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The Hyperforce were in the main room basically dieing of boredom. "GAH I am so bored. I need to do something!" Sparx exclaimed

"I know what we could do, but you probably wouldn't like it." Otto said. The team stared at him wait for his suggestion . . .

". . . Well what is it?" Nova asked

"We can have a verbal war." he said

"Why on Shuggazoom would we do that?" Gibson said

"Becuase its fun!" Otto said

"Well I'm convinced." Sparx said

"Convinced about what?" Gibson asked

"Me vs. Otto, Nova vs. Antauri and Chiro vs Gibson." Sparx said "Me and Otto will go first."

"Alright lets do this. Our judges will see who the winner is." Otto said looking at the others sitting on their chairs waiting for the war to begin.

"Should you have a license for being that ugly?" Otto said.

"NO!" Sparx shouted

"Sparx remember we're having a verbal war here? Get your head in the game." Otto said

"Oh right. You must be an experiment in artifical stupidity?" Sparx shot back. The team stifled their laughter.

"Who did your fur? Stevie Wonder?" says Otto.

"Why yes he did. Everybody has a photographic memeory. You just don't have the film." Sparx smirked

"You! Off my planet!" Otto yelled

"Yeah. Yeah. Keep talking someday you might say something intelligent." Sparx said

"Excuse me is that your nose or are you eating a banana?" Otto asked

"I've come across rotting bodies that are less defensive than you." Sparx said

"So now we understand that some mammals eat their children." Otto said

"Stop." Chiro said "The judges will now see who the winner is." They started to talk about who would take home the imaginary trophy. "The winner is Otto."

"What?!" Sparx exclaimed.

"Sorry Sparx he's just better than you." Nova said

"Me and Gibson next." Chiro said dragging the poor blue simian in front of everybody.

"I guess I'm gonna have to get out of character today huh?" Gibson said.

"You bet 'cha." Chiro chirped

"Yo mama so stupid she make Homer Simpson look like a nobel prize winner." Gibson said

"We're doing yo mamas?" Chiro asked

"It's the only thing I'm good at when it comes to insults." Gibson said slouching his shoulder slightly.

"Works for me. Yo mama so stupid it takes her two hours to watch sixty minutes." Chiro gave a huge and akward smile and nodded his head.

"Yo mama so stupid when you were born she looked at the umbilical cord and said, 'Wow it comes with cable?'" Said Gibson The team giggled except for Otto who didn't get the joke.

"Yo mama so stupid she returned a puzzle complaining it was broken."

"Yo mama is so stupid she once attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a kerb." Gibson said

"Yo mama has ten fingers - - all on the same hand." Chiro snapped

"Yo mama has green hair and thinks she's a tree." said Gibby

"Yo mama so ugly she makes Micheal Jackson look like Brad Pitt."

"Yo mama so ugly they new what time she was born cuz her face stopped the clock." Gibson said

"You know, people always said I looked just like my mom." Chiro said

"You just insulted yourself." Gibson laughed.

"The winner is Gibson cause he's never this funny." Antauri said

"Us now." Nova jumped outta her seat with Antauri.

"I seen monkeys like you, but I had to pay admission!" Antauri started

"Let's play house. You be the door and I'll slam ya." Nova said

"Calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people."

"Please breathe the other way? Your bleaching my fur." Nova said

"Don't you have a terribly empty feeling - - - In your skull?" Antauri said

"Did you fall off a building and land on your head? Or did a truck run over your face instead?" Nova asked

"Accutualy the alchemist dropped me." Antauri said then instantly regreted it. "Your a butt ache you know that Nova?"

"Why yes I do. And your a nincompoop that we all love unconditionally." Nova said. Suddenly Otto screamed and ran into his room crying.

"Whats his problem?" Sparx asked then looked at Chiro and Gibson who were stifling laughter. "What did you guys do?"

"He wouldn't stop being annoying so we threw clams (with feet) at him." Chiro said

"Those don't exsist." Nova said

"We have our ways." Gibson said.



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