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Chapter 1

The end... ?

The final battle was over; all the death eaters either dead or captive, Voldemort lay dead at their feet in front of them. Harry turned to the tired witch standing beside him and was drawing her into a hug when a strange expression of intense pain came on her face and her eyes clouded over.

"H- Ha- Harry," she said as she collapsed into his arms a look of shock and horror in her eyes.

Harry caught Hermione as she fell, blood spurted from her mouth completely covering the front of his shirt, slowly Harry was dragged to the ground as the unexpected weight of his stricken best friend over balanced him slightly, he did however manage to keep hold of her and twist himself so that she fell gently into his lap.

He stared uncomprehendingly as she gasped for breath, the blood still running from her mouth and gurgling in her throat, her half closed eyes fully expressing the intense pain she was in. Slowly his brain began to register what was happening, when he heard her trying to speak to him.

"Ha… Har… Harry, need tell you…" she said her voice getting weaker. Leaning closer he heard her remaining words "I… I… I l… l… love you Harry, forever…"

Harry felt something inside him snap, his very soul was screaming out in agony as the light began to fade from her eyes. The anguished "NOOOOOoooooo," that screamed from somewhere deep inside him was echoing around the now silent battle field as Harry pulled Hermione tight into his chest, he refused to let her go without him.

Minerva McGonagall and Neville Longbottom stared in shocked Horror for several seconds before they both sent full body binds on the two people who had just hit Hermione in the back with lethal severing charms. Both Ron and Ginny Weasley were caught in the body binds, the look of pure hate from them both horrified Neville. "Why?" was all he could manage to say.

"I asked the mudblood bitch to marry me and she had the nerve to turn me down! Said she loved that prick," Ron yelled as he stared with hate at the witch and wizard on the floor in front of him.

Ginny didn't need asking as she was ranting about Harry being hers and no mudblood was taking him away from her. "I saw the way she was looking at my Harry, the thieving bitch," she kept shouting.

It seemed to Minerva that both of the Weasleys were quite insane with jealousy. She had seen jealousy shown before from both of them, Ron more than Ginny, it was a known fact throughout Hogwarts that Ron was jealous of Harry's fame and money but they had never expected his stupidity and his Weasley temper to drive him to murder one of his two best friends.

George Weasley could not believe what he was seeing, Harry was holding a bleeding Hermione who was cut nearly in two to his chest when a golden glow began to envelope him, within milliseconds the glow also enveloped Hermione. George and those around him heard Hermione's declaration of love to Harry just before the glow that was surrounding them got brighter and formed a dome around them pushing every one away.

Harry felt deep down in his soul that Hermione was leaving him for good, the anguish he felt reached right down into his magical core and in a flash his magic washed away the love potion he had been fed. He felt it as his soul and his magical core along with his very life force reached out to stop his soul mate from leaving him behind, without him having a clue what was happening his magic and his very life force began to feed into Hermione and actually slowing down her death while he joined her in that death by feeding his life force to her to no avail, she could not be saved by magic this time.

Harry found himself in a strange yet somehow familiar place, everything was white, glancing down he noticed he was naked and he then knew exactly where he was, he had been here just a few hours before when he spoke to Dumbledore. He looked around till he saw the tell tale platform, a ghostly gray coloured train was just about to leave, its doors beginning to slowly close.

Knowing what the train meant and where it would take Hermione, he instinctively knew what he needed to do. Ignoring the fact he was totally naked he raced as fast as he could to the platform, checking out the carriages of the train as he ran past them. Half way down the train he saw her, she was standing near the slowly closing door in the next carriage along, putting on a burst of speed he reached her carriage as the door began to close quicker as if trying to prevent him getting to her. Refusing to let her get away from him he reached in to the carriage and managed to grab her hand, using all the strength he had he pulled her out of the carriage and onto the platform where they both fell in a pile of naked limbs.

Although they were both naked Harry pulled her close to his chest and repeatedly begged her not to leave him. As Harry begged and the train got further away Hermione seemed to slowly wake as though from a trance and clung to him tightly, seconds later her full senses began to return to her. It was then she noticed that they were both totally naked, an internal battle raged in her mind as she held tightly to him, savouring the feel of his body in her arms, not wanting to ever let go and yet at the same time she was feeling the need to cover up because of the embarrassment of being naked in his arms.

Together they watched the train pulling away from them and finally disappearing into a fine white mist at the end of the platform. She found her voice as she watched the mist swirl around the last part of the trains' last carriage. "Harry! Where are we? Why are we naked?" she asked still not ready to give in to her no longer strong need to be clothed and covered while still holding on tight to him.

"Hermione, please promise me you wont ever leave me, please promise me," Harry whispered in her ear while he clung to her as if his very soul was at stake.

She felt his hot tears as they fell onto her shoulder and rolled slowly over her naked breast and onto his chest, "Harry what happened?" she asked as she tried to pull away just a little so she could look at him in his wonderful green eyes.

"Promise you won't leave me, please promise me," he said as he pulled his head back to look into her eyes.

She looked at his tear streaked face and as she saw the fear of losing her in his eyes, she promised she would not leave him, ever, he sobbed loudly in relief as he buried his face into her hair while he pulled her into a tight hug once again.

"I love you Hermione, I love so much, I don't ever want to lose you," Harry said quietly as he held onto her, knowing he needed to let go so that they could stand. As Hermione gave him an extra squeeze and he felt her warm breast as it flattened against his chest he realised that they were still both naked, he tried to clothe them by thinking of jeans and tee shirt for both of them but nothing happened. Unable to do as he had done the one time he had been here before he slowly realised that she was the one who was in control in this station.

Harry could not resist glancing down at her perfectly shaped body as he pulled back to explain to her that she needed provide the clothes for them both. All she needed to do was think of what she wanted to wear. Hermione realised as Harry was sobbing in her hair what had happened, she remembered the pain that had flooded her body, she remembered collapsing and trying to tell him she was in love with him, it took just a few seconds longer for her to realise she, they, were dead.

Slowly standing she pulled Harry to his feet, she ignored his asking her to just think of them being clothed, and decided that if they were dead then they did not require clothing. Neither of them still felt embarrassed or blushed as they parted and looked at each others nakedness while hand in hand the two young teens walked back to the centre of the station and sat on one of the white benches.

----- -------

Minerva McGonagall watched with a heavy heart and tears falling down her face as the surviving death eaters were led away before she turned to face the newest problem they had. The two Weasleys were stunned again this time by George their brother and bound in tight magical ropes by Neville. The huge crowd of witches wizards and other beings were gathered around calling for the death of the two traitors who had fired the spells that felled their heroine, calls of skin them alive and burn them came from all sides. Several people conjured ropes and yelled for the traitors to be hung from the highest tower. Finally Minerva placed her wand to her throat and whispered sonorous before she called for quiet, and then she began to dispel the crowd, sending them out of the great hall to stand outside in the grounds for a while.

Poppy Pomfrey their healer tried to get to Hermione to see if there was anything she could do, but she could not enter the golden dome of energy that surrounded the two young hero's.

Neville, George, Seamus and Luna took up positions guarding the small dome of light, standing facing the four different directions with their backs to the couple.

As the self appointed guard took up their positions with not a word said, two elves approached, reaching the dome of energy Kreacher slowly reached out and pushed him self inside it, he was followed by masters friend Winky, together the two elves sat either side of Harry and added their magic to his. Soon they were joined by more and more elves as they came out of Hogwarts kitchens to add their magic to the magic of the chosen one, it was just a few short minutes later when all the elves of Hogwarts had joined Kreacher and Winky.

The golden dome surrounding the two Gryffindors slowly faded from view. Poppy Pomfrey was finally able to get to them to check them out. She need not have shaken her head, because both Winky and Kreacher declared that the saviour of their world was gone to be in a different place. Everyone there knew that Harry had died doing all he could for the woman in his arms, he had died with her while trying to save his Hermione one more time.

There was nothing that could be done to save the Weasley family as the people who had just fought and beat Voldemort's army turned on them, by the time the slaughter was over only one red head remained, and he was still stood at his post guarding the Stricken couple. He had been the only Weasley who had not tried to save Ron and Ginny from the speedy justice of the crowd, justice it was thought they so richly deserved.

One week later Hogwarts grounds were full to their capacity as witches and wizards from around the world arrived for the dual funeral. Harry and Hermione were to be placed together in a tomb that made Dumbledore's monument tiny in comparison. The new leader of the new magical Britain conducted the heart rending service. Speaker after speaker told of their love and respect for the two teens who had been so brutally murdered just seconds after saving the world by ridding it of the most evil dark wizard in living memory. Many friends of both Harry and Hermione shed their tears as the two young people were laid together, still clinging to each other as they had been the moment they died.

The day after the funeral of the couple who were now thought to be soul bonded and so were called by everyone 'The Potters', George Weasley lay the remains of his family in a single grave in the family plot, not even bothering to mark it. Standing on his own he wept as he renounced his family name and took the name of his great aunt Maud. From that day on he would be known as George Frederick Potter.

By the end of the month there was no longer any trace that the Weasleys had ever lived in Britain. Wizards and witches had visited the Weasley property and it was wiped from the face of the earth, all that was left was an empty well ploughed field, where the Burrow had once stood.