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My friend (Brianna) is not currently with me to see everything I'm writing, but however she is still helping with the story. For an example This chapter's whole plot thingy was her idea. And when we meet again we will talk about what we should do our next chapter.

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Now the Hyperforce were making their way down town to an ice cream shop called 'Montey and Bowe's Ice cream Shope.' "This line is soooo long." Otto complained.

"Well what did you expect? It's a hot day so everyone will be wanting ice cream." Sparx said

"Let's insult eachother again." said Otto

"Nah we shouldn't. HOLY SHUGGAZOOM! Did you see that lady!" yelled Sparx

"Yeah I wonder if she swallowed a beach ball." Said Otto

"No I think that is her real stomach, but did you see her husband?"

"I wonder if his parents are related." Otto chuckled.

"Oh Otto." Antauri shook his head.

"What we tend to insult people when we're boared." Sparx said

"Well I think those people heard you. See the're walking away." said Nova

"Aww c'mon those people just don't have a sense of humor. Lets find someone who does . . ." Sparx looked over the crowd of people then spotted a dark skined middle aged fellow. "Hey you!" The man looked toward the red simian and pointed to his chest as if to say Me? "Come here." The man walked to Sparx. "Can you take an insult or put down?"

"Yeah I guess." he said

"Watch this." Sparx said to Nova. "Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn't have givin' you worse advice." Otto laughed and the others just shook their heads.

"Hey man that ain't cool." The man said

"He's right Sparx. Your jokes are lame." Gibson said "Yo mamma's are cool." he turned to the man who was looking like he was facing some sorta challenge. "Yo mama is so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone."

"Oh yeah." Said the man puffing out his chest. "Yo mama so stupid she bought a solar powered flash light." Gibson thought far a moment.

"The people who invented the solar powered flash light are stupider than the people who bought it." he said

"That's true." said Chiro. The fourteen year old looked around for someone to insult. He saw a young beutiful lady and walked to her. "Your mama so stupid whenshe read her job application to not write below the dotted line she put 'O.K.'" The lady stomped then hit him with her purse. "Oww." The woman stormed off.

"I must say you do have a way with women Chiro." said Antauri

"Yeah well . . . What can I say?" Chiro sighed. Otto ran to a hoard of teens sitting on the ground and started to insult all of them.

"Who picks your clothes? Stevie Wonder?" Otto laughed. Gibson sighed.

"Again with the Stevie Wonder jokes." he said

"When you walk into a room mice jump on chairs." Otto insulted another member of the gang. "I heard you got a brain transplant and the brain rejected you." The teenagers were now getting angry at the green monkey.

"Knock it off you little twerp!" A male teen stood up, clenching his fists.

"Sit down and give your mind a rest." Otto said walking off.

"Those were good, but I can do better." Antauri said. The team was shocked.

"I thought you were against insulting random people." Nova said

"Um . . . When did I say that." he walked calmly to a older male. "Excuse me sir?"

"Yes?" He asked

"I think you dropped something back there aways."

"What did I drop?" The man asked

"Your brain!" Antauri ran as fast as he could away from the man who shaking his head and muttered some words I can't mention in a K + fic.

"Very good." Nova said

"Turtle. Tuuurtle." Otto said The team stared at him. "What I'm I not turtley enough for you?"

"Good impression Otto." said Sparx "The Master of disguise is one of the funniest movies I ever watched."

"What impression? Turtle." Otto asked. Sparx stepped away from his friend.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Turtle Turtle!" Otto said bobbing his head up and down.

"Wooow." Nova also stepped away from her green companion. "Gibson what's wrong with him."

"I'd tell you, but it'd be a real ding-dong dingey-ding wad." Gibson said

"Oh no not you too." Nova panicked

"Time to go into my shell." Otto said.

"What is your problem?" Sparx asked

"Shell time!"


Yeah This chapter is stupid, but at least I made a new chapter right?