Straightening his tie in the mirror, Timothy McGee smiled at himself. Today, he wasn't a Special Agent. He only had to worry about saying two little words and not fainting when he saw her. He turned slowly and smiled softly.

"How do I look?"

Abby turned her head and grinned, nodding. "You look great, Timmy."

He nodded and took in a deep breath. "I'm ready, Abby."

"Good," she said as she moved forward to hug her friend. She rubbed his back slowly. "She really loves you. You'll do great."

Hugging Abby in return, he smiled again. "I love her, too. If I ever start to screw it up, keep me in line."

Abby stepped back and saluted him with a smirk.

"Wrong hand."

She corrected her salute and laughed, grabbing her bouquet of red roses.


For a hastily-pulled-together wedding, it certainly was a beautiful one. Ella had used her artistic abilities to manipulate a few flowers into gorgeous bouquets and garlands for the altar. A wedding party of four, a couple of business suits and a Reverend made it complete. Standing at the end of the rose-petal-lined aisle, Tim tugged a little at his shirt sleeves and adjusted his tie again. Abby stood behind him in a black dress. She cleared her throat and shook her head. He turned back to look at her and looked sheepish until he heard the music begin. Billie Holiday. He turned again and looked at the other end of the aisle. Sarah walked down first, grinning at her big brother. Her black dress matched Abby's. As did her red roses. She stood near the front of the small chapel and winked at Tim, showing her exceeding pride for his decision.

When she stepped into the light, Tim's breath caught in his chest. Ella smiled at him, an immediate blush in her cheeks. She was beautiful. Wrapped in an off-the-shoulder gown with bone-colored lace overlay, she moved slowly down the aisle, holding onto her escort's arm. Her bouquet of white roses was clenched tightly in her other hand, just in front of her growing belly.

Leaning over to the bride on his arm, Gibbs smiled a little. "Don't look so nervous. That's his job. You look beautiful."

Ella laughed softly and nodded, walking carefully. They paused before the Reverend, and Ella's eyes could not leave Tim's. When Gibbs kissed her cheek, she blushed a little deeper and stepped to take Tim's hands. The rest was a total blur.


"I honestly don't know if I've ever seen Probie so happy." Tony mused, leaning back in his chair as he watched the brand new husband and wife dance slowly on the lawn in front of them.

"Indeed, he is quite happy," Ziva said with a soft smile, sipping from her glass of wine. "I believe she is, as well."

The song ended and Tim kissed his bride with a smile. The small group of attendees applauded and Tim slid a hand over Ella's six-month baby bump. He rubbed it slowly as the couple made their way towards a group of family members.

Looking over at Tony, Ziva pursed her lips. "Do you think you will ever get there, Tony?"

He was in the middle of a long drag from his beer bottle. Both eyebrows raised and he swallowed before putting the bottle down. "Where?"

"Happiness. Getting hicked, settling?"

"…hitched. Getting hitched. And I doubt I will ever settle."

Her head cocked to the side. "Do you not think you can be faithful to one woman for the rest of your life?"

"That isn't what I said, Ziva." He looked a little offended.

"Then what is it?"

Taking a deep breath, Tony stood and finished off his beer. "Some people just miss their chances."

Gibbs closed his phone as he approached. Clearing his throat, he spoke lowly to Ziva and Tony. "Two dead sailors in Bethesda."

"Can't this wait? It's McGee's wedding day." Tony frowned.

"We're the only ones available. Say your goodbyes and we're hitting the road." Gibbs turned and headed for the door.


"Special Agent Gibbs?"

"That's me." Gibbs offered his hand to the young officer as he ducked under the lifted crime scene tape.

"Lieutenant Thomas, Bethesda P.D. Thanks for getting here so fast." The Lieutenant shook Gibbs hand and gestured towards the house, which had definitely seen better days. "Petty Officers Rike and Mahlich. We found their IDs on them and called you guys. Gunshot wounds to the chest. We thought it was a murder-suicide at first."

"At first?" Tony walked alongside Gibbs and looked over at the Lieutenant.

"Only one weapon. You'd think one to the chest, one to the head. Also, we ran checks on the names."

Raising an eyebrow, Gibbs paused just outside the door. "And?"

"The Petty Officers are wanted by Interpol in connection to an Organized Crime ring. Responsible for several bank robberies in Paris."

"Well, everyone's innocent until proven guilty, right?" Tony stepped inside. He paused and looked around the room. Blood had splattered on the walls from the gunshots, but the most surprising thing that covered the floor was not the bodily fluid. European cash covered the floor in five-hundred Euro notes.

Stepping up behind Tony, Gibbs placed a hand on his back. "Ever been to Paris, DiNozzo?"


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