"...and that's the whole story," Murray finished telling Vegeta and Piccolo about Flute and how he kidnapped Lira.

"Don't worry Murray, we'll bring her back without any harm done to her," Piccolo reassured the planet elder.

"Although I won't be able to say the same for that Flute character, or his soldiers," Vegeta added with a smirk while Piccolo nodded his head in agreement.

The two then left in a Namekian spaceship that had enhanced speed due to the last wish of the dragaonballs back on Earth. The two Z Warriors didn't speak much to each other, besides some idle chit-chat about the ship and such. In a few hours Flute's ship was in sight. They easily caught up to it, and using a teleporter Bulma had invented, zapped themselves into the heart of the ship. Piccolo and Vegeta stormed into the command room simply blasted all the soldiers there to the next dimension.

"Ah, I figured that Murray would probably get help to save his daughter," Flute said turning his chair around.

"So your the bastard that kidnapped Lira," Vegeta said, "well, I'll be sure to give you a slow painful death."

'Piccolo, wait,' a voice in his head called out. It was Nail. 'What is it?' he said back. 'I want to say something to my father, please let me take over real quick.' 'Fine, make it quick though, we have to save Lira.'

"Father," Piccolo's body began with Nails voice.


"Yes, it is me father. Long ago, I fused with Piccolo to make him stronger during the fight with Freiza. I just wanted to tell you that you have disgraced the Namekian name and you will pay for taking my love away from me. You see, even though Piccolo has fallen in love with Lira, I have also."

"If your finished with your speech, I would like to kill this guy now," Vegeta said while impatiently tapping his foot. Nail went back and Piccolo took over once again. He ran out of the room and went in search of the faint ki he knew belonged to the woman he loved. He traced it back to a small room in the bottom of the ship and blasted through the door. The sight he saw made his blood boil. Lira lay tied to the bed, top ripped in shreads and pants thrown on the floor, crying, as Mardo was above her, harshly kissing her while roughly running his hands over her exposed breasts. Piccolo let out a roar of pure rage and distracted the evil soldier from raping the girl any farther. Mardo got up and walked in front of Piccolo.

"I'd better make this quick, wouldn't want to keep my little whore waiting," Mardo said.

"You won't be doing another thing to her once I'm finished with you," Piccolo said as a bright aura surrounded him and he crouched into a fighting stance. Mardo also got into a fighting stance and the two men went at it. Although one could say Mardo was strong it would be nothing compared to Piccolo's strength. The rage from seeing Lira combined with Nail's own rage sent his power skyrocketing. Piccolo charged at Mardo with such rage and fury the soldier had no time to react and was slammed against the wall. Piccolo then began to mercilessly knee him in the stomach several times. He then held the man by the neck as he punched him in the face like there was no tomorrow. After he was finished doing this, he threw Mardo on the floor and with a ki blast sent him to roast in the pits of hell. He walked over to Lira who was still crying, blasted right through the ropes not even bothering to undo the knots, took of his cape, and wrapped his poor love in it and picked her up carrying her back to Vegeta.

"P..Piccolo, I was su..such a fool. I sh..shouldn't have left you. Wh..Why did you come to save me?"

"Don't be silly, I was the fool. I should never have said those things. I came to save you because I, we, love you."

"We?," she asked confused.

"Yes we. There is Vegeta who loves you like a sister, and me and Nail, who love you more than that."

"Nail, what does he got to do with this?" Lira said confused.

"Well, if I would have known that you and him were once betrothed then I would have told you. Before he died when Freiza attacked, he fused with me to make me stronger. And along with myself, he loves you too." Piccolo waited for a few seconds but heard no reply. He looked down to see that Lira was fast asleep with a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

'I wonder what she is smiling at.' 'Probably because she now has two lovers combined into one' Nail replied. 'You know, that could be interesting' Piccolo thought while his counterpart agreed with him. He got back just as Vegeta was giving his finishing touches on Flute.

"That was long, you really did ensure him a slow and painful death," Piccolo said with a smirk.

"I like to keep my word," Vegeta smirked back. Although both Z Warriors were too proud to admit it, they both had new found respect for some newly discovered things they had in common: they were merciless when it came to killing those evil, they both cared deeply about the woman cradled in Piccolo's arms (even though it's in two different ways), and their attitude was alarmingly similar; liked to train, somewhat grouchy, didn't like to be found weak, among others. They teleported back to their ship and went back to New Namek first. There they told Murray that Lira was safe, and headed back to Earth. On the ship, Lira got cleaned up, and Piccolo zapped her a ki outfit similar to his, complete with weighted cape and instead of a turban, she requested a long strip of material she could simply tie around her head and let the ends hang down on one side. They got back to Earth, and a feast was thrown, by compliments of Mrs. Briefs and Chi Chi as the chefs, for the rescue of Lira. Afterwards, Lira and Piccolo headed home (to Kami's lookout).

They landed and talked a while with Dende and Mr. Popo before heading to Piccolo's room. They got inside and locked the door (I'll leave the rest up to the imagination ;])

That morning, Dende and Mr. Popo were sitting down at the table (Dende drinking water and Mr. Popo eating breakfast) when Lira and Piccolo walked in. Dende hitched his eyebrow when he noticed a mark on the side of Lira's neck and looked at Piccolo.

'It's none of your damned business' Piccolo mouthed and Dende simply smirked.


I really hope you all enjoyed the story. I got the idea of a female Namek from a story I read ages ago which I have not been able to find again. Please review with your final thoughts!