Chapter 1

Naked Pictures

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Last time:

I went into my room and turned on my computer. I went on to my ichat. Hmmm… four new requests.




I added them all and we all chatted for another hour. It was about midnight so we all logged off and went to bed. I set my alarm clock to five o'clock. I was so scared for tomorrow! I hope that Sasuke doesn't mess with Kiba, or, for that matter, me. I also hopped that my 'hotness' would meet his expectations…

So I slept a dreamless sleep

This time:

This is the day. My alarm clock went crazy waking me up, singing the worst song in the whole universe! It was called… oh! I can't say it! It's too scary! Okay… okay… I can do this… It was called… BARBIE GIRL! IEEE!! I set it as that song because it always wakes me up the second it starts playing. Ino came in through my window like she always used to.

After taking a shower, putting on my clothes, doing the entire make up and hair, I had to put on my shoes. It turns out that I had misplaced my left shoe somewhere unknown, so it took us a half an hour to look for it, when it had been under my bed the whole time!

I packed all of my extra clothes and make-up for just in case reasons. My parents had already left to go to their work [I mean actual work, not sex :p], and ino and I sat down to eat some breakfast. We had egg, rice, and vegetables, [My fav!] then we got in my car to go to school. As we were driving to school, Ino won't shut up. I smiled nonetheless, it was just like old time…

I step out of the car and then felt all the two hundred butterflies inside my stomach fluttering all around and about. I never thought this whole what do I do after stepping out of the car thing. The butterflies were breeding and five hundred new baby butterflies came out. Ino put her hand on my shoulder and whispered something into my ear. "Stand next to me and follow my lead," she said. "It's easy"

I already doubted that thought…

Anyhow, I did stand next to her and strutted down the walkway to her hang out place. I was sort of wiggly as everyone stared with drooling mouths (boys) and others looked and us and had steam coming out of their jealous heads and started whispering stuff (girls). I think I was getting the hang of this. I picked up the smirk from Ino and let it slide across my face.

We met Hinata and TenTen and they complemented me a lot. Then we started walking up the stairs to the roof. There surprisingly was Sasuke and his friends, Neji, Naruto, and Shikamaru. I started getting really nervous as they turned around and gawked at me… well not Shikamaru… he was asleep on a bench.

Neji walked over to tenten and put his arm around her waist and pulled her close to his chest. She had a disgusted look on her face and shoved him off. He just smirked. Hey! He was the one who dunked Kiba-kun's head! *^*

"Hmmm… so you brought her, Ino," said Sasuke. Huh? Did they set me up?

"Don't worry, Sakura-chan. He knew that you'd come to me, so he asked me in advance. And no, we did not set you up, if that's what you were thinking." Said Ino. I knew that she would never do that. Sasuke probably threatened her or something…

He walked up to me and leaned his head into the crook of my neck. "hmmm… I have to say… you are very hot… but not sluttish enough… I only date sluts" he said smugly as he smirked. My mouth dropped.

Hinata must have heard that statement loud and clear so she screamed, "WHAT? WE ARE SO NOT GOING TO MAKE SAKURA-CHAN BECOME A SLUT!" she was pissed. You wouldn't like Hinata when she's mad! Jk, but seriously…

Sasuke had a very visible smirk on his face… he was thinking up something bad… "Well, I can't see her boobs, her chest, or ass… so this isn't going to work, I'm just going to go torture Kiba-"

"No! No! No! don't do that, please don't touch him! I would do anything!" I yelled. I covered my mouth quickly. Why did I say that! There's no way that I'd let him do what he had done yesterday. No way.

He smirked. "Hmmm… you fell into the trap again, Sakura-chan… now… I want you to do my homework for the rest of the year." He said and smirked. My jaw dropped.

"No way! I am so not doing your dirty work for you! That's a load of bullshit!" I screamed, very pissed off. "There is no way in hell that you're going to make me!"

"Hmmm… we'll see about that…" he said smugly. Then the four of them left the building. Neji winked at TenTen before he left. Men, he was really creepy!

"Hey, Ten, what's going on between you two?" asked ino. I sat down on the bench where Shikamaru had just slept. Unsurprisingly, it was warm.

"Um, well, he has this big crush on me, and he thinks that I like him back because this one time I tripped and fell on him. So he's all overly obsessed now…" she said sadly.

Neji had white eyes, long hair, and under the bandana he always wears on his forehead is a really big scar. I don't know what happened, but that's what I was told. He always tries to scare the crap out of you in anyway possible, shape or form.

"Ew" said Hinata. "It's weird to say he's my brother…" she said as if he was the worst thing in the world. "The good thing is that you're going to be my sister-in-law! I'll get to be the auntie of twenty miniature Tennies and Nejis!"

Che, yeah Neji is Hinata's brother! Oh yeah, now that explains a lot… I wonder why I never realized that before…

TenTen blushed scarlet. "H-Hey! I do not like him! He is the worst, meanest, and… the hottest, but still meanest and worst, and-" she stopped to take in a big breath, "the meanest and the worst and-

"We get it." Said Hinata.

"Yeah…" said tenten drifting off.

"I know that this is weird, but you two would make a cute couple!" I said happily as I saw the blood rush to TenTen's cheeks. Heh, she so likes him.

Before TenTen could yell at me, my savior, Ino said "hey, what are we going to do about the whole Sasuke Sakura thing?" she asked. Oh, I had completely forgotten about that…

"I know, we take off her shirt and skirt. Then he'd be happy." Said Hinata, and this time I was the one to yell.

"Hey! No way!" I screamed.

"Heh, ya doof! I was just kidding! You really think that I or any of us would do that to you?" she asked… hmmm she's got a point…

ino smirked deviously suddenly. That didn't look right… something messed up is going on in that strange head of hers… "Look, I have an idea, but it might upset Sakura-chan… so I'm just not going to tell her." She said smugly. Oh… that devil!

She whispered some… naughty thing into their ears and then all three of them had that same devious smirk. "Hey, you know there's a cosplay event coming up…" said tenten suggesting something.

By now they had Cheshire cat smiles. "Ooh bunny suits here we come!" yelled Ino and all three of them cheered. Two words. Oh. Crap.

It turns out that the whole cosplay thing was going on the Wednesday of next week, and it was Friday today. Only one… two… three… four… five… five days until that day. It also turns out that ino, tenten, and Hinata are the most perverted girls in the whole school. The bunny suits were coming on Sunday. Ino had gotten a purple one, Hinata got a blue one, tenten got a dark green one, and I got an extra uber small black one.

The last thing that turns out is that Sasuke didn't even touch Kiba that day. After school, we went to the mall. Ino insisted on getting me this a little bit more sluttish just to satisfy Sasuke a little more. Oh, did I tell you what Sasuke looks like?

Well he had spiky black hair and black eyes. When he's pissed or really happy, they turn red, which, I know is really weird. He wears a black bandana over his forehead, like neji to keep his bangs out of his eyes. He is really hot, but he only dates sluts, and usually dumps 'em the next day. That is unless they are really good at sex. That's all that I know of.

We went to my house again and went into my room. We all lay on my big bed. "Hey… Sakura… can I see your bra, I want to get one for myself." Said ino. I nodded my head and unbuttoned my shit woops shirt. L kept my shirt on until Ino pulled it off. I looked over to TenTen and Hinata, they looked like they were sound asleep. Little did I know that Hinata was taking pictures from her phone. That evil little perverts!

After they left, I did my routine. Shower, dinner, greet parents, computer, bed.

The next day, ino came in through my window again and did my beauty care. Today I wear black bra and panties and an extra uber short twill black shorts with a gray tube top that was almost longer than my pants. Ino curled my hair a little making it really wavy and put a couple of green clips in my hair making it look cute I thought. She put on some cherry lip-gloss and mascara. I liked it, but not really the outfit.

Again, we used the same routine as yesterday morning. When we got to school, Hinata was waiting and tenten was missing. I walked to class as Hinata and Ino were yelling behind me. We sat down in our seats in our first period class, homeroom with Kakashi. Of course he was late, so I put my feet on top of the wooden desk.

"Oh Shit!" yell Hinata. She had a look of horror on her face. "I-I must've left my notebook somewhere on the field! When I was watching the seniors play football, I must've leave it there!" she yelled.

"So, it's just a book, u could go get another one after school-

"No! it was a very important book! It… it was my diary!" she lied.

Hinata POV

Fuck, what am I going to do… that was the book that had all of the naked pictures of Sakura in it! What if some random pervert saw them and posted them online? That would be horrible! And it would be my entire fault!! The reason I took those pictures wasn't because I was a lesbian and I wanted to look at them everyday, but it was because I needed them for Sasuke. No he did not hire me to take nude pictures of Sakura, but I was thinking about using them to threaten or manipulate Sasuke to do something. So if he did what I wanted him to, I would give him a picture.

Oh, what am I going to do?

Sasuke POV last period

Fuck! It's so hot! Right when we have to wear the heavy wear, it starts getting boiling!

I took off my helmet to wipe the sweat off my forehead. Chicks gawked at me as I splashed some water from my water bottle over my hair. It was break time. I was about to sit down on the bench what I saw a dark lavender book on the seat. I picked it up. Hinata Hyuga. Hmmm… this should be interesting…

It was a math notebook. $298.64 divided by ~11.84 equals… she didn't write the answer. She's probably just as dumb as her brother. [Neji and Hinata are bother and sister in this fiction thing] I looked through father until something fell out. Postcards? No… they were pictures of a pink haired girl-whoa! It that… Sakura? Man, she got a rack… aw, I am so keeping this!! This is so effing badass!

"Hey, did I hit you that hard?" asked Naruto with his dumb smile.

"Huh?" I asked. He laughed and pointed to my nose and handed me a tissue that he took out from his backpack. Yes, Naruto keep tissues in his backpack. "What? How the hell did this happen?" I asked. I looked back down at the book and slammed it close, which accidentally arose suspicion.

"Hey are you reading porn again, Sasuke? God, if my mom found out I and anything to do with porn, she would so kick my sorry ass" said Shikamaru. "She's a bitch. The one thing that she doesn't know is that I did it with Ino like five times already. Hey! You guys better not tell her!" he said the last part really quickly.

"Eh, she's never home. Who cares anyway? What's she going to do to ya? That's child abuse." Said Neji coolly with a smirk.

"I'm not reading any porn. Dude, neji, I think that your sister is a lesbian." I said smugly. Neji shrugged his shoulders.

"Aw! I wanted to ask her out sometime!" yelled Naruto with a puppy dog pout. Everybody knows that he hella like her.

The bell rang and it signaled that it was the last second of school. The football team including me ran back into the PE changing rooms. I walked out of the school to get in my car when I saw my new target sitting on the side with her legs crossed. I smirked. She smirked. Hmmm… look who just worked up their self-esteem.

This is going to be fun.


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