Cushions lay on the floor, and then there was a blanket that had been pulled off the back of the couch and it hung over the edge. The two naked bodies on the couch lay next to each other, but not touching. Both of them had their eyes wide open, and they were staring at the ceiling, both careful not to use their periphreals, in case the other caught them looking. After a long time, Gabriella sat up, gathered her clothes, and carefully climbed over Troy, barely touching him, but feeling the heat from his body radiate onto her skin. She knew he was watching her, his eyes running over her body as she straightened up, and then left the room, not looking back at him once.

She went to her room, clutching her clothes against her chest as she sat down on her bed, thankful that the curtains were already previously shut. It was getting on to late afternoon, her mother wouldn't be too far even the thought of her mother at this stage wasn't enough to move her to get heard rustling downstairs and assumed that Troy was getting changed and probably cleaning up a bit. She had just had sex with , that was definitly going to be awkward when she fell asleep next to him at night, having him only a mere metre away, and knowing what she was most certainly the best sex she had ever , it was more because she had felt safe, she realized as she sat there, still naked, holding her clothes against her, and staring at the wall in front of her.

The room was visably darkening around her, it must be nearing six o'clock by now. She still sat there. She wasn't exactly reliving what had happened, she just couldn't quite believe that it had happened. Couldn't believe that she had let it happen, that she had enjoyed it. She had let down her guard, and it hadn't gone so badly. Quite well, heard a car pulling into the garage and knew it was her mother arriving home. She hoped that Troy had tidied the lounge as she got changed, pulling clean underwear and clothes out of her drawers and changing quickly, checking her reflection in the mirror. Her hair didn't look too bad, but it was a bit messier than usual, so she tied it up in a messy bun, and sprayed herself with Impulse, before running downstairs to meet her mother in the hallway.

"Gabriella!" Sandra looked surprised, and rightly so. It was unusual for Gabriella to actually be home this early, and it was even more unusual that she had come down to meet her. She smiled at her daughter. "I had such a long day at work, I couldn't be bothered cooking, so I just brought pizza." Troy appeared in the doorway at Sandra gave him a big smile also. "I hope you like pizza, Troy, because that's our menu for the night."

"I love pizza," he said with a slight smile. The trio began to make their way into the lounge, and Gabriella risked a quick glance into the lounge, glad to see it looking tidy, and clean and... well, unsexed. Troy pulled cups out of the cupboard as Sandra put the pizza on the table top and opened it up. Gabriella watched them all for a moment, then decided to pitch it by filling a jug and setting it down on the table. They all sat, and picked up pieces of pizza, Troy making a very careful choice before selecting what seemed to be the biggest pieces. Dinner was a realtively quiet event, and after they threw away the pizza box and rinsed the dishes, stacking them in the dishwasher, Gabriella mumbled that she was tired and quickly went upstairs.

Something about Troy's eyes was still annoying her.

They still had that glassy look about them.

She was grateful that he didn't followed moved around her room aimlessly, the door carefully shut. She didn't want to go back downstairs, and have to sit awkwardly with her mum and Troy while they watched some dumb TV programme. And yet, she didn't feel like going out either, which was odd for Gabriella. Instead, she laid out her clothes for the next day, and her books. She stepped over Triy's mattress to reach her biology book when she stepped on something and it cracked. She quickly hopped backwards, hoping it wasn't anything too important. Gabriella looked down and saw it was the orangey tube that she had just seen the other day. She hoped she hadn't crushed any of the pills. Quickly, she picked up the broken tube and looked were no pills knew for a fact that there had been two left.

Had he taken both of them at the same time?

She frowned.

Finishing off 30 tablets in just over a week couldn't be good, especailly if they were strong enough. She turned the tube over and moved the broken pieces of plastic around so that she could read the label.

The label instructed that the user should take one, once a day, after a meal, and accompanied with a cup of water. If the effects didn't kick in, to take another in about two hours, but no more than two a day.

Troy had obviously take two together.

Gabriella shook her head and sat down on her bed.

She didn't quite know what to think.