BAM! The young prince Vegeta had just hit the wall with full force as the evil tyrant Frieza sent him flying across the room. One of Zarbon's purging missions had failed due to bad weather but instead of taking his fury out on Zarbon, Frieza just took it all out on his favorite prince of the Saiyans. Now that Frieza had beat the young prince to a bloody pulp for the last hour, he felt his anger ebbing away. So he left the training room and the bleeding child behind.

"Leave me alone, I am the prince of the Saiyans, I don't need any help, especially from a weak little girl!", Vegeta yelled as he gained consciousness to find that a small girl was attempting to heal him.

"Well, excuse me Mister High and Mighty but you are in no condition to be telling me what to do. I'm healing you and know exactly whats I'm doing, so hold still; I won't take much longer." The girl said as she finished up healing Vegeta.

"What are you doing here? I haven't seen you around before, you shouldn't be here!" Vegeta said as he stood up.

"Oh, I don't have a reason, I was just exploring cause I got really bored. Say what's your name, my name is Lira."

"I am Vegeta, prince of the Saiyans."

"Yeah, you told me that. So what do you do? I am a scout, but because I found you in this part of the ship, I guess that you are one of Frieza's soldiers, right?"

"Yeah that's right. Now you better get out of here before you get in trouble."

"Geez you are one cranky person. You could use a friend; say, I'll be your friend! What do you say, come on it'll be loads of fun!"

"I say your extremely annoying, but oh well, sure I'll be your friend."

"Cool, well, I gotta go, I have to scout this one planet before Frieza can have it purged, but I'll see you soon, ok?"

"Yeah, whatever."


(Oh by the way, the dotted lines represent when time has passed.)

"Hey Vegeta!, It's been a while, what ya been up to best friend." Lira said as she lightly punched Vegeta's arm.

"Nothin much, I kicked Dodoria's ass today."

"Cool, I wish I had the time to, he gets so annoying."

"I had a purging mission the other day, you should have seen the look on those people's faces as we blew up everything."

"What does it feel like, you know, to kill loads of people at once; I mean cause since I'm just a scout, I usually don't kill people, just a challenge here and there."

"I don't usually think about it, but I guess you could say that you get this amazing rush of energy and you feel invinsible since the lives of other is in your control."


"Well, guess we better see what's happenin." Lira said.

Down at the main deck, Everyone had gathered and all the quiet whispers quieted down as Frieza steps up to the mic:

"I have a request from clients concerning the planet Zoron. The wish us to purge it, but due to the amazingly thick atmosphere, we do not know about the inhabitants of this planet. That is why when the ship lands, only the scouts will go out to survey the planet. Everyone else will stay onboard. After the scouting party comes back, we will examine the data collected and then proceed to purge the planet. I emphasize that extreme caution should be used when on this planet, since it's inhabitants are unknown to us. We will be landing shortly."

The crowd dismisses to get prepared for the mission.

"Hey Vegeta, everyone will be waiting on the main deck and watching the scouting party on the camera-transmitting television screens, be sure to look for me, ok?"

"Sure Lira. I'll watch you gracefully trip over a rock."

"Yeah, right, I happen to be ten times more graceful then you are. I'd love to stay and finish this quarrel, but I have a mission to complete."

"Just be careful Lira."

"I will, don't worry."

The scouting party exited the ship and split up to search the planet Zoron. Everyone else on the ship stayed on the main deck watching with anticipation as to what would happen. About twenty minutes after peaceful searching, many screams were heard over the intercoms. The camera's went out and all anyone could determine from what was happening outside was that a massacre was taking place, and Frieza's scouts weren't the ones doing the mass killing. For a brief second the screens flicked on, and everyone gasped as they saw a group of three scouts running, being chased by huge, black creatures with blood red eyes and huge fangs and claws. The monsters trapped the three scouts in a corner of a line of closely packed trees and all the attacks the group was trying was having no affect on the monsters. Vegeta watched as two of the scouts were eaten alive, screaming as they were torn limb from limb. Then the third scout was identified; it was Lira! His best friend was about to be slaughtered and there was nothing he could do about it. The monsters advanced on her and as they were less than three feet away the screens went blank as the everyone heard Lira's last cry for help then a piercing scream.

"Get this ship off this planet now!" Frieza bellowed as the officers quickly pushed buttons on the controls.


Vegeta woke up in a cold sweat panting hard. That day, twenty-seven years ago had haunted him every year on it's anniversary. That was the day Vegeta became cold, and friendless.

That haunting day, he put up his wall of ice to keep away any friendly emotions. He swore he would never lose another person special to him.

Early the next morning, Bulma was on the phone talking to ChiChi. "I'm worried Chi, the last few days Vegeta has been moping around, for crying out loud he hasn't even trained and he's been eating a third of his usual amount in food. And whenever I try to talk to him, he just gets all angry and says he doesn't want to talk about it."

"Beats me, but it sounds serious."

"Tell me about it, last night he woke up from a horrible dream, he was all cold and sweaty."

"Hey I got it, Master Roshi is having that party right? And Baba will be there, and Vegeta won't. We'll get her to tell us what is wrong with him."

"That's great Chi, thanks, just don't tell anyone yet, wait till the party."

"Well, I gotta go, Goku wants breakfast, talk some other time, ok?"

"Sure, see ya Chi."