dark blue eyes were now a crimson red and glowing in the darkness of his bedroom. But that wasn't the strangest thing he saw…the pure white light from the moon poured in through Ichigo's window and illuminated Rukia's face displaying her sparkling white fangs dripping in blood, along with the rest of her mouth. She was wide-eyed when she looked at Ichigo, seemingly shocked by her own actions.

"Ichigo…I…I-." Rukia started

"W-what just happen…''Ichigo was asking, but the blood loss got the best of him and he fainted.

-\/ \/-\/ \/-\/ \/-


Ichigo woke up to the sound of his digital alarm clock beeping loudly on his nightstand. He reached his arm over and slammed the sleep button, stopping the blaring of his alarm. He pulled the covers over his head, in an attempt to return to his slumber, but then remembered something important. He quickly flung his blue comforter off of himself and glanced frantically in every direction. Remembering what had happened last night, he started checking for blood as proof that it really happened. However, there was nothing out of the ordinary at all, no blood, nothing suspicious. He raced into the bathroom to check in the mirror for a mark on his neck. "W-What the hell?! I could have sworn…it couldn't have been a dream…it was just…just too real…" Ichigo thought to himself. "…Rukia! I know that was her! I'll call her…and then…ask her if she-ah! No way in hell can I do that! But…why was she there? Why Rukia?"

-\/ \/-\/ \/-\/ \/-

Later that morning, when Ichigo was about to head off to school he noticed no one else was there. On a usual morning, Ichigo's younger sister, Yuzu would be in the kitchen cooking breakfast; Karin, Yuzu's twin sister would be grumbling and waiting for breakfast to be served. Their father, Isshin would be harassing his kids in some way or another, however none of that was happening. The kitchen was empty, no one was around. Ichigo figured this to be odd, but quickly remembered that Yuzu and Karin had no school today because they were going on a field trip in two days and their teacher told them to take the day off to pack and get prepared. Ichigo heard snoring coming from Isshin's bedroom, as the orange haired teen grabbed an apple, and made his way to the door.

-\/ \/-\/ \/-\/ \/-

When Ichigo made it to school, he entered the classroom, to see that there was only one person sitting there. Of course that one person was Rukia Kuchiki. She immediately noticed him come in.

"Oh…it's just you Ichigo." Rukia stated flatly, looking disappointed.

"Well sorry for being me." Ichigo replied, partly offended, as he walked over to his seat which was next to Rukia's.

"No, it's just that I thought you were Ukitake-sensei."

"…Why were you waiting for him?" Ichigo asked, trying to hide his extreme interest in the said topic.

"Because I think I got this one question right on the test even though he marked it wrong." Rukia explained, as she showed him her test.

"Pfft…you only got 34 points out of 100." Ichigo snickered. "It's not like its going to make a difference if you got one more question right."

"S-shut up!" Rukia said with a humiliated expression on her face as she grabbed her test back from Ichigo. Ichigo just smirked at her, but then started to remember his dream, and looked away quickly. He looked out the window, while tapping his fingers on his desk nervously with one hand, and using his other hand to conceal his neck. "Hey…what's wrong with you?" Rukia looked at him strangely.

"…huh? N-nothing's wrong." Ichigo muttered as he avoided her eyes.

"Yeah right. You think I'm going to buy that?" Rukia gave him an all-knowing smirk. She and Ichigo had met when Rukia transferred to Karukara High School, halfway through their freshman year. They had clicked instantly, well not without their constant arguing, name calling, and occasional physical violence. Much of the school believed that the two were dating and some people still do, despite neither of them revealing such a thing. They just called each other close friends…even though deep inside they both knew their relationship was something much more. A bond in which Rukia would know if something were bothering Ichigo and how to get him to help himself, without him actually telling her that there was problem in the first place. A bond in which Ichigo would go to the ends of the earth to save Rukia, even if she didn't want him to.

"Fine…well I had this dream…" Ichigo started, but before he could continue Renji Abarai burst in the door. Sporting the standard Karakura school uniform, except his white shirt wasn't tucked in and his light gray blazer was unbuttoned, Renji's red hair was tied up like always with his white head band tied around his head. He walked in and looked around to find that Rukia and Ichigo were the only two people in the classroom.

"Yo…where's everyone else" The red head asked as he took his seat on the other side of Rukia.

"Oh hey Renji…so you're also early?" Rukia mused.

"Early? What's the time?" Renji said with a shocked look on his face.

"Its about half past 7." Ichigo glanced at his watch and told Renji.

"Damn…I could have slept for a whole half hour more!" Renji shouted, as he slammed his fist on his desk. "Wait…what are you guys doing here so early?"

"Sitting." Ichigo answered.

"Breathing." Rukia added. "Oh I'm also sitting too."

"And I'm also breathing." Ichigo smirked.

"You guys are idiots." Renji glared at the two as they flashed him mocking grins.

-\/ \/-\/ \/-\/ \/-

It was lunch time, and Ichigo was eating on the school rooftop, a place where he and his friends usually enjoy their lunch. Along with Rukia and Renji, Hitsugaya Toshiro, Hinamori Momo, and Sado 'Chad' Yatsutora, came to eat lunch together.

"Ishida's not joining us?" Rukia wondered out loud.

"Why do you care if he's here?" Renji and Ichigo asked at the same time, and then glared at each other for asking at the same time.

"Doesn't he always eat alone in the crafts classroom?" Rukia said. "Ichigo go invite him to eat with us."

"What? Why do I have to?" Ichigo asked, clearly irritated.

"Fine, I'll come with you…let's go!" Rukia announced as she grabbed Ichigo by his arm and dragged him off. When they got to the crafts classroom, sure enough, there was Ishida sitting alone, quietly eating a piece of his sandwich.

"Ok…how should we approach him?" Rukia said seriously as she stood in a stance of action.

"…He's not a wild animal you idiot." Ichigo sighed.

"Ah K-Kurosaki-kun?" Ichigo and Rukia turned around to see Orihime Inoue standing there, smiling.

"Oh hey Inoue." Ichigo greeted the auburn haired girl.

"Eh? Are you eating lunch here with Kuchiki-san and Ishida-kun?"

"No...We're just-." Ichigo started.

"Oh look its Inoue! You want to eat lunch with us too?" Rukia smiled. "You should come too Ishida."

"I'm sorry, I will have to decline." Ishida stated.

"Oh come on Ishida-kun, it'll be fun, with everyone eating lunch together." Orihime told the bespectacled teen.

"No, really I…" Ishida tried to explain that he didn't want to go, but Orihime's sweet smile got to him. "F-fine…I'll come."

-\/ \/-\/ \/-\/ \/-

After school had finished, Ichigo was heading home by himself, when all of a sudden his head started pounding. He held his head with one hand and squeezed his eyes shut as if to stop the pain. He opened his eyes and suddenly everything was red. Red like blood. Everywhere. He heard himself shout out in pain, as everything got blurry. The last thing Ichigo heard was a voice calling his name before he collapsed onto the hard cement sidewalk.


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