The vehicle roared down the driveway of the remote cabin in the woods. Nicole and Antonio threw themselves out of the car while Pollock slipped out the driver's side door. "Sir, where's the SWAT team?"

Pollock shook his head, "They're not going to make it here, Agent. Training operation, at least six hours away."

"We don't go in now, Jess dies." Antonio stated.

"I know, which is why, Agent Scott is going around the back, and you Cortez, are covering the side door. Go." Pollock hissed, pulling his gun off his hip. Drawing their own weapons, Nicole and Antonio ran to their appointed positions. "On the count of three go in, shoot anything that moves and isn't Mastriani, got it?" Pollock didn't wait for a reply. "One, two-" The front door flew open with a bang and Jess flew down the steps and into the woods. A figure appeared in the doorway and shot at her, she tumbled and went down with a scream. "MOVE! Get this guy!" Pollock yelled to Nicole and Antonio. He heard the agents enter the cabin, and his surrender. He ran to his agent.

Jess was sprawled on the ground, face pointed toward the sky, her red hair was matted and thrown out around her head like a halo, her feet bare, and her hand was bloodied where it was clutching her pulsing wound. Antonio was out of the house with the suspect in handcuffs. Nicole was heading toward her partner. "Scott, call an ambulance!" Pollock yelled, kneeling beside Jess.

"Sir," She moaned, the air flowing through her lungs painfully.

"Calm down . . . Jess. You're safe now, I promise. We're going to get you to the hospital, and before you know it you'll be back on the job, annoying Scott." Jess nodded, but Pollock noticed her tears reflected in the star light.

"Sir, hold my hand," Jess panted. "I don't want to feel alone." Jess's body shook with the force of her sobs. Pollock gently took her pale hand in his. He felt her calm at the contact. Both looked over as Nicole approached.

"Jess!" She cried, landing on her knees beside her friend. "Jess you're going to be okay, just hang on. The paramedics will be here in five minutes. Just breathe Jess." Jess nodded, but her eyes had become unfocused, staring at the dark sky, the stars and the full moon.

She squeezed Pollock's hand, as she slipped away into the void.

Nicole gasped, allowing herself to cry, Antonio appeared behind her, having handed the shooter off to the local police. He crouched behind her, rubbing her shoulders as she sobbed over the body of her lost friend. Nicole hesitantly reached out and stroked Jess's hair, she stared into the glassy eyes that had once been so full of life, touched the top of the fancy red dress Nicole had convinced her to buy, and she traced her partner's arm with her fingers, all the way down to her wrist where her slender hand was covered in her own blood. She noted the bare feet, the painted toes, and her other hand, which was still clutched by their boss.

As one, Nicole, Antonio and Pollock rose together, leaving behind the body of a fallen agent and friend.